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Games for real men of

Mother - the loved one for the kid. But energetic, outdoor, vigorous “man`s“ games, with bustle, fuss, squeal and a laughter are not less necessary for the child. It will add to experience of the baby, will present it absolutely new feelings and impressions.

Rails, rails...

to the person of any age physical contact with other people is necessary for

For sincere and corporal health. If adult to deprive of an opportunity though somehow to contact to the outside world and to receive from it various feelings, it will lead to serious frustration of its mentality. So carrying the kid on handles, embraces, kisses, massage, gentle strokings, a poshchipyvaniye and pats, various finger-type games and games on knees is not just entertainments or a way to express to the kid the love, it also a way of receiving various tactile feelings, necessary for the child. And the baby is younger, the more than such touches it is necessary for it.

Of course, during the day mother touches the kid repeatedly. But the father - that does it absolutely differently! The father has other fingers, skin on hands another and touches differ from mother`s. Means, communicating with the father, the baby receives the mass of new tactile impressions that helps it to develop better. And what best tactile game? Of course, cheerful massage! The father can tickle and nibble with pleasure the child under a cheerful rhyme. It will cause a storm of positive emotions in the baby. And a bit later and the kid will be able to make the same massage to the father. Perhaps, it will even become Sunday morning ritual.

So, we tell old - a prestary rhyme and we do the corresponding massage movements on a children`s back:

Rails, rails, (We draw fingers on a back longitudinal rails.)
of the Cross tie, cross tie. (We draw cross lines - cross ties.)
the train overdue Went. (We run fingers on all back.)
From the last window
peas Suddenly fell down. (We knock fingers on a back as though small peas pour.)
hens Came: pecked, pecked... (“We peck“ fingers.)
geese Came: nibbled, nibbled... (We pinch a back.)
the elephant Came: trampled, trampled, (We are trampled down by cams.)
the elephant cow Came: trampled, trampled, (We are pounded, but it is not so strong.)
the elephant calf Came: ran about, ran about. (“We run“ on a back fingers.)
the janitor Came: swept everything, swept everything. (We iron a back.) Delivered to
a chair, a table, the typewriter (“We put“ a table and a chair four fingers.) began to print
I: (“We print“.)
“My dear daughter!“ Vzhik - a point, vzhik - a point. (On the word “vzhik“ we run slightly fingers the kid on each side.)
“I bought you chulochka.“ Vzhik - a point, vzhik - a point.
Stuck the letter, set the seal and sent. (We set “seal“.)
the Letter flew about - flew oh, flew - flew... (We iron a back, showing as the letter flew.)
I arrived! (We clap slightly the kid on a bottom or we click an elastic band of pants.)

If the kid demands “continuation of a banquet“, try to roll each other on a back toy machines. It is just tremendous entertainment in which like to indulge in Sunday morning a huge number of fathers and their little sonnies and even daughters!

A seat the baby to yourself on knees in the end, press slightly a finger a snub-nosed nose and tell:

- Pi - and - and - and - p! Masha (Mischa, Dima...) houses?
- Houses!
- And an accordion is ready?
- Is ready!
- And can be played?
- Is possible!

After such answer begin to tickle the kid as though you drive fingers on accordion keys. Everything comes to the end with squeal, laughter and cheerful fuss.

the Heap - is small

Throughout conversation on tactile feelings wants to remember one more indispensable game in which fathers very much like to play with the kids. It is cheerful fuss which can take a form “heaps - are small“, comic fight, boxing, etc. It is hard to say why such games are played more often by fathers, but not mothers. Perhaps, tired mothers just do not have forces, or perhaps it is easier for fathers to come back from a condition of a maturity to the childhood. But, in what there was a reason, the playing father arrives very wisely. At one stroke it kills several hares at once. Spends time with the kid, and to both it is incredibly cheerful! It is time. Plays very useful game which pulls together it with the child, does it is adult - the parental relations more harmonious, confidential. Any corporal contact psychologically contacts trust. These are two. And for the father advantage huge: the nervous tension is taken off, the physical and psychological fatigue, is restored composure. There is what we often call one capacious word “discharge“. Sometimes it is very useful for all of us to be exempted from a habitual role of the parent and the ranking officer, to have a rest from intellectual work and any restrictions by which we are forced to connect ourselves and to return for a while to the childhood, having felt communication with the past. These are three. And what kid? What, except fun, is born in itself by game - fuss?

by means of similar games the baby learns to operate the body, tries to realize the athletic ability, gets acquainted with new and various tactile feelings. What will be if to popolzat on a smooth parquet? And if to roll about on a fluffy carpet? What will be made first of all by any decent peanut, having come for walk to the snow-covered yard? Correctly, will try izvalyatsya in snow from legs to the head. And crawling on all fours in a grass, and an instillation in sand on the hot beach - all this new tactile experience. Besides, the kid learns to define borders of the body, accustoms with space, understands where top and a bottom where the right side and where left. In turn, ability to be guided in space is closely connected with development of thinking and the speech. Here also leaves: games are simple, and matter huge!

Such games usually arise spontaneously and have no plot: just bustle one after another and “lovishka“, fuss on a floor or on beds, a shchekotaniye or comic fight, squeal and a laughter. But it is possible to play also by rules. For example, having used a usual entertainment which in each children`s company is called differently:“ cat and mice“, “lodges“, etc. The father as a cat “sleeps“ on the sofa, and the kid runs around and is teased. But here the cat woke up, and the little little mouse has to hide somewhat quicker in a chair - a lodge. If the cat did not catch it, game is started anew. If caught - here, a little mouse, take care! Now you will be “eaten“, pinched and tickled. One condition: it is better not to start similar games before going to bed. After them the kid needs some time to calm down. It is better to lie down then quietly together, to talk about something pleasant or to read the quiet book.

We played

in papovoz

of U A. Usacheva is the remarkable poem “Papovoz“:

We played in papovoz,
B the fastest papovoz,
B the best papovoz:
Went I, and the father carried.
Long it did not agree,
did not want to puff seriously,
A as dispersed then -
I went, and carried!
Brought down a case, the chair fell.
to us in the apartment Became close...

heroes of this poem “visited the different countries, looked at this world“ are farther than

A and were even going to take in the next weekend with themselves mother and to go to the Moon.

Yes, only fathers are able to play so! Only at fathers such irrepressible imagination and imagination sometimes wakes up. And then can occur anything: and searches of a treasure directly in the apartment, and travel on a raft on a raging sea, and battle with sea pirates. But all this will be when the kid a little grows up. For now huge pleasure and “papovoza“, and the little passenger is delivered by various games on knees, “horses“ on father`s shoulders and other cheerful entertainments with jumpings up.

can be Played, for example, so. The father seats the kid to himself on knees, throws him up, shakes here and there, keeping saying:

Went with nuts on a flank, on a flank,
On an equal path,
On hummocks, on hummocks,
On ravines, on ravines,
On potholes, on potholes,
On vyso - about - I will fetter a hill,
In a pole boom!

knees are moved apart by

On the last words, and the kid with a laughter “falls“ in a pole. Of course, at the same time it needs to be held for handles. And driving on the father - “horse“ is also developing game. Sitting on father`s shoulders, the kid receives the bigger review, sees the habitual room in absolutely new, unusual foreshortening that gives it food for mind. Besides, for the kid is the some kind of lesson of cheerful physical culture helping to develop dexterity, coordination of movements, to learn to operate the body. Position of the baby on strong father`s shoulders not really steady. Therefore, the little rider uses the efforts to keep balance. And for the father is a fine opportunity to communicate to the peanut, to give him joy and pleasure.

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake...

you think that games with the kid in “A horned goat“ and other “pat-a-cake“ are a destiny of grandmothers and mothers? You are mistaken! Fathers too with pleasure entertain crumbs similar games. And it is not always possible to answer a question precisely: who rejoices more - the kid or the father? But if to play “goat“ who “will butt - will butt“, practically all fathers, then other entertainments with fingers are able and palms are most often not familiar to them. An exit is simple here. The father needs to be taught these games. Play several times “Pat-a-cake“, “Soroka - a crow“ or still some finger-type game all together, and next time the father himself also will clap with the son or the daughter or to bend tiny fingers.

A here to you remarkable game - a rhyme for fingers. We tell the kid a poteshka and we bend in turn fingers at first on one handle, and then on another:

Who lives in the village?
the Sluggard a red cat,
the little calf,
the Zheltenky chicken,
the White lamb,
the Mouse under a porch!
of Times, two, three, four, five - them it is not difficult to count
Who lives in a lesochka?
In a dark mink - a gray mole,
Under a bush - the leveret,
In a fir grove - a losenok,
Behind the mountain - chanterelle,
On a pine - a titmouse!
of Times, two, three, four, five - fingers we Will bend

At first the father will play
(I. Gurin) with the kid. And a bit later and the baby will learn a rhyme and will begin to bend the tiny fingers big father`s fingers. Very touching picture!

Is played in machines

Here in what it is possible to play with the father, so it machines! Mothers are not able to play this game at all though they very much try. And the father will be able to think up a set of different plots for game: and races from one wall of the room to another, and construction of garages, bridges and tunnels from cubes, chairs and cushions - and will even think up how to open houses the real auto repair shop.

But to the kid it will be interesting not only to play

machines, but also most to turn into the car. The kid takes a toy wheel in hand, and the father gives commands:“ forward“, “backing“, “quicker“, “more slowly“, “stop“, “to give a signal“, etc. Noise of the motor has to correspond to the car size. The big car hoots loudly, small - is more silent. Trying to imitate sounds of the motor and beeps of different cars, the kid thereby will train the articulation device.

it is Even simple to p to consider machines with the father very interestingly. The father can tell the son or the daughter as each part of the car is called and for what it is necessary. Machines can be sorted by flowers and the size. The storm of delight will be caused in the kid by game in the train. And it does not matter that the room for a while will turn into the railway station. At first we will play, and then together we will do the cleaning. So, we build the train from chairs and stools, we transplant in cars of a toy and we take seat. The kid - for the driver. Tu - that, chukh - chukh - chukh! Let`s roll!

Third call. Don - Don - Don!
Passengers, cats and dolls, in the car!
Good-bye, write!
Wave scarfs, wave!
the Driver, whistle!
the Engine, puff:
Withered - ta!
Went - went... whether (S. Cherny)

Amusing all-round

A not to arrange with
to us ridiculous competitions? Ridiculous, because serious competitions yet not for the kid. He is not able to lose with advantage yet. And if at the father all the time turns out something better, than at it, by all means will fall apart. Therefore we play not for the sake of a prize, and just for the sake of fun. And, of course, for advantage. Because any similar exercise is a training of motility, coordination of movements, an eye estimation, dexterity.

So, competition the first. We put a bottle or a jar with a wide neck on a floor, we give to each player 10 peas or fasolin. The player`s task - being to the utmost above a bottle, to throw peas on one down, trying to throw them in a bottle. Who will make it more precisely: father or kid?

Competition the second: we place at some distance from ourselves a small cardboard box or any other suitable capacity and we throw into it clothespegs.

Competition the third: frisbee. Let`s designate the platform on a floor, having spread a towel. We try to throw a disposable paper or plastic plate so that it landed precisely on a towel.

I, at last, competition the fourth: run of spiders. Show to the kid as it is possible to turn in only a few seconds into a spider: sit down on a floor, lean against a floor hands behind the back, rise on hands and legs and... ran! At first forward, and then and back. And then teach the kid to go on hands, holding him by legs.

Cheerful entertainments

It is possible, it will be not too interesting to father to collect a pyramid with the kid or to select inserts to a framework. But here the father will hardly refuse to play with the baby a ball. Options of such games set. It is possible to sit down with the kid the friend opposite to the friend and to roll a ball each other. It is possible to learn to throw and catch a ball hands. Ability to throw a ball - important skill. Pay attention of the child that it is possible to throw a ball differently: from - for the heads, from a breast, from below up, two hands, only left or only right. Gradually master all ways and be improved in them. It is not less important to teach the kid to catch a ball. Begin with small distance, almost putting a ball in hands of the baby, then increase distance. It is important to pick up a suitable ball. It has to be rather big, but at the same time easy. Well a little lowered beach ball which it will be convenient to kid to catch and hold in handles will approach. And it is possible and to play soccer. This game is pleasant, not only to boys. Too will give to girls considerable pleasure to push a ball with a leg on pleasure to the father. Such exercise well develops coordination and sense of equilibrium. And father`s legs and legs of the kid will be gate in turn.

At first the kid hammers with

a ball into father`s gate, and then the baby plays a role of gate. As gate it is possible to use a chair or a stool or to lay out gate from cubes. It is still interesting to play the improvised basketball, trying to get a ball to the cardboard box standing on a floor or on a sofa. And what if to construct of figure cubes like towns and to force down them a small ball? And, the ball can both be rolled, and to throw. Such game trains the coordinated work of sight and hands, develops large and small motility and satisfies inherent in most of kids I am eager for “destructions“. And then it is possible to construct new lodges of cubes. Together with the father, of course.

Balloons are loved by one and all kids. And game by such balls together with the father in volleyball - here fun so fun! It is only necessary to inflate couple of balls and to stretch a rope between two chairs. Now the father and the kid sit down on different sides of the improvised “grid“ and throw through it a balloon. Kids can catch a ball, and children. is more senior let learn to beat off it.

Try to play

with the kid in igru which each of us knows under the name “thimbles“. But, unlike swindlers, we will not begin to do anything reprehensible, and we will just train ability of the kid to solve an objective and porazvivay visually - motive coordination, attention, memory. For game we need three multi-colored mugs or small pans. In the face of the kid hide cookies, candy, apple or a small toy under one of bowls. Then we begin to move bowls around. Whether the kid after your manipulations where the subject is hidden will be able to think? If guessed, cookies can be eaten (without having forgotten to divide it with the father), and a toy - to play. If the kid easily copes with a task, try to take pans of one color. Whether the kid will be able to remember now that bowl under which the cunning father hid cookies?


For the tiniest peanuts will be suitable such entertainment. Until mother is busy, the father can help the kid to get acquainted with objects which are in the apartment better. Take the baby on hands and tell: “Now we will run with you to a sofa. Ran, ran!“ Approach a sofa and tell: “Came running! There is a sofa!“ We run to the TV, the refrigerator, on kitchen, in a bathroom, to mother, to a cat, to a watch, the word now to everything that will be in the apartment of the deserving attention. Such game not only will amuse the baby, but also will help to remember many new words. The main thing - you pronounce words accurately, doing the expressive movements by lips.

A it is still healthy if the father and the kid think up some, special, exclusive game and will play it from time to time. For the child such minutes spent together with close and darling, will be remembered well. Also will become a reason for pride: here he is what, my father! It can do everything!