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The summer camp - the hard decision

Here also comes long-awaited summer, and with it and the questions connected with where the child will carry out it. If there are unemployed grandmothers - grandfathers, then the problem is not necessary so sharply. And if is not present? Then the choice is as follows: or the child is at home the whole day without supervision (respectively gets under influence of the street), or parents send the child in summer camp. It can be as camp, opened at schools, and improving, sports and other.

Probably, many parents have an experience of own rest in summer camps. It is worth remembering not only pleasures, but also the unpleasant minutes spent there. For what? To secure the child, and also not to turn out before the fact that money (now very rather big) is spent for nothing.


Before to make the decision about purchases of the permit in camp, look on the child impartially. Of course, it at you the best, the most remarkable! And what else? Independent - the dependent, initiative ringleader or the shy meek creature, the orderly person or hot “daredevil“... Were at it in situation life when it was long one without parents whether will be able to stand for itself, whether easily meets with peers, whether is able to watch purity of the body and clothes?. All this is important! Probably, if to speak about school summer camp then least of all arises difficulties. The main are difficulties of adaptation and boredom. We will talk about the first in more detail slightly below. And the second... Here only to try to choose that teacher and school about whom there are good responses. As a rule, cost for visit of summer school camp is very low, respectively, you should not assign special expectations.

If in school summer camp the child everything is is under a constant control of parents, but when it goes in sports or to some camp, that it is not known here what to expect. Cases when from prestigious expensive camps children ran are known or asked parents to take away them ahead of schedule. There is it for various reasons. First of all, it depends on features of the child. If before he lived in hothouse house conditions and got the things pure and stroked from a case, then to him camp life can have not on temper. Here it is necessary both to stroke most and to wash next-to-skin things (things on the way will surely be rumpled, and for all term you will not gather fresh linen). Also it is necessary to join collective, to make to itself friends - companions, to take part in camp life. For many children one of exits is the joint trip with the friend or the girlfriend. Two are not one. Together you will not start missing, there is always a support.

After arrival of the child in camp within 2 - 5 days adaptation of the child to the new place and collective goes. The most large number of calls home with requests falls on this period to take away from camp (especially if this first independent travel of the child). Psychologists recommend to parents not to give in to requests of the child who gave in to despondency and to try to adjust it on an optimistical harmony, to convince that it already adult, and parents are proud of his independence. Usually from second week of stay in camp when the child gets friends, begins to participate actively in camp life, calls home in general stop. It is very important to warn the child in advance what he can face and in what ways he will be able to solve this or that problem. I will emphasize, at first he has to try to solve and only then to ask for the help leaders or parents. The fact that mobile communication is available now - it is healthy. But many modern children so got used to call on any trifle to parents that calls from girls to mothers with a question what dress to put on a disco are frequent.

Sending to

the child, it is necessary to tell it how many money is transferred into his mobile account how many cost the entering and outgoing call as often he has to contact. Happens that parents stir children of a message normal camp life. How the child to whom mother calls after each meal with questions as how he ate will feel? You should not worry that children will remain hungry - it practically does not happen and if for lunch the boy refused cutlet, then for dinner will ask a porridge additive.

the biggest problem adaptation to new collective is represented to

. What to tell about children even if the adults coming to the new place of work or going to have a rest with the unfamiliar company, think of how there will be relationship with new people. Children owing to the bigger emotionality react to everything more sharply. Therefore even before departure of the child to camp talk to it that can become the cause of conflict with collective. One of the reasons can become the fact that the child is distinguished with something from other children (goes wearing spectacles, red-haired, thick, high and other); speak its possible reactions and actions. Disagreement with the general collective norms and rules can be other cause. For example, the girl cannot reconcile with what all her roommates smoke, use foul language and run away to stir at the nights with boys. It is no secret, that children in camps lead more free life, than under supervision of parents. Present, the girl home calls and speaks: “To me it is bad here, do not want to communicate with me, take away me“. In the beginning understand that stands behind these general phrases, but you do not speak:“ There will pass couple of days, and you will get used“.

Which of normal parents will want

that the daughter, having arrived from camp, “got used to smoke and use foul language“? And smoking is not the biggest problem, tests of alcohol, drugs and early sexual contacts are frequent. Only here the speech not that leaders and tutors badly worked. They cannot hold 24 hours in a row by a hand of each of children. There is already a speech that you put in the dithat. Some girl will begin to smoke, some will complain to the leader and will ask to transfer her to other room, some will leave home, and there will be one, unlike absolutely on others, and will begin fight against smoking among teenagers and the force, “will infect“ with energy other children. Trust the children and release them, all the same they will become adults. At the correct family education it is not terrible! And then it is possible not only to release them with quiet heart in summer camp, but also in adulthood.