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The illness from the refrigerator

With arrival of spring comes “rush hour“ for intestinal infections. In recent years their list was replenished with a new disease - iyersiniozy.

It is a disease still call pseudo-tuberculosis, but with the real tuberculosis it has nothing in common. However microorganisms of group of iyersiniya are very dangerous too. And first of all - unpredictability of the manifestations.

the Mad family

Infecting agents belong to one to “patrimonial clan“ with plague and were called in honor of the French scientist Alexander Iyersen. It opened for the first not only an iyersiniya, but also a plague bacterium. Fortunately, they did not inherit the destructive power of the terrible relative. But were gathered from it insidiousness therefore difficulties in recognition of these infections sometimes nonplus not only parents, but also physicians.

Here only one example. Seven-year-old Katya since morning complained of nausea. Mother took it temperature - 38 º C! The visit of school did not take place.

Called the doctor. That found scarlet fever symptoms: on a body melkotochechny rash, a throat red. Despite treatment, temperature stuck to 10 days, joints began to hurt. Then Katya was examined more carefully and found pseudo-tuberculosis. It was the bolt from the blue for doctors!

the Mask who you are?

Symptoms of an illness can remind

not only scarlet fever, but also a SARS, various intestinal infections, appendicitis, blood poisoning, rheumatism, mononukleoz, hepatitis and others. From - for difficulties in diagnostics till seventieth years of the last century was considered that this illness seldom meets.

the Russian physicians the first learned the truth. It occurred when in Primorye the disease outbreak burst, reminding scarlet fever. To find out true responsible for epidemic, iyersiniya, doctors even put on themselves experience of self-infection. They developed ways of diagnostics.

Experts also established

how the infection is transmitted. It appeared, her messengers - mice. It is known that in the spring, during an avitaminosis time, parents try to feed more often children with useful carrots salads, cabbage, apples.

A from where vegetables and fruit on counters appear? From cellars and vegetable storehouses where during the winter mice manage to gambol in plenty. They - that also obsemenyat vegetables infecting agents.

the Low temperature, high humidity - ideal conditions for reproduction of microorganisms. According to scientists, by March in vegetable storehouses the causative agent of pseudo-tuberculosis comes to light practically in all tests of carrots, cabbage, onions and in half of tests of other vegetables and fruit.

Fans of a cool As consider


experts, iyersiniya do not take out heat: heating to 60 º With kills them in half-minute. But any icy cold to them - a microbe maintains mnogogokratny freezing and thawing at all. And temperature 4 - 8 º At all disposes C to a reproduction. Keeping badly peeled, polluted vegetables in the refrigerator, hostesses create the most suitable conditions for reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore among physicians iyersinioz received one more name - an illness from the refrigerator.

Besides, the reason of outbreak of pseudo-tuberculosis. Therefore keep in mind: it is safer to buy one and all products not by a scattering on weight, and in factory packings.

Attack of microbes

Preparatory to an onset of the illness, the incubatory period of an iyersinioz lasts most often 6 - 10 days after infection. Microbes begin procession along a digestive tract with penetration into an epithelium of a small intestine where breed and as much as possible concentrate, causing erosion, ulcers, and at times - and an acute appendicitis. Experts believe that every tenth child who got sick with pseudo-tuberculosis needs supervision of the surgeon.

Originally targets of iyersiniya. Further the most active kinds of microbes breed and travel around blood system in special blood cells - phagocytes. It is normal them function - to find and neutralize any responsible for an infection.

However the phagocytes which are “taken hostage“ by iyersiniya with blood current freely deliver

activators in a liver, kidneys, a spleen, lungs and back in intestines.“ Saboteurs“, settled in lymph nodes and a spleen, are able to hide for many years and at the most inappropriate moment to cause the new outbreak of an illness.

A still pseudo-tuberculosis can prove allergic reactions. And such mood of an organism sometimes remains within five years after recovery.

the Exact diagnosis

From - for abilities of an illness to imitate other pathologies make the correct diagnosis to only a third of sick school students at once. However the most typical symptoms are known. The disease begins suddenly with temperature increase, a fever, weakness, head or muscular pain. These manifestations are followed by nausea, vomiting, belly-ache, a lock or a diarrhea, and also, perhaps, reddening of face skin, neck, brushes, feet, rash on a body, joint pain.

symptoms of cold - cold, cough, a sore throat, conjunctivitis quite often fit Into the same picture of an illness also. Lymph nodes and spleen can increase. And if the activator attacked a liver, then whites of the eyes and skin turn yellow.

At the slightest suspicion on pseudo-tuberculosis needs to examine the child. The doctor will surely recommend to hand over kcal on the bacteriological analysis in laboratory at children`s policlinic.

Fortunately, iyersinioza will well respond to treatment antibiotics which experts select depending on sensitivity to the activator. Selection of any drugs for the little patient in each case is also individual, and it is, of course, a task of the doctor. However it is known that, for example, it is necessary to accept antibiotics about a week, otherwise the illness will return without delay again.


However what began treatment earlier, that it is more effective. In particular, if to take measures already in the first or in the second day of an illness, approximately through three - five days the child will be healthy. Meanwhile treatment would not be required if mother or the grandmother followed elementary rules of hygiene - carefully washed vegetables, fruit and the refrigerator.

Safety measures in your kitchen

Greens, especially green onions, touch, and then as well as all fruit, berries, vegetables which go to food crude, carefully wash up under flowing water and scald boiled water.

Potatoes, carrots, beet needs to be exempted at first from the stuck earth, then to cut out spoiled places and only then to clear of a peel. But there is more to come - the peeled vegetables, even intended for hot dishes, it is necessary to wash out a water stream from again - under the crane finally to remove earth particles.

Special attention - fresh cabbage. Remove from it leaves with black tochechka and properly wash up a head of cabbage in flowing water. In salad only strong forks from which removed at least three top leaves are good. They can be used in borsch, on stuffed cabbage, for suppression. The chopping board and a knife after cutting of crude vegetables is recommended to be washed up and dried carefully.


perfectly feel in meat therefore you store it separately from other products.

to Milk if it is not sterilized at plant, let`s boil 3 - 5 minutes, and in the refrigerator put only in the closed ware.

Cook for

salads with that calculation that at once the tax on a table, is better not to store them in the refrigerator.

By the way, about the refrigerator. Whether long ago you defroze it and washed? It is better to do it at least once in a month. Any freezer has chance to become “incubator“ for iyersiniya. Each product has to keep at a distance in the refrigerator, be stored in the closed container or a package. To keep cheese and sausage on one shelve with dirty vegetables - a certain way to get intestinal infection. Do not forget to wash up and dry also vegetables, fruit, greens before moving away them in the refrigerator.