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In the sparing mode. Food of children after food poisonings of

Unfortunately, food poisonings occur at small children quite often. Except treatment, in similar cases the doctor will recommend special food which will help an organism of the kid to fill losses of vital substances and quicker to be restored after an illness.

Food poisonings can be divided into two groups conditionally: actually poisonings and food toksikoinfektion.

Food poisoning is a disease which arises after the use in food of toxic or toxic agents. Here it is possible to carry poisoning with mushrooms, poisonous berries and seeds. It is possible to get poisoned also with chemicals: they can get to food on imprudence. More often we face food toksikoinfektion.

the Food toksikoinfektion (PTI) is an acute noncontagious disease which is a consequence of the use of the foodstuff containing microorganisms of certain types and their toxins. There is this disease only in connection with the use in food of the products which are plentifully infected with toxins and/or living cells of the specific activator. It usually has character of the group disease differing in the short incubatory period (an interval of time from the moment of hit of the microbic agent in an organism before manifestation of symptoms of an illness) and a sharp short current. Most often the PTI activator are salmonellas and is conditional - pathogenic flora (bacteria, fungi, viruses, the elementary, quite widespread in environment, and also living in intestines of healthy people). Normal they have no negative effect on a healthy organism, and begin to breed and harm actively the owner at violation of usual conditions - for example, at decrease in local immunity. Their opportunity to cause infectious diseases of an organism is promoted by tendency to colonization, fast acquisition of resistance to adverse factors, including to antimicrobic preparations. Under the influence of various external and intra environmental factors conditionally - pathogenic bacteria quickly change the biological properties and turn in pathogenic (capable to cause infectious diseases).

Symptoms of poisoning to Determine


that the child got poisoned, it is possible on the following signs: the health of the kid worsens - he becomes weak, whimsical, sluggish, complains of belly-ache, draws in legs; further there are nausea, vomiting. In case of a food toksikoinfektion after vomiting temperature can rise and begin a diarrhea. Development of symptomatology, disease severity and tactics of treatment completely depend because what activator got to an organism.

in case of a food toksikoinfektion at the child the serious condition caused by dehydration - big loss of liquid with a kalovy and emetic masses can develop. To children at whom after washing of a stomach nausea, vomiting, frustration of a chair proceed there are symptoms of dehydration and weak or moderate intoxication, appoint oral rehydration (a regidratation - completion of the lost liquid) and dezintoksikatsionny (directed to removal of toxins from an organism - for example, reception of enterosorbents) therapy which is recommended to apply before hospitalization now.

we Make up for losses

the Principles of drawing up a diet have to consider displays of a disease - that dominates: vomiting (sharp gastritis), diarrhea (enteritis) or gastroenteritis (vomiting and diarrhea). And the most important - any made diet has to have the sparing effect on the inflamed mucous membrane zheludochno - an intestinal path. Drinking mode. From - for high temperature and considerable losses of liquid it is broken vodno - salt balance, there is a blood condensation, intoxication - the disease state of an organism caused by action on it the harmful or toxic substances arriving from the outside or which are produced in the organism amplifies. Therefore the child needs to provide first of all plentiful drink the mode.

To an oral regidratation is applied vodno - the salt solutions containing salt, soda, glucose, potassium. In drugstores dry powders for preparation of solutions - regidron, tsitraglyukosolan and so forth are on sale. Contents of packages are dissolved in 0,5 or 1 l of warm boiled water. It is necessary to give to drink to the child solution within a day, counting necessary amount of liquid from body weight indicators. So, the kid till 1 year on each kilogram of body weight needs to give 150 - 200 ml of liquid, to children of more advanced age - on 120 - 170 ml. The volume of liquid calculated for an hour is given to the child by each 5 - 10 minutes on a teaspoon. You should not increase a dose as a large amount of liquid can cause repeated vomiting. Vodno - salt solutions can be alternated to sweet tea, dogrose broth. In the sharp period drink has to be room temperature.

needs to be provided with
first of all to the child plentiful drink.
by Regidratation`s

it is carried out until vomiting and the frequent, exhausting diarrhea do not cease to disturb the child. If against improvement of a state there is diarrhea, then after each liquid chair the kid is recommended to give drink at the rate of 10 ml/kg. It is not recommended to carry out so-called vodno - a tea pause - a complete elimination of food for long term. As soon as vomiting ceases to torment the child, it is possible to offer him food.


the Principles of food

During the sharp period of a disease, with high temperature, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, to the kid recommends the sparing diet which provides the best assimilation of food. For this purpose all dishes prepare and given in a liquid or semi-fluid look, vegetables and grain boil soft to a soft state and are wiped, meat of animals and birds, fish prepare in the form of a souffle. In this period it is recommended to use canned and vegetable meat for baby food as the digestible vitaminized products with a gentle consistence. it is expedient to p to feed with

In the sharp period with high temperature, feeling sick of the child fractionally - to 7 times a day, reducing intervals between meals till 2 - 2,5 o`clock and reducing its quantity by each reception. It will allow to restore the broken functions of an organism quicker.

At sharp loss of appetite at the child should not be afraid of malnutrition. Unacceptably violently to feed the kid as it can make sick and vomiting. As it was already told earlier, all missing volumes of food during the sharp period of a disease have to be filled with liquid.

First aid at poisoning

If you obviously know that the child ate or drank inedible or toxic substance, the spoiled products, then first of all the injured kid needs to carry out washing of a stomach. It is carried out drinking, and for small children - either the special nursery, or boiled water of room temperature from calculation: the child is 10 months old - 1 years - 20 ml/kg, 2 - 6 years - 16 ml/kg, 7 - 14 years - 14 ml/kg. After the child drank the necessary volume of liquid, press to it on a language root to cause vomiting. After washing of a stomach of the child it is necessary to force to drink sorbents: it is absorbent carbon or filtrum, enterosgel and so forth

If the child refuses any offered food, you should not force to eat it: it can provoke a new attack of vomiting. It is also not necessary to follow the tastes of the sick kid: he can want to eat “unhealthy“ products (chips, Coca etc.) which reception also can cause a disease state in the healthy person, and harm which these products can cause to the weakened children`s organism, it is easy to present. It can be both an inflammation of a pancreas, and an inflammation of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, especially in the conditions of defeat zheludochno - an intestinal path toxins.

During the sharp period of a disease the need of an organism for vitamins and mineral substances sharply increases. Therefore additional purpose of the vitamin preparations containing without fail the vitamins of group B, C and A improving exchange processes and increasing organism resilience is necessary. To the recovering child (at whom vomiting ended) children`s complexes of vitamin preparations are appointed as to fill the volume of the lacking and “lost“ vitamins with one food it is impossible.

of Feature of the menu. By drawing up the menu for the sick kid it is necessary to take care of enough animal protein in its diet. First of all it is about the milk protein possessing lipotropny action. It is important for improvement of function of a liver which suffers, neutralizing the toxic substances collecting in an organism.

the Amount of food fats in a diet of the sick child should not exceed physiological norm (and in the first days of an illness their quantity has to be reduced by 10 - 20%) as in the conditions of dehydration and loss of appetite production of the enzymes “digesting“ fats is broken, and they, in turn, act on kislotno - alkaline balance of an organism, promoting shift in the sour party, thereby worsening a condition of the child. All types of fats should be given to the kid only as a part of ready dishes and not to offer them in pure form (for example, butter for sandwich) as it will aggravate loss of appetite.

B in a liquid or semi-fluid look.

the Carbohydrate component of a diet should not be high, especially during the sharp period of a disease, at high temperature, the toxicosis phenomena as they strengthen fermentative processes in intestines.

in process of improvement of a condition of the child, normalization of temperature, elimination of the phenomena of toxicosis its diet has to extend gradually, approaching physiological.

Food at food poisonings completely depends on what department of a digestive tract was mentioned by the infectious / toxic agent and, therefore, as far as in it inflammatory changes are brightly expressed and functions are broken.

Food at vomiting and pains in a stomach. If the child is disturbed only by pains in epigastralny area and vomiting, the medical diet is built on the principles of a dietotherapy of sharp gastritis. In the presence of frequent vomiting it is possible to pass one, at most two meals. It is necessary to carry out an oral regidratation by special solutions. Then it is necessary to pass to fractional food with reduction of daily volume of food by 40 - 50%, continuing an oral regidratation. Since 2 - go day the volume of food increases by 10 - 15% daily when lengthening intervals between feedings. The daily volume of food has to be brought to physiological norm not later 3 - 5 - go day from an initiation of treatment.

the Optimum product for a dietotherapy of children till 1 year is maternal milk. To children of the second half of the year of life which already entered into the menu feeding up products after the specified pause earlier at first enter porridges on half milk into a diet (rice, buckwheat), in several days add 10 - 20 g of children`s cottage cheese to this feeding up, in 1 - 2 day - vegetable purees and then fruit juice. More senior children at improvement of the general state along with porridges are allowed to enter vegetable purees, 1/2 egg yolk, and then vegetable soups and products of a feeding up from meat.

Food of children is more senior than 1 year is built on the same principles, only the single volume of food increases quicker the products resolved for this age join in a diet. So, at frequent vomiting it is recommended to carry out unloading in food: in the first day it is desirable for child to give kefir or any other fermented milk product on 100 - 200 ml (depending on age) every 3 - 3,5 hour. Next day mozhnolereyt on the food corresponding to age.

Within 1 - 3 weeks after an illness is recommended to observe the principles of a mechanical, chemical and thermal shchazheniye. The mechanical shchazheniye provides the following culinary processing: preparation of dishes on couple, boiling, a consistence of dishes - at first liquid, semi-fluid, kashitseobrazny, and then crushed and just a piece. The thermal shchazheniye provides reception only of warm food. And the chemical shchazheniye is an exception of a diet of products, irritating mucous membrane of a stomach and intestines. Snack, sauces, spices, black bread, crude vegetables and fruit, a white cabbage in a crude and boiled look, turnip, a radish, a garden radish, peas, haricot, cucumbers, millet, pearl barley, freshly squeezed and sour juice belong to such products.

Food at enteritis. If displays of a disease were not limited to the top departments zheludochno - an intestinal path and the child the diarrhea (enteritis) began to disturb, then by drawing up the menu it is necessary to consider also specifics of digestion in a small intestine.


does not recommend use of whole cow`s milk during the sharp period as it strengthens an intestines vermicular movement, fermentative processes, thereby leading to strengthening of diarrhea. Dairy products are replaced with dairy drinks, at the same time it is necessary to remember that one-day kefir possesses the poslablyayushchy action - fixing the others sour-milk ferment helps intestinal microflora to cope with harmful agents. Porridges prepare or on half milk, or on water. The vegetables and fruit rich with cellulose causing a meteorizm are excluded from a diet: beet, radish, turnip, garden radish, cucumbers, bean, oranges, tangerines, sauerkraut, plums, grapes, greens, black bread. Refractory fats (fats of animals and birds) are excluded. Are recommended melted and vegetable oil in dishes, in a small amount - is one and a half times less, than for the healthy child. Rules of the sparing heat, mechanical and chemical treatment of products are followed: the food has to be wiped, crushed, warm and not to contain the irritating substances.

Recipes of dishes

the Meat souffle

the Meat peeled of films and sinews to cut

pieces and to extinguish in a small amount of water to semi-readiness. Then to add the white bread soaked in cold water, to pass everything two times via the meat grinder with a small grid, to add broth, egg and to stir. To lay out this weight in the pan oiled and strewed with crackers and to put to bake, having covered a pan, in an oven on a water bath. A preparation time - 20 - 25 minutes.

the rice porridge wiped on half milk

Rice to wash out, pour into the boiling water and to cook to softness. Then to wipe through a sieve, to add hot (but not boiling) milk, it is good to stir. To add sugar and to cook 2 - 3 minutes that porridge thickened. To remove from fire, to fill with butter.