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Samsung Diamond - new sides of diamond

the Samsung Electronics Company, the leading producer of consumer electronics and household appliances, represents new washing machines of the Diamond series - the WF8592FFC and WF8692FEA model.

In translation into Russian of Diamond is meant by “diamond“. And what associations with this word arise? On the one hand, it is the ultrahigh hardness and reliability of structure; on the other hand, it is refinement of a form. By analogy with qualities of diamond, the Diamond washing machines possess high reliability, and also provide unsurpassed sensitivity of washing and show faultless design.


For increase of reliability in new models realized a number of company functions. So, the intellectual VoltControl system will protect the car from differences of tension - to it even jump to 400 volts will not be terrible. If failure of a network lasts less than one second, it will not affect operation of the machine in any way; if tension remains too low or too high throughout a long time, the car just passes into a waiting mode and revolves washing as soon as tension is normalized. One more intellectual system - AquaStop - will prevent water course as control happens at two levels at once: water supply instantly stops both at damage of a hose, and at its emergence at the bottom of the car. And the ceramic heater used in a design completely protects from a scum and in comparison with the traditional metal heater, the ceramic heater is three times more durable and provides lower power consumption.

Besides, creators of the car developed the new design of the Diamond cellular drum providing even more delicate washing without harm for clothes. Honeycombs of a drum remind a diamond form. Openings in it became 25% less and are located in peculiar cut deepenings that prevents damage of fibers of fabric. Thus, water, accumulating in deepenings, does washing by even more delicate. For careful washing also a number of special programs is provided: The program of washing of wool approved by the Woolmark company - for woolen things, “Sport“ - for sportswear, “Jeans“ - for elimination from jeans even of resistant spots without shrinkage of fabric and “Dark things“ - for the washing even of strongly polluted dark clothes keeping color.

the Big hatch will facilitate loading and unloading of linen. Diameter of a door is increased to 480 mm, providing spaces are 15% more that is especially important when washing large things - bed linen, curtains, etc.

Both models went on retail in the spring of 2009.

* Technical characteristics can be changed

without prior notice.