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Children`s automobile chairs - fashion or need?

Question, to put it mildly, rhetorical! Parents should not forget about safety of the child neither in the afternoon, nor at night! In many western countries the legislation obliges adults to use children`s automobile chairs for transportation of children till 12 years. Thanks to introduction of this law, reduction of quantity of cases with death and receiving heavy mutilations as a result of accidents which participants were children reached 40%. These data speak about much. And who will protect our children? In Russia of the similar law, unfortunately, did not accept yet though the fact that the person lower than 150 cm cannot protect non-standard seat belts, standard automobile chairs is well-known.

As a rule, at us during a trip mother keeps the baby on hands in the car, is more senior than the child - on a lap, without thinking that at blow it will not be able to hold it even at a speed of 40 - 50 km/h, and in addition also will fall to the kid, having pressed down it the body. It turns out that parents not just do not provide additional security measures for the kids, but even create for them especially dangerous conditions!

can be

of the Trip with the child in the car long or short, but anyway the kid - the full participant of traffic. Dry figures of the mute demonstrate that owing to accidents children in cars perish twice more often than cyclists and pedestrians! For the unprotected child risk of death in case of accident three times, and the risk of receiving heavy mutilations and injuries - is seven times higher, than for the adult!

So, the first that has to occupy thoughts of the buyer of a children`s automobile chair, - safety of the child .

How to learn what seat ensures the greatest safety?

In - the first , proceeding from results of the tests published by special magazines (it is the most certain way!) .

In - the second , having paid attention to a number of devices and features of alleged purchase. Let`s list the most important of them (and we will make some recommendations about ensuring the maximum safety of the child on a trip on the car).

some more reasons which should be meant Are:

Ya would not begin to buy to the child a second-hand automobile chair because of lack of full information on how it was operated, etc. (and respectively - probabilities of existence of the latent defects), and lack of the warranty card.

Existence of a little table for games has to be executed by

in a uniform design with a chair or it has to be provided specially not to become the trauma reason in case of accident.

after safety hygienic qualities chairs obviously are on the second place.

As a matter of fact, hygiene - too a safety factor. Let`s remind that hygienic requirements are not limited to purity at all. Hygiene (from Greek. hygieinos - “healthy“) is the field of medicine studying influence of living conditions on health of the person and developing measures of prevention of diseases and providing optimum living conditions. If your kid in safe (from a point of the inspector of traffic police) a car seat acquires“ to himself a wryneck, squint or banal “potnitsa“, it is hardly possible to call such chair safe in the true sense of the word!

So, it makes sense to you to pay attention, at least, to the following items: the Design of sitting has to provide to

On the third place after reasons of safety and hygiene act as convenience (both for the child, and for adults) and attractive design .

I have some lyrics “finally“. Dear parents, buying children`s chairs, you remember that your kid wants to travel in the car with the same comfort, as well as you (and it is better even more comfortably!) . At the same time it will hardly be pleased by loud music, a smell of a smoke or draft, and the most important - absence of attention. As a rule, if the child does not feel physical discomfort in the car, he easily is distracted by examining of the landscapes floating by, tunnels and bridges, and especially non-standard cars: fuel trucks, concrete mixers, etc. Talk to the child, explain how to the adult, everything that you together see behind a window, and he will listen in the most attentive way for certain to each your word or... will fall asleep soon.

of the trips Taking to you!