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You can do everything

during pregnancy often read stories about childbirth. Was frightened, afraid, scooped experience, drew conclusions. Why still we read them? I will tell about the conclusions right at the end.

Pregnancy at me was the second, first stood. Cleaning. I could not believe that everything so happened. The world failed. Before cleaning and after it I endured HELL: tears, hysterics. A white ugly tile, the angry warped faces of doctors... Nobody could help, support and explain to me why and for what?

Me it seemed to

that my baby in me is still living, and he is wanted to be killed. I did not trust...


4 years from which the last 3 we were not protected, but I all did not become pregnant. We spat on everything, and solved from the small room which did not become the nursery in any way, to make to itself a bedroom. And in the first week of “dream“ on the new place I became pregnant.

was Learned by me at once, from the first day of a delay. Made the test, the second strip was weak.


still, now it was very much even accurate.

What I felt? I felt fear and happiness, happiness and fear... Also did not understand what out of these feelings dominated. I was happy that in me there is my little baby, he still absolutely a crumb, a small section, but I awfully was afraid of repetition of an old situation.

Time went, at me was output, I luxuriated in a bed (term of 7,5 weeks). I get out of a bed, I go to a toilet, and bleeding begins there. Last time there was the same term, and the same tears!! I, without letting go phone where my best friend from St. Petersburg enduring everything with me “hangs“, I take a taxi food to the doctor. It sends me to 1 Gynecologic city hospital of Moscow. On the road I already feel apathy. “My God, really all again? Again? Again there will be this hell?“

me brings

“Ambulance“ to hospital. I am met by the doctor - the man. Red and very ridiculous. He made to me ultrasonography at once. I at this moment turned away and closed eyes, was afraid to hear a sentence. He told: “The fruit is live“. I was happy. And the chamber, preservation is farther... Remarkable little girls on chamber (we are on friendly terms still), cheerful and pleasant jokes of the doctor. Generally, he to us created the resort in this small chamber! Thanks to it!

Then everything was good

, I grew by leaps and bounds! The term of childbirth to me was put on June 3. By this time the maternity hospital from a sink in which I wanted to give birth (№ just had to open; 17).

on May 25. 21 - 00. The husband came from work, bought 4 liters of kvass. I, naturally, as grabbed a package and ran to put it in the refrigerator.

21. 30. felt something “not that“! Looked, some viscous beige lump... In the head the word:“ Stopper“!

21. 40. I get up from a new sofa. Waters departed (well that not on a sofa)... I have a panic, ran on the apartment, told the husband that I give birth - I give birth - I give birth!! But there is no pain! Where my fights? Ran to have a shave, all was cut up, nothing turned out. The husband shaved with a sure hand, I called all at this time: to mother, girlfriend, mother-in-law!

is Sent with the husband a walking step to delivery room at GKB 8 as my planned maternity hospital had to open on May 26 at 9 in the morning! But our daughter was not going to wait till the morning!

23. 00. Admit me to maternity hospital. Not really that happy. Enema. Survey. Sent to maternity chamber. Allowed to take with themselves the mobile phone!

01. 00 Where my fights? Nothing hurts. I understand nothing. A green tile on walls, the device KTG. Heart of my baby fights on all chamber - it calms.

Then I do not remember time any more... And temporary intervals. It was very sick, from pain I thought nothing. I rode a bed, I could not mark an interval and duration of fights. I shouted, groaned, I felt sick, swore... Begged to tell me exact time when all this ends. I proved that the waterless period can last no more than 10 hours or 8... I do not remember already... Doctors from me were hung up and ran away! Asked to make to me Caesarian, they laughed the matter off that are not able (thank you that did not make). I called them them Gestapo men... Hours at 8 in the morning from pain in the field of a pubis I did not feel fight pain. I thought, there will break off me... I lost consciousness...

09. 15. New feelings... Organism... Itself you make an effort (I then did not know that it there were already attempts), and around any representative of a medical profession... At this time along a corridor by there passed very very young girl - the doctor Leyla. It came to me, and we together began to work with it. Began! At first on a bed - it was terrible to me to change to a chair... I could not present how I will get up, without sitting down. In the same place there is a head!! I even asked to remain on a bed. Naturally, did not allow me. Then I was told to pass to a chair! I do not remember how I flew up on it, so wanted that this pain ended rather!

the heap of the people Ran together... I did not even understand from where all of them undertook. Someone behind supports a back. Leyla sits at me between legs. In the same place it seems midwife... Someone on each side. Three scared students of color of a green tile, one of them - the sobbing girl. All shout not “tuzhsya - tuzhsya“, and “crap - crap“! I make an effort - “I crap“ very much, it is unknown from where undertaken, at the same time I think of what at me at this moment the terrible person, probably. And here I have on a stomach my baby! I even at first did not think that occurred. I hold it with hands, it such pretty - the copy of the father. “Hi, daughter!“

everything was farther than

much! Time in maternity hospital, the first feeding, complication after the delivery and the 36th maternity hospital, but the most important happened - my daughter was born on May 26, 2008 in 09. 55! With us all is good. We are happy! Happiness to you girls, successful to you childbirth! Be afraid of nothing!

my conclusions:

  1. Everything will be as will be! It is desirable for li to find
  2. the doctor to whom you will trust.
  3. Makes an effort it is necessary so as if you crap, excuse... Otherwise capillaries on a face and in eyes will burst. And in general all will be useless.
  4. of the Attempt to me was simpler to be transferred, than fights.
  5. For you. You can! In total.