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New generation of prophets

On wide hills, on boundless open spaces the city of Vudervil lay. It struck with the beauty and grandeur. Around it there were surprising gardens, estates decorated with various patterns.

in this beautiful city one girl by the name of Laila was born

I. It grew in love and understanding between parents. There were years... The girl went to school, it was the same child, as well as all others. At least, so it seemed to it...

- Mother, I will go for a walk, - the girl told. - Give
! Only long be not late, - mother answered it.

the Girl ran out to the yard. Inhaled fresh air, looked round and went. But here she heard someone`s call for help. Laila ran to the aid. And she saw poor the old woman who fell and cannot get up. The girl helped the poor thing to get up:

- Give

- I will help you, the grandmother, - she told, and with these words helped it to get up.
- Thanks, Laila, - the old woman answered.
- We are familiar? - with astonishment the girl told.
- is possible, - she answered, - I here very long lived. I also know your great-grandmother. You so are similar to it! The sensitivity, kindness, appearance... And not only to these, but also... by the unusual force.
- What force, the grandmother? What you speak about?
- About force which lies in you and everything waits will not wait for the release.
- And how to release it? And as I learn that it is that force, - the girl asked.
- Believe, you learn it. It will be released at one case.
- At what? - impatiently Laila asked.
- I cannot say much... You have to learn, but there will be something.


I distributed a voice here:

- Laila, hi!
- Hi, Cortney!
the Best friend of Laila, Cortney, just noticed it in the distance.
- How are you, the girlfriend?
- Yes got acquainted page here. - here she notices that she does not see the familiar grandmother, - the grandmother where you?
- That it, the girlfriend?
- Yes here, Cortney! Just got acquainted with one grandmother, and she as if did not become...

she told

I to the girlfriend about a meeting...

- That you listen to, anyone!
- But everything sounded so convincingly!
- But, Laila, all in the city know it! Also say that it is the madwoman!
- Something here not so! I should meet it still! She knows my great-grandmother. I want to find out more about it. She told that I will find this force when there is something special...

I of the girl reflected...

- Oh, Cortney, already darkened, me it is time to go home!
- So far, too is necessary to me!

of the Girl left. Laila went home. It had many questions which demanded the answer. She decided to be engaged in it right after school...

- Hi, the daughter, how at school? - mother asked it.
- Everything is excellent. Give, mother, me is time to leave on affairs.
- But you to me promised to be tidied up in a closet! There is so much stuff and dust!
- Oh, absolutely forgot, well, mummy.

Laila ran in a closet, reluctantly did the cleaning... Well, until it did not find a strange thing...

- Oh, what is it? - with surprise she told, examining a bagatelle in dust. - It is necessary to wipe it.

after that she noticed that it is the book...

- Some book... Oh, I here badly wiped... What?!“ Amanda`s property Maurice“! Same diary of my great-grandmother! It is necessary to clean somewhat quicker a closet quicker to be engaged in studying of the diary...
- Here, is pure now! All right, it is necessary to be engaged in the diary, stop... Diary... It is that unusual case thanks to which I will find force. Now I precisely know that I should read it....

I Laila was fond of reading new “book“.

- And so what force is! Strength of the oracle... Prophet. My great-grandmother was her! It was not only the oracle, but also had supernatural abilities! Is that so! It is impossible! So, it is necessary to calm down, it is necessary to read how to me to awaken this force...

Laila read

further, and she learned that to wake strength of the oracle, it had to take her best friend and carry out ritual near one old - a prestary oak. Without having told mother words, it went to Cortney.

- That? Your grandmother was an oracle which had some supernatural force? - in perplexity told Cortney.
- Yes, you represent!
- And suddenly, it wrote it in 10 years!
- What in 10 years, in 22 years!
is a nonsense! - added Cortney.
- All right, let`s perform ritual! In the diary it was told, as you will receive force.... Come on!
- Well... all right! All the same there is nothing to do! And so though we will have a good time!

I of the girl is resolutely sent to that oak which was specified in the diary...

- what to! Such huge! - Laila speaks.
- Yes not to argue with it! - Laila`s girlfriend adds. - Give
, return to the diary. So... Let`s look... Here it is told that we became from the different parties, facing an oak. To go around counterclockwise, pronouncing magic words, to raise hands up with the words “We Are Prophets!“ . System of ritual not difficult.

Then Laila looked at

on Cortney and added:

- What you do?
- I? I look round around that passing by people to notice. If to see us, I will burn down from shame!
- Come on! Here nobody goes!
- Well that let`s begin! - Give
! - Laila told.


I with these words of the girl made everything in accuracy as it is told in the diary. After ritual they looked at each other and...

- I feel nothing! - told Cortney.
- is fine, can really it`s totally ludicrous! - Laila answered.
- Went home!
- Went...

I with these words they joined hands and... jumped aside from each other:

- You what me struck with current! there is no
- you struck it! It definitely not under laws of physics! - Laila told.
is precisely! Such strong!

here girls looked at

I to themselves on hands and saw how the charge of a lightning passed on their hands...

- Anything to! - told Cortney.
- Yes, it is so improbable! - Laila answered.
- Mother will not believe!
- By the way, about your mother! You the house are waited by full scolding! - Laila told.
- Precisely! I forgot... Everything, remembered! Stop and from where you know!?
- I do not know when I looked at you, at me before eyes as if there passed your future!
- Yes, anything to! I and on you looked, and when you come home, you will be waited too “by a surprise in quotes“!
- the Class, we can predict future and strike with a lightning! - told Cortney.
- Yes? Fine! - Laila added.
- we Will go home, and on the way we will read the diary of your grandmother? - offered Cortney.
- is valid, we will go home...

of the Girl were surprised with the new force, they learned how these new forces to develop, improve. They read the diary, learned that earlier, to them, Laila`s great-grandmother and the great-grandmother Courtenay called themselves “new prophets“ because they not only predicted future, but also had lightning force...

of the Girl was not noticed that it is already time for them as both came home to leave...

- Mother, well forgive! I did not want! - Laila speaks.
- Perhaps you should have thought of it earlier, to leave and not to tell me words! Go to sleep, Laila.
- Good night, mother!
- Yes, yes, good night.

With these words the girl rose to herself to the room. Went to bed and fell asleep, and in a dream someone called it:

- Laila, Laila, go here! - told a familiar voice.
- Who is it? - Laila
asked - It is I, your great-grandmother Amanda!
- Yes, the truth! Really! I should tell you so much!
- do not worry, I about you know everything. I came to warn you! You should not whom to tell about the force!
- I know! And that will think that I went crazy! But I do not know whether to tell mother about it?! - Do
, as you wish! Well, give! I should leave!
- the Grandmother, do not abandon me!
- do not worry, we will be together, in other world! I should depart. All details in my diary.
- the Grandmother... Grandmother!

I here in fog the grandmother Amanda disappeared, passing on baton to new generation of prophets...