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Mastopathy: risk factor of

For most of modern women health in the list of priorities is high on the list. To be quiet, self-assured and it is easy to concentrate on achievement of goals, it is very important to each woman to know that her organism works without failures and violations.

Today one of the most widespread diseases of mammary glands is mastopathy which occurs at 40 - 60% of women at the age of 20 - 50 years. Experts understand as mastopathy good-quality fibrozno - a cystous disease of a mammary gland. At most of women it is followed by severe long pains (mastalgiya), a nagrubaniye and heavy feeling in a breast (especially during the premenstrual period) existence of consolidations, painful sites and allocations from nipples. Similar symptoms not only prevent the woman to lead normal active lifestyle, but also significantly worsen her emotional state. Most often mastopathy women aged from 25 to 45 as in this age range amplitude of “a hormonal swing“ most of all have. In an initial form mastopathy can be revealed at regular surveys at the doctor. If to reveal a disease at an early stage, the doctor will appoint treatment and serious consequences can be avoided. However if not to treat mastopathy, it is a background for development of a breast cancer.

Experts allocate to

two types of mastopathy - nodal and diffusion. Diffusion mastopathy is shown in the form of the mammary gland pains amplifying during the premenstrual period. At this form of a disease, as a rule, happens rather therapeutic treatment (reception of medicines). Nodal mastopathy is treated, as a rule, surgically. At detection of the first symptoms of mastopathy it is not necessary to try to endure pain. It is necessary to see immediately a doctor who will make the exact diagnosis and will appoint the corresponding treatment.

the Modern preparations made of high-quality raw materials on modern technologies successfully treat mastopathy, especially at early stages. The example of such preparation - Mastodinon, a vegetable non-hormonal preparation, is made by the German company “Bionorika AG“. Mastodinon is applied to treatment of diffusion forms of mastopathy and is well-known to experts. The main trouble at mastopathy is given by mammary gland pains. Therefore Mastodinon`s action is directed to removal of pain, puffiness, a nagrubaniye of mammary glands. Meanwhile the preparation treats a disease, restoring the broken balance of hormones and preventing development of an illness. Important and the fact that the preparation improves a psychoemotional condition of the woman and removes PMS symptoms. Such range of actions of a preparation managed to be reached thanks to unique structure, a combination of vegetable components which in a combination have powerful curative force. The preparation is usually well transferred, without causing serious side effects, can be applied is long.

All doctors agree in opinion: to keep health of a breast, the main efforts of women have to be directed to regular self-inspection and early diagnostics at survey at the doctor. Self-inspection has to be carried out monthly on 6 - 10 - y day from the beginning of periods. And if any consolidation is suddenly probed, change of appearance of a nipple or allocation is observed - it is necessary to see a doctor at once. It is quite often possible to cope with in due time revealed tumor by means of the microoperation Main thing - not to start process and not to be afraid to address experts.