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Happiness begins with morning!

I Open eyes, sonnies watch huge blue eyes of mine at me. And a smile on all fifteen teeth. “My native, woke up again before mother that to you is not slept!“ We do our favourite potyagushka, we remove a pajamas. My treasure takes me by hand and conducts to preen feathers, i.e. we will clean teeth, to wash and, of course, a pot! We like to clean teeth what sweet paste! “Let`s look whether on the place your toys, go, check, and mother will weld a squash so far, but you be only not late, full should play.“ We turn on the music. Without music we cannot. I know, all children dance, but the child the best... Wash Olezha when hears a favourite melody, at once dances. Then mother laughs loudly with all the heart: both handles, and legs are used; and the head shakes! Especially, if he does not see that watch it! “The Olezha, a squash is ready, run here, we will eat!“ Umostiv buttocks on the stool, opens a mouth at once.“ And, no! Give - the companion, take a spoon and eat itself“. Though it at us turns out not really successfully, we try. How to be told, the main thing of the practician!

After porridge is eaten, it is just necessary to go to a bathroom, all pug and hair, and mother in porridge!. Then - free time, toys - five minutes, and an infinite number of time - a pan, you will not take away yet. Pans - our favourite toy, it is so pleasant to insert one pan into another, to put there the designer, to feed with fictional food soft toys! “My miracle, is time to go for a walk, the father will come for a lunch soon, we will go to meet him!“

we Put on on the street warmly, living in the north, weather you will not get spoiled. Panty hoses, panties, jacket, sviterok, socks, overalls, cap and, of course, boots..., It seems, nothing was forgotten... And as gloves, we do not want to freeze fingers! We move forward... Ah, as well in the fresh air, when small frost! The Olezha, it is proud sitting in a carriage, the father examines to the district, here!! Having a little taken a walk, we come back home, a day dream at the lassie soon! We are put to bed, it at us occurs quickly and no problem!

As well as all women, I began to manage to perform all housework while he sleeps. And to make a dinner to us and it. Or perhaps there will be time and to me to have a rest, now, when he began to sleep longer, it is convenient! After a long, quiet dream it is just necessary to be supported - we will eat a tasty borshchik, it is our favourite soup! “Open a mouth, flies samoletik!“ Ate, drank, and now we esteem: at us there is a lot of books, especially about bears. This is the favourite character. “The bear clumsy on the wood goes, assembles cones, sings a song. The cone flew away directly to Mishka in a forehead, Mishka became angry also a leg a top!“ To itself beats a forehead and stamps a leg!

my Olezhenka - the fidget, even five seconds on one place cannot remain sitting therefore when I read to it, he usually hides from me behind curtains and slowly looks out from there. And itself laughs loudly! I adore when he laughs, heart thaws with happiness!

Everything, did not see, runs to misbehave, gets everything that there is from boxes, having seen me, runs away! “Everything, will be enough, we will go to the street!“ In total about everything minutes thirty - and we on the street. We reach the place, the children`s town, on a carriage, and there on foot. In the year and three months it goes surely, but it is not enough practice of walking on the street therefore it looks madly lovely, clumsily!

“The lassie, go to mother, I will take for a drive you on a swing!“ Houses are a swing too, but houses not so cheerfully. On the way home we come into couple of shops, Olezha loves shops, there is a lot of everything and so on bright, quickly we take that it is necessary for us and home, the sonny got hungry and the father has to come after work. We come, we change clothes, we eat, we go on a pot as quickly implemented the plan! The door opens. “Run quicker, the daddy came!“ Small legs hurry, run towards to the father, he with love throws him on hands and kisses! Now it is possible to relax a little, about two hours the child all in the father, they together play a game of tag on all apartment, kick a ball, laugh loudly, read books!

responsible procedure - acceptance of a bathtub begins Later

! I gather water, I add a little skin, in advance I prepare a towel, a pure pajamas and a warm milk in a small bottle. “Vodoleychik, a bathtub is ready to the use!“ We collect the toys intended for a bathroom, and forward! He, as well as all kids, just adores water. So furiously beats with palms water, and all splashes on a floor and on us! We have an infinite number of photos in water, just exactly there the ulybochka does not descend from his face! “A small miracle, look, to you parokhodik floats!“ And it is enough it with the small handles and drives on water, saying sounds “that is that“. When at sonnies something turns out, such pride covers from the fact that my sonny the most clever and clever! “Everything, pleasure washing, it is time to leave, and that you will pass the fairy tale for the night“. Surely before going to bed the weakening massage with a milk, is Olezhechka adores, can even fall asleep during it! After massage - the fairy tale... “The grandfather put a turnip, the turnip big - very big grew...“ Then the kid drinks a milk and under a lullaby with pleasure fills up a song... “To Bai - Bai, bayushka, zayushka rode. Lully - lyul, lyulyushka, gulyushka arrived. Steel babble to gulevat, began to fill up Olezha. Sleep - fall asleep, sleep - fall asleep, you take a sweet dream!“

It is our most usual day though with my little sonny every day brings something new and interesting, and the most important, does even more happily and more amicably our family!