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Problems with food: Semper answers questions

Already several months we communicate with you, you ask the questions of how it is correct to feed the child how to solve this or that problem how to check growth and development of the kid - and many other things. This real-life communication is very important for us as allows to understand that it most of all concerns you what it is necessary to face most often. Besides, we constantly communicate with parents by phone of “the hot line“ Semper.

We tried to generalize most frequently asked questions and to formulate answers to them so that they contained not only medical recommendations, but also everyday councils. As a result at us something turned out like conversation in which many typical situations and daily difficulties found reflection.

to my child one and a half months, and at me began to vanish breast milk. What to do to me? Whether the truth that breastfeeding is so important?

Yes, breastfeeding is very important. As soon as the newborn child is born - that communication with a maternal organism through an umbilical cord which provided a fruit to all necessary throughout all pregnancy stops. And it is succeeded by so important and close connection with mother - communication through breastfeeding. Here simple transfer of advantages of breastfeeding: for

What needs to be done to keep and prolong breastfeeding?

should be trusted

Love the child, and at you everything will turn out!

our long-awaited kid was born

by means of Cesarean section, and at me breast milk quickly was gone. Our local pediatrician advised dairy mix Semper Bebi 1. What can you tell about it?

Now the majority of the adapted dairy mixes shares

on “initial“ (they have in the name figure 1) and “subsequent“ (with figure 2).

Semper Bebi 1 “ treats initial mixes and is recommended since the birth to 5 - monthly age.“ Semper Bebi 1 “has approximately same, as in breast milk, a ratio of serumal proteins and casein (60: 40), it is enriched with taurine, iron, selenium and iodine. At a shortcoming or lack of breast milk this adapted dairy mix helps to provide the child`s organism with all necessary feedstuffs and promotes the normal growth and development. Do not forget that though modern dairy mixes and are difficult, multicomponent and full-fledged products, any of them is not able to replace maternal milk.


For children who were 5 months old intended the “subsequent“ dairy mix“ to Semper Bebi 2 “, recommended to the 12th monthly age.

to my daughter 5 months, constantly we have a problem with locks. And at microbiological research revealed decrease in number of bifidobacteria and found “proteas“. Doctors say that it is dysbacteriosis. What will you advise?

Strictly speaking, the intestinal dysbiosis is not the diagnosis, and change of quantitative and qualitative balance between different types of microorganisms which in a huge number occupy a large intestine and the child, and the adult. Dysbacteriosis - the constant satellite of locks. Two main approaches to correction of dysbacteriosis are use of the bacterial preparations containing bifido - or lactobacilli, and application of the specialized food making impact on intestinal microflora. Semper Bifidus “ - dairy mix which contains a bifidogenny factor to a laktuloz treats their number “. Laktuloza, unlike the close relative of lactose (“dairy sugar“), is not split by enzymes of a small intestine and in an invariable look comes to a large intestine where it becomes a nutrient medium for the active growth of own bifidobacteria.


promotes increase in volume of intestinal contents, improves an intestines vermicular movement, the part of water in an intestines gleam detains and by that successfully helps to fight against locks at small children. Thanks to it “ Semper Bifidus “ at regular application (the optimum daily volume of mix makes 600 - 800 ml), as a rule, helps to solve at the same time and problems with an intestinal dysbiosis, and with locks.“ Semper Bifidus “can be applied and preventively - that is to maintenance of normal structure of intestinal microflora for all first year of life of the child.

We from our Oksankaya tried almost everything tasty that is offered by firm Semper. Began with apple and grape juice, then regaled on apple and pear puree, very much we love prunes and bilberry. We can “connect“ meat dishes soon. And what else brand new the firm Semper can offer?

you know

A, such “brand new“ exists and Welling “is called“ . What is it?

This traditional Scandinavian liquid dish which basis is made by cereals and milk. According to legends, in far times strong and hardy Swedish soldiers - Vikings with pleasure of a fir-tree of Vellingi.

of Vellingi happen different and are intended for children with 4 - x, 6 - ti or 8 - mi - monthly age. The first of them - corn Welling “ - the easiest and gentle also does not contain gluten. Exist also oat, ovsyano - wheaten and multigrain “Welling“ . It is the warm dense drink possessing pleasant natural taste. On a consistence he reminds saturated dense milkshake. It is a convenient opportunity to accustom the child to drink from a cup though “Welling“ it is possible to give also from a small bottle. This nutritious and full-fledged food, besides enriched with vitamins and mineral substances, for example, iron it is possible to give to the child twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.“ Welling“ promotes smooth transition from liquid food to more dense and high-calorie food. Now “Vellingi“ appeared also in Russia. Why not to try?

Nearly three years ago we had a firstborn - Antoshka. Thanks to firm Semper, we were very much helped by your tasty porridges and fruit purees, and meat teftelk and still remain a favourite dish. But now we have a big problem: our daughter was born premature, only 1 800 g weigh and so far are in hospital. Whether it is possible to help something?

It seems to

, it is possible. The matter is that firm Semper lets out special belkovo - a mineral additive to breast milk which is called“ Presemp a protein and a mineral “. Premature children considerably differ from the newborns who were born in time: they note immaturity of a gastrointestinal tract and activity of the majority of digestive enzymes is reduced. And at the same time these babies have to have high growth rates and a big need for feedstuffs and energy is had (in terms of 1 kg of body weight). The solution of this contradiction is helped by “dresser“ of “Presemp Protein and Mineral“ breast milk. “Presemp“ contains in 1 bag 2,15 g belkovo - a mineral additive which gets divorced in 100 ml of breast milk just before feeding of the child. At the expense of it from each 100 ml of breast milk the child in addition receives 7 kcal of energy, 0,8 g of protein and a certain amount of mineral substances. As a result it is possible at the same time both to keep breastfeeding and to provide the child`s organism with additional amount of protein, calcium and phosphorus and to achieve higher rates of an increase of body weight. It proceeds until the kid gains the weight about 2 500 g when it can be discharged from clinic home. By the way, if your child was born premature, do not lose courage. Such ingenious people as Goethe and Mozart were also born before the put term.

What it “laktazny insufficiency“ and than it to treat?

the Term “laktazny insufficiency“ comes from the name of lactase enzyme. It is enzyme which is located in a mucous membrane of a small intestine and is responsible for splitting of dairy sugar - lactose. Lactose is the main carbohydrate of breast milk and dairy mixes. Incomplete splitting of lactose leads to the fact that the part it comes to a large intestine, is fermented by bacteria, strengthens processes of bacterial fermentation and is followed by development of diarrhea (emergence of a liquid chair). In most cases laktazny insufficiency results from the bacterial or viral infections injuring a mucous membrane of intestines, but also cases of hereditary predisposition when at someone from parents of the child activity of lactase is genetically reduced meet.

Treatment consists in application of nizkolaktozny or delactosed medical products. All dairy products containing lactose have to be excluded from a diet. Products on the basis of isolate of soy protein, in particular, the liquid concentrated mix “ Soy Semp “ belong to delactosed products. She is issued in aseptic packages on 500 ml and before use gets divorced boiled water in the ratio 1:1. Mixes on the basis of isolate of soy protein are balanced, full and can be used not only as the main food, but also for addition in nonmilk porridges or in a compounding of various nonmilk dishes.

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