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Childbirth of the house: for and against

House childbirth is a childbirth which takes place out of a hospital or maternity hospital, usually at the woman in labor of the house. There are several kinds of house childbirth: the majority of childbirth is carried out by house midwifes, is much more rare doctors obstetricians - gynecologists, sometimes house childbirth takes place in general without any medical care from the party (such childbirth is called in the west of freebirth or “free“ childbirth).

Along with traditional childbirth in maternity hospital today the increasing popularity house childbirth begins to get

. And such tendency is not casual - women want to have natural childbirth with which will not interfere only because “it is necessary to the doctor home“, the maternity hospital has a plan or just because it “is so necessary“. Childbirth - so intimate process that even the pervorodyashchy woman at some instinctive level feels that it is necessary for it during this period. Not casually the woman looks for rest, a privacy, understanding and support from those who are present at this moment with her. Unfortunately, modern maternity hospitals are not always ready to provide “soft childbirth“. Not only in our country, but also in the West childbirth begins to resemble pathological process more and more, stimulates them, anesthetizes, slows down or accelerates at the request of the doctor. There are no often direct indications to carrying out similar manipulations.

absence of understanding of basic needs of the woman in labor also conducts

to the fact that many of them agree to house childbirth.

Let`s understand together, house childbirth is how safe and whether they have contraindications?

In the majority of the European countries the percent of house childbirth gradually decreased within the 20th century, but in 70 - x the house obstetrics began to revive. Now in many western countries and in America childbirth of the house is considered by many women as alternative too to “depersonalized and excessively medicamentous“ childbirth in a hospital.

Supporters of house childbirth consider that childbirth in native walls makes exclusively favorable impact on the woman. The woman in labor has no stress because childbirth takes place in a situation familiar to it near relatives and the understanding people. It is considered that in house labor there is no average approach to patrimonial process as in maternity hospital and for this reason the woman gives birth easily and naturally.

It is valid, some researches confirm that planned childbirth of the house with the trained midwife for women with uncomplicated pregnancy, is almost also safe, as well as childbirth in maternity hospital. In house conditions such types of obstetric aid as nippers, an epiziotomiya and epiduralny anesthesia are practically not applied. It is known that each of these medical procedures can bear a certain risk, both for mother, and for the child.

Giving birth to houses, at the time of fights the woman can accept any to it a convenient pose, eat and drink that she wants that is not always allowed in a hospital. An opportunity to catch any pathogenic flora steady against a number of antibiotics, for example, staphylococcus golden, in house conditions is minimum.

the Research conducted and published in “The British medical magazine“ in 2005“ The result of planned house childbirth with the certified house midwife in North America“ (Johnson and Davies, June, 2005), showed that the quantity of positive outcomes at house childbirth is comparable with indicators of childbirth in a hospital. The number of medical manipulations (such as epiduralny anesthesia, an epiziotomiya, application of nippers and a vacuum extractor or Cesarean section) was significantly lower at the women who began to give birth houses than at the women with uncomplicated pregnancy who were giving birth in hospital. 5 418 women who planned to give birth together with the certified midwifes of the house participated in experiment. 655 (12, 1%) the women who began to give birth houses on fights were taken to hospital. 4,7% made of them epiduralny anesthesia, 2,1% - an epiziotomiya, nippers were applied in 1,0% a case, vacuum extraction - 3,7% of women in labor were led to 0,6% and Cesarean section. In group of women who gave birth in hospital indicators on the same points were much higher - the epiziotomiya was carried out to 33% of cases, vacuum extraction - in 5,5% and Cesarean section 19% of women in labor were made.


during house childbirth registered 1,7% of death of a fruit for 1000 childbirth. These figures are comparable to data of other researches studying indicators on house childbirth at women with uncomplicated pregnancy. Maternal death were not recorded. Research established that the quantity of unsuccessful result of house childbirth is also comparable to indicators of the childbirth which is carried out in maternity hospital.

According to WHO data, are the main reasons for maternal mortality worldwide: obstetric bleedings (25%), infections (13%), an eklampsiya (12%), the complicated childbirth (8%), complications after abortion (13%) both others direct and indirect (diabetes etc.) reasons. The majority of these problems happens at the time of delivery or pregnancies. The highest rate of mortality is registered in those countries where there is no medical care at the time of delivery. The skilled midwife is capable to see symptoms of the beginning bleeding, eklampsiya or to define the complicated childbirth and to quickly bring mother in a hospital.

Nevertheless, at emergence of such complications in labor as loss of an umbilical cord, trouble breathing at the child or bleeding at the woman, finding of mother out of a hospital sharply reduces probability of a successful result of childbirth. To you and your child can just not manage to provide the necessary medical care.

Childbirth - natural, but unpredictable process. Sometimes the healthy woman with uncomplicated pregnancy in labor has serious problems and vice versa - the women, initially not really healthy give birth quickly and without problems. Unfortunately, the doctor cannot predict for hundred percent what will be your childbirth. He can only assume, having studied history of your pregnancy. However even the most skilled doctor sometimes is mistaken. But it has an opportunity to react quickly in case of problems. Childbirth - load of all organism, and sometimes after the delivery can open bleeding or occur an exacerbation of associated diseases which will demand medical intervention.

Making the decision on house childbirth, it is necessary to be ready to the fact that medical care in a hospital can be required by you.

Besides, a number of contraindications for childbirth of the house exists. Treat the last:

Unfortunately, in our country had now many “house“ midwifes who, without having specialized medical education, take the responsibility to accept others childbirth. Most of house midwifes in Russia even has no special equipment to hold resuscitation events or to stop bleeding. We have no certifying bodies which could observe and train the midwifes delivering at home. Therefore very often mummies should be content with services of homebrew midwives. Danger is that the person who does not have medical education can exactly deliver successfully until when suddenly it is required to accept fast and medical the reasonable decision at the complicated childbirth. House “midwife“ it will not be simple to know what to do. It is good if she at least guesses to bring the woman in labor to maternity hospital, but there are cases when “midwife“ without understanding all gravity of the events, dissuades mother to go to maternity hospital, says that everything is surely normalized, and precious minutes leave.

In the West house childbirth are accepted by the certified midwifes who have a license for work and the papers confirming its experience. Delivering the house, she is obliged to have with herself not only a standard tool kit and preparations, but also oxygen, the equipment for children`s reanimation, preparations for a stop of postnatal bleeding and a dropper. Such midwife cooperates with nearby hospital and the doctor whom it is possible to address quickly in case of unplanned complications.

U us everything occurs usually so: at first parents attend specialized courses for pregnant women on whom they to them actively suggest to test all completeness of happiness from the child`s birth, that is to give birth to the kid of the house. And, usually do not ask the woman whether she can give birth houses what it has diseases, whether uncomplicated pregnancy. Then before childbirth try to offer women own services more and more persistently, that is there is “a psychological spirit“ for house childbirth with participation of one of employees of courses. And these employees not always have even a medical education, but it disturbs nobody.

of House midwifes is also found through acquaintances or in the Internet - forums. Their names indulge from one mummy to another. Certainly, among these women there is educated and trained staff who can entrust themselves and the kid. In a case, once again I will repeat, uncomplicated pregnancy and absence in your history of any serious diseases! But, unfortunately, the percent of unskilled “midwifes“ is not so small, and there is no guarantee that such professional in quotes will not get to you.

In the West house childbirth is carried out by

not at each woman. At uncomplicated pregnancy you can quite choose house childbirth with certified! the midwife, but at suspicion on possible complications to you will advise to give birth in hospital and will come to nobody to mind to refuse because consequences can be very deplorable. In our country, in my opinion, house childbirth - too risky process, responsibility for which, in case of an unsuccessful outcome, will carry, most likely, only mother. And if the statistics on childbirth in official medical institutions in our country exists, then there are no such data on house childbirth in Russia just.

Therefore the question of childbirth of the house remains to

open. Each woman has to for herself, having weighed all pros and cons, to define what childbirth she would like to have. Whether she is ready to risk, to undertake at least part of responsibility and to give birth houses, or all - to it will be quieter to trust in doctors. Certainly, maternity hospital - not panacea from complications in labor. In maternity hospital there are unskilled doctors and unsuccessful outcomes too. And it is necessary to understand that not everything depends on the doctor. Certainly, at professionals the percent of failure is lower, but also they are not gods. But nevertheless the hospital, in my opinion, provides a big guarantee that you will be conducted, at least, by the trained doctors who almost daily, but not occasionally, deliver, and not one. In maternity hospital in case of complications to you will be able quickly to carry out blood transfusion or to perform operation. God grant, that there was no such need, but would be silly to leave only things to chance and to live by the principle “nothing bad can happen to me“.

Me it seems to

that appearance of the child in a special hospital, “friendly“ for mother and the child, would be the most optimal variant for the giving birth woman. That is, at uncomplicated pregnancy provide to the woman in labor separate chamber in which you lie on fights and in it you give birth, with you at childbirth there can be your immediate family, and childbirth is conducted by the trained midwife. You can behave during fights as you want, to switch on and off light, to eat, drink, laugh or sing. You nobody has to hurry and stimulate your patrimonial activity. Medical supplies without extreme need are minimized. In case of complications the woman can quickly be transferred to other office, and the crew on duty will be able quickly to prepare the woman in labor for necessary medical manipulations.

Summing up of

the results, there is a wish to emphasize once again that the decision on house childbirth or childbirth in a hospital has to be accepted by each woman individually, but it is obligatory after consultation with the doctor. If you have contraindications to house childbirth, it is better to address to maternity hospital. Remember that house childbirth is suitable only for women with uncomplicated pregnancy. Unfortunately, the woman without medical education, as if she did not feel well, cannot correctly and adequately estimate a consequence of the decision. Therefore the positive decision on house childbirth is possible only after detailed consultation with the doctor and at a guarantee of presence of the skilled obstetrician on childbirth.