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The house by the sea: pros and cons of

It is so remarkable - to have the even if small, a cottage on the solar sandy coast... A piece of the beach, the sea near by, happy and healthy children, surfing, rafting, yachting, beach volleyball - and all this regardless of the schedule of tour operators. Almost idyll, truth?

it is Very simple: wanted - bought the ticket and arrived

to List all advantages of “overseas“ real estate, apparently, there is no sense. Here all: both high-quality rest, and an opportunity to have a good time in the company of friends or in the bosom of the family, and advantage for health, and still a heap of any pleasures. But not all of them are obvious. For example, your independence of tour operators and of hotel services will help to save a heap of nerves. Such is travel business in Russia - quality of service leaves much to be desired: will not meet, do not carry out, and in general with kinut hotel can. Having own house on the seashore in any country, you pass all these troubles. And even you receive an additional bonus as the “facilitated“ visa regime.

In any country the legislative base accurately distinguishes the rights of citizens and foreigners. And sometimes purchase of real estate can become a serious reason for obtaining nationality. For example, in France obtaining nationality upon purchase of real estate is quite possible. However, for a variety of reasons process can be dragged out not for one year. Each 3 months you should get all this penal with frequency the document allowing temporary stay in the country if it is necessary.

A here in Italy difficulties at receipt of a visa can arise. To buy real estate on the Italian coast - yet does not mean to become her citizen. So at most what you can count on, is the visa allowing temporary stay. However it is better, than to receive the visa every time when there is a wish to go to have a rest through travel agency. To obtain the Italian citizenship, it is necessary “to convince“ the state that your stay in the country is planned long-term, and your financial position differs in constancy.


In the USA, for example, welcome foreign investments including purchase of residential real estate, but here exists other problem: for a start it is necessary to get to the country, that is to have the entry visa and the right for work. For Russians the special visa which grants the corresponding rights is necessary, but successful obtaining this visa depends only on Immigration service of the USA and the employee of Embassy of America who will conduct with you interview. But, having real estate in America, it will be simpler to come there.

In Bulgaria foreign citizens have a possibility of obtaining permission to full-time residence at acquisition of real estate for the sum more than 500 thousand dollars. In Turkey there is too an opportunity to receive residence permit, having acquired real estate. When the country is included into the European Union, the Turkish visa will give you the chance to move freely over any countries entering the Eurozone.

the House at the price of the apartment or the apartment at the house price?

for anybody not a secret that present housing prices in Moscow read off scale all imaginable and inconceivable limits. Thus, many Russians have no opportunity to buy the apartment in Moscow, but there is a chance to buy a full-fledged cottage abroad at the price of “odnushka“ in some Yuzhnoye Butovo.

according to the MIEL of Distant Property Management company, in France, in the Province of Languedoc (alternative to French Riviera), the average price for square meter of a house fluctuates about 2000 - 2500 euros that 10 times less the Moscow economy class. The cost of apartments in close proximity to the sea in Bulgaria begins from 65 thousand euros, and in French Riviera of Italy it is possible to buy the apartment or a small lodge on the coast at the price of 150 - 170 thousand euros.

according to Natalya Zavalishina, the CEO of the MIEL of Distant Property Management company, Turkey and Bulgaria offer one of the widest ranges of the prices: from 50 thousand euros for inexpensive studio to multimillion country houses and penthouses. At the same time prospects of growth of cost of real estate are very big in connection with the accession to the European Union. It is also necessary to note that Bulgaria already became the member of the European Union that caused double increase in prices for real estate, and Turkey actively applies now for the post in the European community.

One more voice pro in favor of overseas housing is an opportunity to gain almost all the year round additional income. Everything is very simple: you get the house, go to have a rest in the summer, and in other time can lease it. And not to deal with issues of leasing independently, you can employ local realtors who with pleasure will help you to find tenants, will issue all necessary papers and will track that in your absence order was kept in the house.

Not all and not at once

From what party do not look at

, own house on the bank of any sea is such benefit that any shortcomings will seem only annoying trifles, no more than that. However will not prevent to know about what expects you.

the legislation of Bulgaria limits to

In questions of possession of the earth foreign citizens, that is the property right is given directly for the house, but not for the earth. And it not the only state in the world where the rights of foreign citizens are seriously limited. More than it is exacting to buyers of real estate from - for a boundary, in particular to Russians, belong in Switzerland and Austria. The legislation and receiving the property right in each of the Swiss cantons (in Russian, districts) differently define possibilities of foreign citizens: somewhere only rent of housing is allowed, and somewhere acquisition of a house is possible only in special tourist zones.


to carry out purchase of housing in Austria, to the foreigner it is necessary to live and work for a start in the country not less than three years. But the apogee in legal restrictions is reached by the European Principality of Monaco where it is not enough to be just rich, here also moral and moral qualities of the buyer form the basis for purchase of housing. And the reason for that - a high standard of living. Monaco - the place where the richest and most famous people of the planet live and have a rest.

Suspiciously treat foreigners in Singapore and in other Asian countries where the standard of living is rather high.

the Uninvited guest

Own lodge by the sea is a luxury for which sometimes it is necessary to pay not only cash, but also sincere costs. Well, for example, that you will do when all your “homeless“ relatives, friends and acquaintances learn about your purchase? Most likely, from persons interested to use your kindness there will be no release. But there is more to come. The real estate in the exotic countries can award you with “bunch“ of not less exotic diseases - from malaria to the African sleepy illness. So at departure on rest you and, what is even more important, should do to your children a heap of inoculations, to spend on drink a course of drugs to secure itself, and to be careful on the place: not to drink from reservoirs, not to drink from - under the crane, to carefully wash hands with soap and to watch over health. It is necessary to be especially careful if you find in the house some unknown large insect, a snake or a scorpion - unfortunately, this problem is very actual in tropical countries. And even in elite houses and elite areas it was not succeeded to get rid of it completely.

Without supervision in winter time your house will be empty if it is not possible to lease it. And it means that your possession will have a chance to become a shelter for tramps and beggars, especially if in it there is no appropriate protection. Anyway without supervision the economy withers, and it means that every time the house will need to be “rendered habitable“ anew.

I the finale is taxes. In each country real estate taxes and property different, but almost everywhere - low. Not in it an essence. The essence is that if you lease the housing, then, most likely, you should pay taxes in that country where you keep real estate, and at the same time and in Russia. However, only if between the countries the agreement on elimination of the double taxation is not signed.

But it is so exciting - to have the cottage on the solar sandy coast...