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One life long day of

Dreams the sea. I sit ashore and I rummage with bare feet in sand, such pleasantly cold and damp. Smells unforgettably, began to smell the seas remains in memory forever, you inhale it a full breast and you close eyes. In a hand - a glass of wine, tart and sweet, and in soul the world and rest, you do not hurry anywhere, is heard only as waves run one on one and shout of seagulls and still something... At first silent and not to sort a sound, but here becomes louder, even louder and rushes into a dream distinct to “ag“. Rustle is heard...

Is not present

, I will have a sleep five more minutes, I cannot just wake up. Five more minutes, only five... Without listening to my desires, rustle becomes louder and more persistent, sneezing and some dismantling with a blanket is heard. Unwillingly I open eyes and I see - life, small, still such uncertain, but all-consuming life smiles to me. And a smile - that what! The smile of an angel, a smile of heaven lights up, without taking room scales, the whole world. Not the sun warms, and only one second of this fleeting smile lights everything warmth around. In it true kindness - without insidiousness and selfishness, without flattery and pretense, without persistence or cavils, and only unearthly pleasure from the fact that this small life sees you. She does not understand yet who you are for it, and you already realize - everything that was to this smile, these eyes - does not matter, not life was, and only preparation to accept this charisma. You just collected all love at flowers, at the sky, all tenderness at boundless open spaces, at wind that sings the sad songs in fields, all pleasure which quietly left the trunk where hid, being afraid to show the face to people too often; you collected all this to give it - the angel, the daughter.

It is not part you, not your continuation, it is new life which was presented by you, without having the right to ask bigger, than just to be near. You presented it life, and she presented to your life sense... Sense of every day, every minute!

Day begins

with a smile, and the smooth current transfers us to a stream of daily efforts and cares. Today is similar on yesterday`s, and tomorrow`s a little in what will differ from today. The train them lasts, being built in weeks and months, sometimes I forget that for day of week or number. But every day it is filled with happiness and unique feeling of motherhood is a new feeling to which quickly you get used right after to you on a stomach put the little man whose heart fought in you 9 months.

Every day is a new achievement of the daughter. The first smile, the first “aga“, the first revolution from a stomach on a back. All this the greatest gift, pride, our with the father. When you for the first time laughed today - tears, not at me - at our father gathered in the eyes. I for the first time saw his tears. Your laughter from a simple kiss, was caused by so many feelings that will be from the first word, from the first step! There is no bigger happiness, than these moments!

After a lunch we usually go on the street. It for us as attractions, as chocolate after porridge, as the sun after a thunder-storm. Walk for us - entertainment. You sleep, and we with the father stir, we shop. Or we go to park where we are waited by our friends. You sleep, are loaded for new feats and researches, and we with the father have a rest as every minute with you is a work which, as well as any work, exhausts.

the Benefit, park nearby moreover what - pine. After a rain in it the extraordinary smell as if everything was filled with freshness, smells of a grass and pine pitch, and sounds how many, such variety! Recently there are a lot of mothers with carriages, the baby - some boom! It is well, so the country looks younger.

walks are useful to

Yes, not only in respect of a dream, but also in respect of supervision. There passed that time when you only lay and slept in a carriage. Now you know that for its limits there is a world not similar to the native room, a bed, a balcony. In it there is so much new, it is also necessary to hear all sounds, to feel all smells, all the rest in a mouth and to taste! I get you from a carriage, I take on hands, and we go to call all unknown. With the daughter I learn all over again, and I try to remember how in the childhood each small insect seemed a monster from the fairy tale, each tree live and kind. You ineptly reach for leaflets, hands as if strangers, but it so far, everything is good in its season. You quickly turn the head not to lose sight of anything important. And sometimes all walk you sleep, without having stirred!

Everything is painted with

- festivities, games, bathing. We read often books and I will eat. Yes, yes I will eat. Yesterday made discovery - you love when I sing a lullaby, still Varum sang it. Generally, though someone estimated my vocal skills. You, of course, under my singing do not fall asleep, it is a pity (my voice, it is visible, it is not so good), but you lovely smile and cordially howl and pull sounds as if you repeat for mine. It turns out touchingly. The father who was usually not loving when I sing, now at sounds of your discontent begins to ask that I started singing (earlier constantly to demand to give you a boob). What is surprising, at the first sounds of a lullaby you calm down and begin to smile and sing along. The daughter, if you knew what you are an angel! As there is a wish to remember all these days, moments; all your smiles, all your views. It seems to me, I will not forget, but the main thing that memory did not bring!

When in the evening you fill up

, and I wearily take care of the own life, find thoughts and experiences about a tomorrow`s visit of policlinic of either your rashes, or chikhaniye. But never thoughts wandered in the past, in sozhalenyakh that “not a dogulyala“ or that I cannot as earlier to get enough sleep, and now 30 minutes I consider to doze in the afternoon for the best rest. Now the main thing that nothing hurt you. Let all your grieves, pain, all rage and dirt of our world I will take away to myself. In total without the rest, without having left to you at all. The daughter, every day with you as the fairy tale which I and the father we will try to present you!