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To remain in thin

statistically, from ten three who grew thin only keep the achieved result. The others or come back to former - and even the bigger - the sizes, or continue “to go“ to and fro and to store in thing clothes from S to XXL... How again not to grow fat?

again not to gain weight...

  1. Understand, from - for what there were extra kilos, and remove the cause. Simplest that who recovered from an inactive way of life, suppers, abuse fat and sweet. It is more difficult if you “jammed“ a stress or by means of food solved some other emotional problems. It will be difficult also for those at whom since the childhood the wrong food program is put:“ What you eat more with, that you will be stronger (more cleverly, more fine and so on). Address the psychologist. Now the help of the expert is very necessary for you!

  2. do not try to stop weight loss in one day. Do not come back to a former diet, do not throw walks and the gym. Our organism has a so-called internal memory which long stores information on the previous weight. As tell scientific researches, the body needs on average 2 years on accepting new weight as constant as norm. By the way, slow weight loss already therefore is much more reasonable: it gives to an organism enough time for adaptation to new kilograms. Modern scientists advise growing thin not to “fall“ lower than 1500 kcal (and at a stage of maintenance of weight - 1800 - 2200, everyone has to define norm for itself(himself)) and to make only those changes with which it will be comfortable to a diet and to grow thin, but also to live.

  3. Me is pleasant to

    my new life

    Ekaterina Mirimanova, 27, the author of the book “The program minus 60, or my magic weight loss (-60 kg):
    - And though my weight fluctuates within a month, as well as at any other woman, I do not allow jumps up more than on two kilograms. At the same time I do not practice fasting days, and I eat everything that I want. Of course, I and now have recessions, but every year they become less long and serious. I perfectly know that, having gorged on, for example, in the evening of pizza, I will feel weight in a stomach till next morning, and such state of affairs does not suit me any more. I like that ease with which I go to sleep. I rejoice when I come to shops, and I can choose from all range, but not from two sad shelves in a corner. But most important: not only my figure changed, but also I am. I had a belief that all is possible in this world.
  4. Keep pokhudatelny habits. Eat everything, but be not fond of saturated fats (them fat meat, hamburgers, sausages, sausages, bacon, smoked products are rich) and fried products. Be accurate with butter, whole milk, fat cheese, ice cream, salads and sauces with mayonnaise, fat sweets and desserts. Instead of them choose low-fat options, cut off visible fat at preparation.“ Dilution“ favourite dishes vegetables - the easiest and effective way to reduce diet caloric content. Instead of the packaged juice and aerated water drink water and tea. In the first - only empty calories.

  5. move More. You do not hurry to push sneakers far away in a case, to throw evening walks or to incidentally lose the card fitness - club, do not change new, to a healthy lifestyle and a thoughtway. He not only helped you to grow thin and achieve the objective, he helps to keep afloat, to reduce stress, relieves of unhealthy appetite and in general prolongs youth. The movement - the only way to stimulate a metabolism when arrival of energy is counterbalanced with its expense. Pleasant charging, suitable homework, timely walk - the most reasonable way not to allow return of extra kilos after inevitable stomach holidays in our life.
  6. be not frightened by

    failures. Even if it, failure, happened, do not take in head to abuse yourself. Be not too lazy to count the incident in calories or points. If figures read off scale, can consider this day unplanned day off. Next day after failure do not take in head to starve or arrange a fasting day. In questions of weight loss punishment inevitably conducts to crimes. Return to healthy nutrition better to dump the gained kilograms.

  7. Learn to love and respect yourself. One of the most important factors for long-term control of weight is the feeling of self-esteem. And for a start show to yourself interest. What needs there lives your organism why he prefers to reserve energy, instead of that to spend it? Whether not too much you forbid yourself? You have all bases to be grateful to the body for the fact that, despite not the best to it the relation, it is still live and rather healthy. If the love is sincere, it, undoubtedly, will be shown in care of a body: and you will choose food useful, and walks will become habitual, and people around teach to treat yourself in a new way.
  8. refresh with

    in memory motive From time to time. Not to stop in development, to keep beautiful figures on scales and a good, vigorous spirit in soul, it is necessary to think of new motives and the purposes from time to time, of what will force you to keep the taken shape. You now at another.

  9. you Hold the correct set of products in kitchen. Open for yourself new fruit and vegetables. Their exotic versions are innumerable, and in everyone - an original, unique set of useful substances. Except rice and buckwheat, there are also other options of garnishes - kus - kus, rice noodles, wheat, corn grain, millet. And you will find not less than five grades of beans and haricot in any supermarket... Limited diet, very narrow circle of the “resolved“ and consumed products leads to fatigue, as to physical, and psychological. In the VYNOS:TSELY days to chew carrots and cabbage, to choke with boiled chicken is to everyone sooner or later will bother.

  10. Lead interesting, rich life. Communicate with friends, you go to theater, cinema, campaigns. Once you start missing, the hand by itself will stretch to the refrigerator - and no pokhudatelny habits and knowledge then will rescue.

  11. Get the pupil - then you will be simply obliged to keep a form. Also continue to study.