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Damned shoot of

the Complaint to belly-ache - nearly the most widespread among children, and the reasons for it a huge set. Happens so that they are not dangerous, but it is impossible to exclude also a possibility of appendicitis. And then jokes are bad. First of all look at the watch: the surgeon will surely ask when the attack began.

according to physicians, only on the picture a worm-shaped shoot the appendix (a narrow twisting tubule 5 - 6 cm long) is in the medical atlas always on the same place - on the right in the bottom of a stomach. In a human body it can appear anywhere - in zabryushinny space, in a small basin, in the left podreberye or podvzdoshny area, in a groin and even... in a pleural cavity.

to Know by sight

at the end of the XX century removal of appendicitis became the most mass operation in the world not only at adults, but also at children. Today the doctors who carried out it to the right and on the left are accused of “surgical aggression“. Now physicians delete this shoot only at strong indications of an acute inflammation. It is about sudden temperature increase to 38 º With, emergence of nausea, the constant aching and accruing pain in the pit of the stomach or about a navel. Bol in 2 - 4 hours goes down in the lower part of a stomach on the right, amplifies at the movement, cough, attempt to lay down on the left side. It is classical option which is observed at teenagers with a typical arrangement of a worm-shaped shoot (in the right podvzdoshny area). If it is located not on the right below, and, say, around a kidney, the clinical picture of appendicitis can remind an attack of renal colic.

diagnostics is even more difficult than

At younger school students. Do not wait that the child will precisely point to a stomach bottom on the right. Small children are not able to define localization of pain yet - at them it spreads on all belly wall. But the sensitive hand of the surgeon on a difference in tension of muscles will find the painful center. Urgently it is necessary to show the child to the expert if unpleasant feelings behave definitely - disturb constantly, hour from an hour amplifying and not releasing for a minute.

of Action of parents. At the slightest suspicion on an acute appendicitis hurry up to phone to call “Ambulance“ and to bring the patient in the next surgical hospital. It is known that the reason practically all cases of a lethal outcome - the late address to the surgeon.

Optimum for operation the term from 6 to 18 hours is considered. After that the worm-shaped shoot nagnaivatsya and can break in an abdominal cavity, having caused an inflammation of her mucous membrane - peritonitis. And it is intolerable pain, high temperature, threat of complications and direct danger to the child`s life. So it is better not to risk its health, not to play for precious time, hoping that itself will pass, and as soon as possible to ask for the help.

Before arrival of the doctor put the child to bed. Do not give it is, to drink, as if he asked. Do not put a hot hot-water bottle to a sore point at all - thermal procedures strengthen an inflammation. Put on a stomach a bubble with ice or a hot-water bottle with cold water. And any anesthetics - they smooth appendicitis symptoms, making impression of imaginary wellbeing.

should not experiment With enemas and laxatives too. You watch temperature - usually it keeps within 37,2 - 37,3 º C. If the mercury column in the thermometer jumped up to 38 º With above - it the disturbing sign, perhaps, begins peritonitis! To exclude its threat, the surgeon has to examine the child urgently.

Keep in mind

that the feverish state plus frequent vomiting and a liquid chair force to sweep aside suspicion on appendicitis. The similar picture is not characteristic of it, and here of intestinal infection - just right. Well, and the small lock, slight nausea, single or double vomiting just keep within the diagnosis.

If suspicions are confirmed by

Before operation, try to hide the alarm from the child. For it there are no special bases! Operation for appendicitis is considered one of the easiest surgical interventions, and carry out it today endoscopic under local anesthesia. Through a five-millimetric section the doctor enters into a stomach of the little patient the special manipulator - something like a mechanical hand which cuts the inflamed appendix.

blood Loss minimum, surrounding fabrics are almost not injured, complications practically do not happen, and the section in most cases grows together without trace. In the next few hours after an anesthesia to the school student already allow to sit, and on 2 - 3 - y day if there are no complications, write out home.

of Action of parents. Morally prepare the child for operation. Tell that it in a stomach has a blind gut, and in it a special pocket - an appendix. Length it about a middle finger, thickness about a pencil is also similar to a worm, for it it is called still a worm-shaped shoot.

If artful “worm“ gets sick with

, it is necessary to get rid of it somewhat quicker! Explain to the child that he will feel nothing. To it will give an injection (not more painfully, than a mosquito sting or an inoculation). He will fall asleep at once and when opens eyes, doctors will already make everything.

And after operation

to weaken the pain inflicting suffering in the first days calm children`s intestines still mineral water. The child is very hungry? Give it several spoons of airy mashed potatoes.

If appendicitis was not purulent and the drainage is not inserted into an abdominal cavity, on 2 - y day the doctor will allow the child to get up. It can give grated apple, mashed potatoes with steam meat cutlets. Portions have to be small, but is it is necessary often - 5 - 6 times a day.

On 3 - y day to the child is allowed to go for bandaging independently. If everything passed safely, the nurse will impose a new sticker which will hold on before removal of seams.

translate to

Within the next week the school student on fruktovo - a vegetable diet and take it temperature 2 - 3 times a day not to pass the first signs of an inflammation which probability during the recovery period is not excluded.

From emergence of solderings after operation will be saved by the out-patient course of physical therapy appointed by the doctor.

to Fill the temporary immunological shortage caused by loss of an appendix (and it is important body of immune system!) and a surgical trauma, daily reception of the complex preparations containing vitamins A With, P, E, zinc, copper and selenium, and also freshly squeezed juice will help to restore protective forces.

of 6 ways of prevention

These measures will help with an integrity and safety to carry by body, important for immune system, on life.

do not allow
  1. having bungled. From - for them own microflora of a worm-shaped shoot and all large intestine perishes, and it is succeeded by the pathogenic microbes causing local inflammatory processes, and appendicitis including.
  2. Teach the child to “protivoappenditsitny“ gymnastics. Let carries out it directly in a bed after morning awakening. It is necessary to lay down on a back, to make a deep breath, then to exhale and, having held the breath, to pull in a stomach, and then to count to 5 and to relax stomach muscles. Repeat 8 - 10 times.
  3. by
  4. After a lunch and a dinner do to the child massage of a stomach. It will accelerate advance of food on intestines and will improve blood supply of an appendix, interfering with its inflammation. Lay the child on a back, with a small pillow under the head - so he will be able to relax muscles of an abdominal tension better. Legs need to be bent slightly in knees. Put the right palm to it on a navel and small pillows of 2 - 3 fingers execute 5 - 7 roundabouts clockwise, gradually increasing amplitude so that at the end fingers touched from above a thorax, and from below reached a pubis. Repeat such strokings of 4 - 5 times.
  5. you Watch that the child led active lifestyle. That the appendix did not turn into the “biological bog“ teeming with pathogenic activators to it inflow of blood and trouble-free operation of the digestive conveyor with which it was connected by the nature is vital. It is promoted by daily charging, sports activities, swimming in the pool, walks and games in the fresh air.
  6. do not overfeed the son or the daughter sunflower seeds and berries with stones. The peel which got to an appendix and other firm parts of food which are not subject to digestion at long contact with its gentle wall cause decubituses and lead to microinjuries which become entrance gate of an infection.
  7. Rely on vegetable cellulose. It stimulates motor function of intestines and facilitates life of colibacillus and other useful bacteria protecting a mucous membrane of an appendix from an inflammation. Include in a children`s diet rye bread of a rough grinding, porridge - buckwheat, pearl-barley, fruit - first of all apples, plums, and also prunes, vegetables - carrots, beet, green onions and especially cabbage including sea.