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If in a family two children...

  • 19. 12. 1999 17:6:59, FEV I Want to share
    , it became how easier to live to me with the birth of the second child. To the senior 1,10. Younger four months. At first there were difficulties. The senior first just shivered with jealousy. I was lucky. Zhenechka very “regime“ and quiet child. Ate and slept on hours. Besides rather large to sustain caress of the brother. Gave rise to its nearly five kilograms. Now some inconveniences were smoothed and the younger brother received a walking rattle and the senior - always a new toy. The only complexity - they have to constantly under review - you never know. But, but at me hands are free now, I can not be afraid that with boredom children uchudit something. The senior can give a pacifier, a rattle. They rejoice each other and understand each other better than I. And earlier very much was afraid to give birth to the second - was afraid I will not cope. And still, you know, noticed - the second child much quicker and more imperceptibly grows. I remember, could not wait in any way when the child ceases to suffer a stomach, will begin to sleep at night and to turn over (very much was afraid that will choke. we had a lowered tone). And here, did not manage to look back, already on a stomach lies:) )
    • 21. 12. 1999 23:11:26, Tata
      U me son 2. 5. years, one more kid has to appear in the summer. I awfully am afraid. I am afraid that I will not be able to find for the senior for enough time, I am afraid that there will be a jealousy and there can be the most awful, I am afraid that I will love the second child less, than the firstborn. Here now you look at it and you cannot present someone else. It seems that it takes all my time. And how to be engaged with two? Here, likely, a lot of things will lay down on the husband`s shoulders.
    • of 24. 12. 1999 19:33:43, World my
      U difference 4. 5th years. When Nastya all attention was born continued to pay to the first (circles, sections, books aloud, preparation for school and so forth) . And it grew in itself (that is I provided it only leaving). And what turned out? In a year she already stirred as the senior in three. Knew letters. A map studied up and down (it five now). But I did not manage to work with it separately. We read books which are usually read already at school, the senior read Volkova himself, and we are with it aloud for the night. Already conceived the third. I think that also “ill-bred“ will grow.
    • 23. 12. 1999 2:39:56, Agata be not afraid of
      . I have their three. But giving birth to the second too was afraid that I will not be able, I will not manage etc. When rodilsyavtory everything appeared not so difficult. The senior then was 2 years old and he in every possible way helped me, and Mashka`s appearance caused a delight storm in both. We have friends of years 5 - 6 who envy that there is a lot of us and ask mother and the father to present to them for New year of the brother or the sister. The main thing that children were healthy and then time will be enough for all.
    • 23. 12. 1999 11:23:29, Alain
      of Agate! Share experience of education of three children. In March us will be already five. I have two sons, prophesy one more. How to cope with them with all? At the senior this most awkward age (to it 10 will be in August), with younger so far what problems begins if only to consider that we have 1 class now (to it 7 will be in April). And here kid!? How to adapt to all what would not be for whom it is offensive? Nurses, governesses, you understand mother will not replace. So what exit?
    • 24. 12. 1999 1:15:37, Agata
      Ya I think that the most important that the kid will be born. All the rest is formed by itself. Especially as your senior children already quite big. Attract them to the feasible help and you will have time to communicate also to them. Explain to them that the child is still small and without mother will die therefore at first you a little bit will give more vrement to it. I think that children will understand you and will support.
    • 23. 12. 1999 10:11:56, Tata
      Many thanks for the answer. But I plus to vy still work, with the child to me will allow to sit at most till 10 months, then all will lay down on mother`s shoulders to d / page. Really children were not jealous of the kid at all?
    • 24. 12. 1999 1:19:13, Agata
      of Nothing terrible that you will come to work soon. I work from one-year-old age of my average and without decree on younger, and we have no grandmothers and grandfathers. So or itself or there was a nurse. And here concerning jealousy - was. And remains still a little. Most of all is jealous average, but I in such the moments try to pay more attention to it. And in posledeny time he even began to sponsor Mashka. Will tie boots, also any it will help to wash, it very much pleases me. And then we have a trump. Senior boys, and younger girl. It very much influences them.
    • 22. 12. 1999 11:4:31, Ira be not afraid of
      of the Tat! This such happiness to have two (and maybe it is more) children. Of course difficulties will be, but they are quite surmountable. To reduce jealousy Spock advises all necessary changes in life of the senior to carry out till the birth to malysha:perestavit furniture, to give in d / c (if you are going to make it) etc. Many things can be done together, to the kid your presence suffices still, and and you will work with the senior. Of course the help of the husband is necessary, both of you decided to have children. Just the son needs communication with the father. To my sons of 4,5 and 6 years. When the second was born I as much as possible the simple food simplified house dela:minimum “dust collectors“, shops were undertaken by the husband. Also know I very much was surprised on how many it was simpler to me with the second child, I just enjoyed from communication with it (there can be an experience?) . Children became bolshimidruzyam, and in us it is a lot of love - it will be enough for all! I love them on a miscellaneous (they are different people), but it is equally strong. Good luck! Yours faithfully Ira.
    • 20. 12. 1999 10:9:51, Larisa Z
      U me too two sons. Only a difference in 14 years. From the senior the magnificent nurse turned out. Younger 5,5 months were executed and I came to work not for full day. The senior came from school and vodolsya, fed moneychangers a romper suit etc. Learned lessons in the evening. Nevertheless, became better to study, the first time a quarter was finished without the three. I, think, ability to treat the child is useful to it in life. There is no jealousy any. Very much loves the younger brother.