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Pregnancy and signs of

Pregnancy imposes essential restrictions for a way of life of the woman. The majority of them is connected with need to eat properly, to happen more in the fresh air, not to overtire etc. All these recommendations can be found in any book on pregnancy, and they are really important and proved. Whether so the pregnant woman should impose on herself even more rigid restrictions and bans dictated by superstitions?

  1. of the Pregnant woman should not raise highly hands, hang out linen. Such position of a body provokes izlity amniotic waters and premature birth.

    If future mother too long is motionless, having raised hands (for example, during a trip in public transport), it can provoke a hypoxia (the reduced supply with oxygen) of a fruit. However, it concerns also any other inconvenient pose. During hanging out linen or exercises loading dynamic and if there are no problems with the course of pregnancy (threat of interruption, prelying of a placenta), then it is quite possible to afford performance of a set of exercises for pregnant women and easy housework. But it is necessary to remember that any physical activity during pregnancy should not cause excessive fatigue.

  2. Pregnant cannot be played with a cat, to take it on hands - differently the child will have many enemies.

    of the Cat is transferred the causative agent of toxoplasmosis - the disease very dangerous to pregnant women. Through a placenta the activator gets into a fruit blood-groove. Congenital toxoplasmosis - the serious illness affecting nervous system of the child. The woman can get sick, even without suspecting about it therefore it is better not to risk. Do not touch foreign animals. If in the house there lives a cat, surely visit veterinary clinic where by her will make analyses on existence of causative agents of toxoplasmosis. During pregnancy you do not approach a cat`s toilet: with excrements of cats of toxoplasma get to external environment therefore shift similar cares to members of household. As a last resort, use rubber gloves. If the cat of the house lives long ago, and you communicate with her throughout a long time, fears should not be as danger to future mother is constituted by only primary infection during pregnancy.

  3. of the Pregnant woman cannot sit on a threshold

    our ancestors perceived a threshold as line between the personal and others` world, and just on the line of transition it is the most difficult to be protected from evil forces. But to sit on a threshold and really it is undesirable: drafts are simply inadmissible during expectation of the kid. So be not thoughtless and keep the health.

  4. Pregnant cannot sit, having crossed the legs

    Is considered that in this case the child with curve legs or clumsy will be born. Actually during pregnancy it is really undesirable to sit with the crossed legs. But it has no relation to possible curvature of legs and the child`s clubfoot. Just at such position of a body blood circulation in legs of future mother is broken that can promote a varicosity and interferes with normal blood circulation in bodies of a small pelvis of the pregnant woman among which there is a uterus, and also the related placenta and a fruit.

  5. during pregnancy cannot take a bath

    Is considered that childbirth can begin before the put term. Really, during pregnancy it is impossible to take a hot bath which in certain cases can become the reason of premature birth. And here from warm water no harm will exist - on the contrary, the heat bath will help to relax, remove stress and fatigue.

  6. Cannot eat red berries - the child will be born zolotushny and if is fish - that mute

    In a belief about red berries and fish is rational grain, red berries, especially strawberry, wild strawberry, and also fish and other seafood (shrimps, squids, mussels) are rather strong allergens. The excessive use of these products can lead to formation at the kid of predisposition to different types of allergic reactions. So the redness on cheeks at such child can really appear.

  7. Cannot tell
  8. to anybody estimated day of childbirth (even to future father) Is considered

    that secret childbirth proceeds quickly and easier. And the more familiar people are known that the woman gives birth now, the longer and stronger she will suffer (there is a belief that the woman in labor at the time of delivery suffers for soul of each person who knows that she gives birth at this time).
    Actually it does not influence nature of childbirth in any way. Often the woman and the doctor can calculate estimated day of childbirth only approximately. But some sense in this superstition everything is is. Most of all pregnant women are irritated by one very “original“ question - “you did not give rise yet?“ . Especially if future mother herself waits will not wait for childbirth, and estimated day passed for a long time. So if people around will not know estimated term, then to you will be much quieter in recent days.

  9. Cannot tell
  10. to anybody about pregnancy

    This very ancient belief exists at many people. Once there was whole “system“ of the ceremonies helping the woman to conceal pregnancy from evil spirits which aimed to do much harm to yet not been born kid. However and modern psychologists recommend to adhere to this council in certain cases.
    Of course, business here not in “evil spirit“ - just spontaneous interruption of pregnancy is most probable in the first trimester and if such misfortune happens, inquiries of the people around devoted in family problems can injure the woman. If you have an opportunity to hide the state, and you want to do it, then it is not obligatory to devote people around in the secret at first at all. This personal record, irrespective of prejudices. And the reasons can be different here: a state of health, marital status, a situation at work.

Harmful prejudices and signs
  1. of Cannot be cut by

    during pregnancy

    It is one of the most widespread superstitions. The sign originates in an extreme antiquity when hair partially rescued from cold. Was considered that in hair the vital strength of the person is hidden. The large number of bans in general was connected with hair: they were impossible, having combed out, to waste; it was allowed to cut, wash and comb hair only in certain, strictly stipulated days.
    to Leave hair meant to reduce the vital forces, to truncate the life or, the smallest, to lose prosperity. But from the point of view of medicine and to her future kid the hairstyle cannot cause any harm to health of the woman.
    the hormones which are Produced during pregnancy positively influence growth and structure of hair. Therefore hair become strong, dense, silky. Many women note that their hairdresses look much better. However if the woman carries a short hairstyle, the ban on visit of a hairdressing salon within nine months can become for it a serious problem. The successful hairstyle will only improve your mood why the kid will feel better too.

  2. Expecting the kid, it is impossible most to knit and sew for it things: the child can get confused in an umbilical cord

    It is connected with idea of the knot nature. Was considered that an exit to the world knots to the child. Ropes were associated with an umbilical cord in which the kid can get confused. Nevertheless, pulls pregnant women to sew and knit. There is no wonder: the pleasant, calming occupation and is a lot of free time.
    But should note that it is necessary to be engaged in needlework in a convenient pose. Static loading and long stay in one pose can lead to reduction of intake of blood and nutrients to a fruit. That to the kid it is “inconvenient“, will testify his intensive stirs. During sewing or knitting try to do regularly breaks during which it is possible to lie down or walk.

  3. Expecting the kid, it is not necessary to buy to it given in advance and to bring to the house children`s things

    Was considered that prepared for yet not been born child of a thing “will get“ to evil spirits. Besides, in former times there was high level of child mortality, and the prepared things, alas, could not be useful.
    Actually, is only a prejudice. On the contrary, necessary is desirable to buy all in advance, otherwise right after return from maternity hospital you should run urgently on shops. Or to entrust this responsible procedure to the newly appeared father who is often not able to distinguish bootees from socks. It will be much more pleasant to mother most to choose things to the kid, than to assign this duty to the father or grandmothers.
    Pregnancy imposes essential restrictions for a way of life of the woman. The majority of them is connected with need to eat properly, to happen more in the fresh air, not to overtire etc. All these recommendations can be found in any book on pregnancy, and they are really important and proved. whether

So the pregnant woman should impose on itself even more rigid restrictions and bans dictated by superstitions? Probably, no. And if any caution of “skilled mummy“ especially sank down in soul - consult to the doctor whether really you have to follow it.