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To plan kitchen of

Kitchen, especially for the Russian person, was always the place representing the world and a cosiness in the house. Limited spaces of standard apartments forced us to show ingenuity miracles.

From the room where just cook food, the kitchen turned into the dining room where all family, in a drawing room in which laid a holiday table, in a study, the nursery, and sometimes even in a bedroom for guests daily ate. All this found room on nine square meters, and even on the smaller square.

planning of houses, and with it and an image of kitchen changed over time. If the fashionable apartment with convenient kitchen to you beyond the means, it is not necessary to despair: it is always possible to convert the old apartment. The modern furniture is functional and practical, the household appliances significantly simplify life, and competent planning of small space of kitchen can change it literally.

What, planning has to allow to involve possibilities of the room completely. Its sense is in achieving effective (the shortest ways) movement on kitchens in the course of cooking, its giving on a table and the subsequent collecting and washing of ware. The center of kitchen will be organized by a working triangle - the lines laid between the most important zones of kitchen: a sink, a plate (desktop), and a case for products (refrigerator). Length of the parties of a working triangle has to be not less than three and no more than six meters that any task did not demand long movements on kitchen. On the parties of a working triangle there should not be doors opening inside.

Of course, planning of kitchen considerably depends on its sizes and a form. In limited space it is necessary to resort to arrangement of all necessary to one line along a wall (unilateral planning).

Of course, planning of kitchen considerably depends on its sizes and a form. In limited space it is necessary to resort to arrangement of all necessary to one line along a wall (unilateral planning).

the Island option assumes placement of a finishing table and plate in the center of kitchen, and other pieces of kitchen furniture and a sink - along walls.

In big or square kitchens it can be used by L - figurative planning at which tables and other kitchen equipment have on two adjacent parties of kitchen. There can be approximately also U - a figurative arrangement when the equipment occupies three walls.

Kitchen, as well as any other room, it is possible to design in any style. Modern European standards on registration of kitchens differ in some proximity therefore you do not seek to keep up with fashion, choose style which is close to you.

the Color scale of kitchen can be or weakening, or, on the contrary, stimulating. However in general in kitchen it is better to avoid saturated and contrast tones, and also difficult drawings on working surfaces of tables. In kitchen where prepare much, and air is often strongly heated, the scale of cold tones, generally blue, gray, emerald has to prevail. Always it is possible to dilute it with a two-three of bright color spots, ware of saturated shades etc. The neutral color scale well looks in the kitchen sustained in rural style (walls of cream tones and natural wooden coverings). Avoid tasteless sovmeshcheniye: if walls of kitchen are upholstered with a natural tree, bright contrast pieces of furniture will look ridiculously. If the room intended for kitchen is insufficiently lit, then, using pastel warm colors - peach, pink, pistachio, you will make it visually is lighter. Red color badly is suitable for coloring of kitchen walls as can give to the preparing food other shade (for example, in a reflected light red meat will look half-cooked). However a small impregnation of red - curtains or small pillows on stools - will make successful addition to the chosen color scale. When the general color scale is defined, it is possible to think of components of kitchen.

In kitchen working surfaces are very important

: they have to wash, have well a smooth surface, to be safe and to answer the general style of kitchen.

the Floor

Remember that the kitchen is registered not for a year therefore all surfaces in it have to meet the requirements of durability, heat resistance and safety. The tiled floor is beautiful and strong, however its rigidity promotes fast fatigue of legs, and everything that falls on such floor, is smashed. The situation can be corrected, having put rubber doormats. In general a floor from a tile is beautiful and durable, heat-insulated floors are actively applied now (electric or water). If you prefer floors with an elastic covering, it is possible to use polyvinylchloride or pith plates, linoleum. There are also special kitchen carpets and carpet tiles. The last are more practical, the step as them can be removed and washed in process of pollution.

of the Wall

of the Wall should not be afraid of splashes and it is easy to wash. The part them - about a plate, a sink and over working surfaces - can be laid out by a tile. However be not fond: the walls which are completely laid out by a tile look on - to the sick-list. Other decoration of the walls of kitchen can life is executed by means of special vinyl wall-paper (better not to use the washing wall-paper, as they not too strong). Walls can be sheathed a tree, having covered it with a special heat-resistant varnish or the paint intended for kitchens and bathrooms. Often the combination of various ways of finishing of walls if to provide their coincidence on style and a harmonious color combination becomes the best option.

of the Curtain in kitchen have to be

of the Window rather short, from easy for the erased fabric. It is possible to establish blinds (vertical or horizontal) which look good in modern kitchen, however are difficult to clean them.

the Electrical wiring

the Electrical wiring and sockets have to settle down near a plate, the refrigerator, the dishwasher and other electric devices. Always provide twice more sockets, than it is necessary at first sight. Install double and threefold sockets for the greatest convenience.


Take care that over a plate, good equal lighting, without patches of light and reflected lights was a sink and other working surfaces always. It can be reached if to establish luminescent lamps over hinged cases. The general lighting has to be quite bright, and in the built-in cases it is possible to establish additional lamps.

Original and convenient addition to your main kitchen - island kitchen. It represents a mobile little table on which the compact electric stove, a teapot and other devices for instant food settle down. Such kitchen can be moved to any point of the apartment or even on a verandah.