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How to tame sleeplessness of

ruthless fight in a bed is perfectly familiar to Each of us: fight for a dream. Some in this fight do not manage to win a victory. So, it is worth looking for other approach to sleeplessness, at least to use it in the peace purposes.

Refusal of fight in a bed

Many world problems occur under laws of a vicious circle. The same treats also sleep disorders. Let`s say tomorrow fatal interview, the decisive presentation or a declaration of love where it is necessary to be in the most ideal form is necessary. However the dream everything does not come, and calculation of sheep is not glued because in the head dreadful thoughts of tomorrow climb. Next morning the feeling of weakness, red eyes, deep apathy and failure is almost guaranteed. The horror concerning sleeplessness increases a stress and leaves less and less chances to fall asleep. That is, fight against sleeplessness strengthens sleeplessness.

Common causes of sleeplessness

  • the overexcited condition of mentality: alarm, care, anger, expectation, pleasure
  • of change in life, for example, moving on other apartment or change of the time zone
  • environment: noise, light, temperature
  • of pain of any origin
  • of a disease of heart, lungs, zheludochno - an intestinal path, joints
  • alcohol intake, nicotine, caffeine
  • the use of hypnotic drugs and tranquilizers
  • a depression

That can be made. to the Healthy person sleepless night is not so terrible even if next morning it is waited by great fulfillments. Means if you carried out in hopeless fight for a dream of 20 - 30 minutes and as a result only came to despair, it is better to rise, go to other room and to be engaged in those affairs for which there was not enough time in the afternoon. You should not go to bed again until the fatigue comes. Only then the bed will stop being the habitual place of torture, one thought of which does not allow to fall asleep. And if it is not chronic sleeplessness, the next night after a sleep debt will bring a sweet dream.

It is careful, hypnotic drugs!

Of course, it would be possible to solve a problem of falling asleep medicamentally: there are effective hypnotic drugs allowing to fall and be switched off till the morning. But it is possible to be mistaken with the choice.

Hypnotic drugs really allow to fail easily in an unconsciousness because they reduce alarm and temporarily oppress the central nervous system. However not only “otklyuchka“, but also quality of a dream is important for the person. And our dream has different phases, in particular, a so-called phase of the fast movements of eyes (FME) when we sleep, but our brain actively works. Many hypnotic drugs suppress this phase important for a harmonious dream. So it is worth thinking of what to prefer seriously: sleeplessness or tablet. Even more dangerously the fact that it is possible to get used to hypnotic drugs quickly, and then medicine will become an illness: it is impossible to fall asleep without tablets, and their action is weaker and weaker. And then hypnotic drugs become a dream cause of infringement.

That can be made. Should think several times before deciding to swallow sleeping pill. Certainly, there are situations when one - other pill just help to restore the natural rhythm of a dream broken by force majeure. However if without tablets it is not possible to fall asleep 2 weeks and is longer a problem which should as soon as possible try to be solved other means.

Sleeplessness teaches care about health

Sleeplessness is a free consultant for health issues. Often she recommends to us to change some things. Sometimes behind sleeplessness there are problems which should be discussed with the doctor. Treat them, for example: the increased arterial pressure, a lack of iron, cardiac arrhythmias, asthma, arthritises and a set of other things.

However in most cases people cannot fall asleep owing to maloperation with three simple things: caffeine, food and movements.

That can be made. If we are tormented by sleeplessness, first of all it is worth asking questions of a habitual way of life. Whether you drink strong tea or coffee in the evening? Caffeine circulates in blood very long, in 6 hours the organism removes only a half of the accepted dose. Whether you eat rather easy food - and for how many hours to a dream? And whether, at last, your physical activity during the day is sufficient? And it is important to remember that physical activity just before a dream can strengthen sleeplessness. If it is possible to understand truly a signal which is given by sleeplessness and to change something, problems with a dream will not arise.

Sleeplessness as the psychotherapist

Many people consider at the sleepless nights by

not sheep or elephants at all. They count money which for some reason is always not enough. Even the most perfect physical health and an ideal way of life do not guarantee sound sleep. Disorders, cares and expectations, even joyful, sometimes do not abandon us at night and prevent us to sleep. In this case sleeplessness as if reminds: you have a problem. It is necessary to deal with this problem. And it is better to do it not at night, and in the afternoon, in reality.

That can be made. If in a bed you are tormented by unresolved everyday problems or unfinished explanations with people, be engaged in them more structurally. When to you thoughts do not allow to sleep, get up, pass into other room and make the meticulous list of all your cares. Then promise sleeplessness to undertake the solution at least of one problem from the list tomorrow.

Sleeplessness as a tool for the best habitat

At last, often to us can prevent to fall asleep just our berth. Bright light of lamps, a blinking of advertizing or muster of alarm systems behind a window, the remains of an unfinished dinner on a chair near a pillow, the laptop and the mobile phone, the warped bed.

That can be made. Estimate your bedroom. Something in it irritates you? Isn`t it time to move furniture, to change wall-paper or to carry the pressed-through mattress on a garbage can? At last, to hang up dense curtains on windows or to have a talk with loud neighbors. It is even more important to make so that the TV, the laptop and not handed over report lived in others - “business places“ of house, but not near a bed. In a bed obviously you should not work, fill in accounts or to watch movies on Stephen King`s novels. Let a bedroom serves only for rest and love.

the Friendship with a sleeplessness monster

So, is far more useful to be on friendly terms with the sleeplessness and to use it structurally, than to wage with it hopeless war. In most cases sleeplessness just indicates problems which it is possible and it is necessary to solve in the afternoon. She reports data, valuable to our health. And if this state visits us only sometimes, it bears in itself fine opportunities. Sleeplessness gives the chance to stay with itself without calls from work and house routine. This free time which unexpectedly fell down us which can be used to do favorite things. Why not to accept it as a gift?