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Blossoms, the bird cherry of

blossoms the bird cherry snow,
Pours Greens in bloom and dew.
in the field, inclining to escapes,
Go rooks in a strip.
Sergey Yesenin

In May is dismissed white fragrant brushes a bird cherry ordinary. With its blossoming there comes long-awaited updating of the nature. But the bird cherry not only is decorative, known it and as the fruit crop which gained recently the state recognition: some grades of a bird cherry are included in the State register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation.

Beauty of the blossoming bird cherry is sung by

in poems, songs, prose. The image of its snow-white brushes can be met in pictures of artists.

In a bird cherry sort (Padus Mill.) about 20 species of the trees and bushes growing in the Northern hemisphere. Are widespread in gardens of a midland a bird cherry ordinary (P. racemosa) with the black, knitting, as if varnished fruits and a bird cherry virginsky (P. virginiana) with red fruits.

the Bird cherry ordinary is widely known to

as decorative and a herb. Its modern forms with pink or terry flowers, purple or motley leaves are especially elegant, some of them are received on Crimean is skilled - the VNIIR selection station of N. I. Vavilov (Krymsk). Other types of a bird cherry - pennsylvanian, late also are suitable for gardening, Maaka, litter, etc.

I. V. Michurin and I. P paid attention To prospects of cultivation of a bird cherry as a fruit crop at the beginning of the XX century. Hip. They removed large-fruited forms of a bird cherry virginsky. Later the Siberian selectors became interested in the forest beauty. On the Bakcharsky strong point of northern gardening of scientific research institute of gardening of Siberia of M. A. Lisavenko (Tomsk region) the first domestic grades of a bird cherry - Nary, Dawn, the Taiga were received (the author - V. V. Starykh). And as a result of the selection work which is carried out in the Central Siberian botanical garden of the Siberian office of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk) new grades of a bird cherry appeared: Augustine, the Garnet cluster, the Moor, Holguin pleasure, Salamatov`s Memories, Plotnokistnaya, Late pleasure, Early round, Self-fertile, Sakhalin steady, Sakhalin black, Black gloss (the author - V. S. Simagin). Nine of the listed grades are included in the State register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation.

More than 15 grades of a bird cherry virginsky food appointment are received by

in the USA and Canada.

hybrids of a bird cherry of Maak and cherry - a tserapadusa and a padotserusa are Widely known to

. For the first time to cherry - bird cherry hybrids were removed And. V. Michurin also called by him tserapadusam (from the Latin words “cerasus“ - cherry and “padus“ - a bird cherry). Only Tserapadus 1 having bitter fruits remained and used in selection work. With participation of this plant and Maak`s bird cherry such grades of cherry as the Renaissance, the Short story, Olympe are received, Scherbakov, Rusink`s Memories, the Fairy, Haritonovskaya, etc.

the Forest beauty in a garden

Having put a bird cherry in the garden, you will not only admire annually its fragrant inflorescences, but also to regale on fruits. At new grades of a bird cherry of berry larger and less tart, with a peculiar juicy taste. As well as in fruits of other nonconventional fruit and berry crops, in them there are biologically active agents which are slowing down processes of aging and increasing the resilience of our organism to adverse effects of environment. Fruits contain sugar, pectinaceous substances, organic acids (lemon, apple, coffee, etc.) amino acids, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tokoferola (vitamin E), karotina, glycosides, fat and essential oils, macro - and minerals. The phenolic connections which are contained in significant amounts are especially valuable (routines, giperin, avikulyarin, hlorogenovy acid, etc.) including P - the active agents (catechins, antotsiana, leykoantotsiana, flavonola, tannins) possessing sosudoukreplyayushchy properties and strengthening effect of vitamin C. In literature there are data on anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic and antiradiation action of phenolic connections.

In the nature a bird cherry ordinary - a tall look (to 18 m); modern grades of this plant are presented by trees of average height. The majority of grades and forms of a samobesplodna therefore for receiving good harvests it is recommended to land at least two grades blossoming at the same time.

the Bird cherry of a malotrebovateln to quality and fertility of the soil, easily transfers both temporary flooding, and a drought - usually water only young plants in the first year after landing, further they are watered only in very droughty summer. Trees are capable to transfer strong shading, however best of all develop and fructify on the open solar place. It is recommended to place them on border of a garden or along the house. The best landing time - April or October. Formation of krone is reduced to cutting of silnorastushchy escapes and removal of excessive young growth.

are Made multiple copies by the pleasant bird cherry grades most often green shanks (the ukorenyaemost of shanks of a bird cherry ordinary can reach 100%, at a bird cherry virginsky an ukorenyaemost low). From other ways of reproduction experts recommend an inoculation (as a stock use seedlings of a bird cherry ordinary), root young growth (at kornesobstvenny grades and forms), and in vitro - culture of fabrics.