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Travel to time of pregnancy

the summer - a season of holidays and trips Comes nearer. There is no wish to refuse in pleasure to enjoy to himself long-awaited rest in the company of the beloved husband, especially now when here - the kid here appears and will become not to trips at all. What to do? Whether it is possible to decide on moving, flight, change of climate?

First of all should remind

to itself that the course of pregnancy - a thing especially individual. And if some of your acquaintances on the eighth month carried out climbing Hoverla or went to speleological round by the part of Marble caves closed for tourists in the Crimea, flew to the Republic of South Africa or made pilgrimage to Tibet, then it does not mean at all that you can repeat all its feats. Even if term at you is less, you younger also feel (being at home) just perfectly. To begin to prepare for holiday it is necessary from consultation at the doctor. Discuss with the gynecologist observing you a possible route, vehicles, the travel term, change of climate. The expert will be able to issue you all recommendations, relying not on experience of the familiar girlfriend, and on results of your own analyses. Perhaps, you do not even suspect that, feeling perfectly in native climate, you can do much harm to yourself and the child, having appeared in thousands of kilometers from the house!

So, tell to the doctor the hopes: where for what term, what transport and even in what company (the husband, parents, one) you would like to go. By results of survey and to actual results of analyses the doctor will be able to recommend you the whole list of measures of precautions, up to a ban on certain types of loadings and a vehicle. If there is no danger of premature birth, perhaps, he all the same can prescribe you spazmolitik that there were no reductions of a uterus, will recommend the list of preparations which you will need to have near at hand. With yourself you will need to have the medical record, it is desirable also to ask the doctor to make an extract of the clinical record. In advance learn the address of the clinic, nearest to your vacation spot, - after arrival it will also be best of all for you to pass survey, and in case of any indispositions not to wait for return, and to address medicine directly on the place.

So, your trip - the business solved. Do not charge yourself with too many cases on the organization of travel, charge it to relatives or tour operator better. Yes, perhaps such service will cost dearer, but now the most important - your nerves, health and good mood! Gather quietly, make the list of the necessary things in advance and follow it. You do not fuss, do not worry, do not worry - what you forgot, it can be found on the place.

will Also not begin superfluous to take an interest in a weather forecast in advance there where you gather. Even not really exact forecast for 2 - 3 weeks ahead can warn you about possible changes of pressure and differences of temperatures that in your situation it is also very important to consider.

If the term of your pregnancy already exceeds

7 months - do not plan long trips as it is impossible to exclude risk of premature birth completely. In advance think over the schedule of the rest if you want to visit tourist sights and to carry out local excursion trips. Think of that days were not too loaded, allocate yourself some time just for rest and idleness! It will be especially actual to load not especially the first days after arrival to the vacation spot - you will need to recover after moving. You should not order the excursions meaning hours-long sitting in the bus, too long pedestrian transitions.

What transport to travel to the pregnant woman?

it is the best of all for you to go with the maximum comfort. From this point of view the train is always better than the car, the plane - is better than the train, and the bicycle is not welcomed at all.

by Flights by plane for the pregnant woman are most recommended to


of Travel by plane for the pregnant woman. You can fearlessly fly in the second trimester of pregnancy if your doctor allows you, up to 7 - 8 months of pregnancy. During flight moderately eat, drink a lot of water. At big height your legs can swell up therefore settle as it is possible more conveniently, remove footwear, do several exercises to relax and at least once an hour you go on pass between chairs to intensify blood circulation in legs.


Since seventh month of pregnancy, on flights imposes a number of restrictions. You should not fly on late term if you have a pregnancy diabetes, the increased arterial pressure or problems with a placenta. Also such travel for mothers pregnant with twins are not recommended. Anyway, you will need to provide the documents from the attending physician allowing you flight (this question needs to be specified at representatives of airline by which plane you go.) Here requirements of some airlines concerning transportations of pregnant women:

  • you can Go by plane of the Ukrainian airlines till 36th week (the first pregnancy) or to 34 weeks (not the first pregnancy). You need the reference from medical department of airline allowing flight.
  • of KLM, Northwest Airlines more than 36 weeks do not carry women with term.
  • - at term more than 28 weeks the reference from the attending physician is necessary for
  • of British Airways, it is also necessary to sign the declaration that you understand all risks and do not impose any responsibility on airline.
  • - at term more than 34 weeks the reference from the doctor confirming absence of contraindications to flights and EDC (estimated date of childbirth) is necessary for
  • of Lufthansa.
  • of EasyJet, British European, Air New Zealand - demand the reference till 36 weeks, on later term do not allow to flight.
  • of United Airlines, Delta, Alitalia, Swissair, Air France - demand the reference at term more than 36 weeks.
  • - at term flight with the doctor allows
  • of Virgin more than 34 weeks.
  • by
  • of Air New Zealand - does not allow flight at polycarpous pregnancy.
  • of Iberia - does not impose any restrictions.
the abroad during pregnancy

Should remember

of Travel that change of time zones, the climate, food are demanded from an organism of efforts on adaptation and tire the woman. Therefore travel to the remote countries bears in itself a certain danger. Especially watchfully it is necessary to treat the tropical countries: the yellow fever vaccine which is necessary for entrance to many of them is contraindicated during pregnancy. Malaria is also dangerous to future mother from - for risk of bleeding, and to a fruit from - for dangers of an abortion or premature birth. The diarrhea conducting to organism dehydration from which most of tourists in the exotic countries suffers cannot be practically warned. Before to venture travel to Africa, Asia or South America, learn about endemichesky diseases in these countries.

of the Safety rule during travel at pregnancy

it is the best of all for p to travel, having taken some precautionary measures:

  • Have a rest as often as possible, you do not spend much time on the sun on the beach, be in a shadow or in the cool room.
  • you do not go barefoot on dirt and the crude earth in order to avoid penetration of parasites into skin and microinjuries.
  • Use creams from the sun and suntan, take a wide-brimmed hat, dark glasses, the spacious clothes passing air, convenient footwear.
  • do not drink unboiled water, do not eat crude products even in the form of salads. Drink a lot of water.
  • At any indisposition (temperature increase, bleeding, fights) immediately see a local doctor.

Having thought of the safety and comfort in advance and following simple safety rules, you will perfectly have a rest! Have a good trip!