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The rights of lonely mother

We live when the woman herself can bring up the child, and at the same time this fact does not cause any negative reactions in society. Fortunately, already there passed that time when lonely mother absolutely not deservedly caused some disrespect for the situation which developed in her destiny in people.

that the woman is independent mother is present

nothing bad, but to bring up the child of one without additional financial support, of course, hard. For such families the rights and privileges which single mother has to use are provided.

Who is considered lonely mother

Usually single mother any woman who is bringing up the child one is considered, but actually from the legal point of view it is not absolutely true. “Single mother“ acquires the status the woman if she gave birth to the child not in marriage (and not within 300 days after divorce) if the paternity of the child is not established properly (voluntary or a legal process); the woman who gave birth to the child in marriage or within 300 days after divorce if the child wrote down the spouse (the former spouse), but the paternity is challenged and there is a judgment which entered into force that the spouse (the former spouse) is not the child`s father, and also the woman who, did not marry and adopted (adopted) the child. If, for example, at the woman the husband died, then officially she is not single mother. Unfortunately, such situations for any reasons are not considered also to the woman who should bring up actually the child of one, corresponding privileges it is not necessary.

of the Right of single mother for grants

Single mother, of course, receives all usual benefits, namely a lump sum to the women who were registered in medical institution till 12 weeks of pregnancy, maternity allowance, a lump sum at the child`s birth, a monthly allowance for a child care leave of age of one and a half years on reaching them and a monthly allowance on the child. To specify the amount of payments and other interesting questions it is necessary to address in social security authorities at the place of residence. Grants for single mothers differ from usual in the amount of payments.

In various territorial subjects of the federation the additional grants paid for the purpose of social support of lonely mothers are. So, for example, according to the Moscow Law “About Social Support of Families with Children in Moscow“ lonely mother has the right: on monthly compensation payment on reimbursement in connection with growth of cost of life; on monthly compensation payment on compensation of growth of cost of food on the child aged till three years; rendering the natural help and granting privileges to children to 3 - x years.

About kindergartens

Lonely mother has preferential terms to send the child to kindergarten. For such families there are special preferential turns. Besides single mother uses a privilege at payment of kindergarten.

If mother marries

If lonely mother marries, then behind it the right in the increased size of a monthly children`s allowance remains, but this privilege is lost if the husband adopts the child.

you are not lonely mother, unless it is possible to be lonely, having it is remarkable, the kid loving you. This legal definition actually defines you as independent mother. Remember that your life situation is perhaps difficult, but for this purpose and the certain grants put to you under the law are necessary. You have to know about the rights, privileges and grants and to use them.