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The kinder - a surprise of

that we are pregnant we knew at once! Partly because there was a mad pleasure after two eternal years of separation, partly because very much wanted the kid, partly because this time everything was somehow in a different way, even will not tell as, but we precisely knew what occurs...

But holiday ended, and he went back to the States, and I remained in Russia, and I needed to wait for the visa even long 25 days. Having seen darling to the airport, I went along streets of Moscow and did not believe that already at last all adventures with passports and visas ended, and we will be together soon, we will be a family soon!

Is not present

, I had no toxicosis and dizzinesses, did not pull on sweet or salty, there were no changes in mood - it was the fantastic first trimester, but not those horrors about which write in books for the beginning mothers. Just one fine day did not come monthly, and next week too, and on following...

- does not have Pregnancy? - asked in a X-ray office on medical examination before interview in embassy. there is no
- - I uncertainly answered, deliberating when to go to the gynecologist.

- Received

, received! - I shouted in a tube to the girlfriend, having left the building in Novinsky Boulevard. - Distances to me visa!!

“Sadko. Center of female health“. Every day you go by it to work. Could come for a long time“, - I reproached myself, counting weeks.

- It can be connected with pregnancy? - the girl in registry asked.
- Yes, - answered I.
- What term? - she asked, entering my data in the computer.
- I do not know, - I honestly admitted.

“Fruit one, heartbeat equal, 162, term about 5 weeks, sizes...“ - on the ultrasonography monitor showed me small small pea.

“Hi, small! Eh, well why the father not with us?“ - I thought and sadly sighed.

From the doctor I left with a smile. The bright June sun shone, but in air smelled in the spring. I everything held a picture of ultrasonography in hand and could not believe - I will become a mother, I will have a kid!

All working day sat in front of the computer monitor, reading the same page of the text and smiled. There was a wish home - to tell mother, to call darling, to tell the whole world! But mother came back from business trip only in the evening, with darling there was a time difference at 8 o`clock, and the world... the world will wait now - there is nothing more important than my kid now!

In response to my sms was quickly followed by a trunk call.

- I want to you which - what to tell, something important. I was at the doctor today, and... Generally, I have two hearts now... We will have a kid...
- I have to ask you - what you will do?
- Of course to give birth! Same our kid!!
- the Darling, I waited for it 18 years!

I on other end of a wire I heard whimpers.

For some moment everything became unimportant - the fact that it is necessary to give birth in other country, the fact that we will live in a family only for the husband`s salary, and far sat down doubts concerning 16 - a summer age difference and second marriage to its party is far from the house... There were only we three - I, a small heart inside and a voice on other end of phone.

From that day I began to read

greedy about pregnancy and childbirth - on the Internet, in books, magazines. On the websites and forums wrote how to define a sex of the child on conception. All the time there was a girl. I very much - very much wanted to have the daughter - the lovely blonde girl with blue as the spring sky eyes. In the head pictures as we with it choose to ourselves dresses rushed, we are secretive about boys, we drink coffee at restaurant. As quite recently I did with the mother. But before sex determination it was still far.


On 10 - oh to week to me made ultrasonography again.

- Something from the boy is visible there, - the doctor on ultrasonography
told - do not believe them, they always so speak, - my gynecologist laughed, a code I brought it the conclusion, - to 20 - y all the same will definitely not tell week.

But for some reason from this point I began to call by

the kid “it“. The first easy disappointment was quickly replaced by care about health of my little son. “Well, and let the boy, the main thing that healthy was!“ Did not begin to speak to darling yet, let later all will see - not the last ultrasonography!

From hormonal tablets which prescribed me strongly wanted to sleep, and work did not go to the head in any way, and it was necessary to finish affairs, to collect suitcases. Perhaps, also from tablets I began a strong attack of colitis in 3 days prior to flying away. Twisted me so that I could not sit down not only what to rise. Of course, told darling that just toxicosis strong, but on the quiet already thought that it is necessary to return the ticket bought with such work. However mother put me on legs, and on the 11th week I handed over the 35th kilogram suitcases in “Sheremetyevo - 2“.

on August 3. The sky over New York was bright - blue with easy white cloudlets. 10 - we with the kid transferred hour flight well, however, it was not succeeded to have a sleep. There was a wish to cry, but I kept - the little son does not need my nervousness now.

Well, customs, immigration control, and we already “catch“ the heavy suitcases. Strong hands of darling...

Having arrived from the airport, I sat down on a sofa and began to cry - with happiness and fear. Everything was behind, but everything was ahead. My new life where I will be a wife and mother began. Whether it will turn out at me? Whether it will turn out at us?

- Well will be enough, foolish, everything ended, - the husband calmed me.

In a week we got married. In serene August day the priest carried out a ceremony of civil wedding on the mooring at fathers-in-law - a bouquet of flowers, a lunch in the bosom of the family and two friends from my husband. The big wedding was not necessary - ahead were coming serious expenditure: repair in the house, my immigration documents, the car, arrangement of the nursery.


That evening while the husband pottered with car in the yard, at me began incredibly strong spasm in the right side. Filled with fear, I lay in a bedroom and shouted, calling the husband to the aid, but noise of the engine and the turned-on TV in the hall muffled a sound of my voice. Pain passed in about 10 minutes, and I with tears ran out on the street. Still I do not know that it was, but I for all pregnancy did not feel stronger fear...

On the 14th week we went to the gynecologist. The husband wrote down me on reception to the Russian-speaking woman, and though I have no problems with English, but knowing that gynecologists in the USA generally of the man, it was psychologically easier for me to talk to the doctor. Spoke, naturally, English that also it was clear to the husband.

- So, well, to give birth to you on February 14, - and we with the husband smiled. - These tablets are not necessary to you, - she added, even without having had a look at packing of “Utrozhestan“, - pregnancy not an illness, avoid alcohol, do not smoke, and for the rest enjoy!

I to me were handed the direction on ultrasonography.

the husband was very dissatisfied with

After the first reception. Unfortunately, orders here such that the office of gynecology is at district hospital, and work in it 6 doctors. Future mothers force to visit each doctor at least once for pregnancy that at childbirth the nobility of the doctor who will appear on watch. We wanted to be observed at one doctor, but rules to change we were unable, and every time me was examined by the new doctor. The husband went with me to each reception. Just for support, and still to settle all misunderstanding with an insurance what there was much (the health system is so arranged here in the USA).

All first trimester I was surprised to

- why all consider that it is such unpleasant? For me it was the most “gold“ time of pregnancy. Excellent health, summer and the beloved husband - what else it is necessary for happiness?! Everything in me literally sang, preparing for motherhood. Among a week there are I as if became the fairy, flew on the house, tidying up the barchelor dwelling of my beloved, prepared, waited for the husband from work. On days off we came out to the beach, on fishing, I sunbathed, managed even to swim in the ocean slightly - slightly until water became cold. In the evenings often sat at friends - the husband with a glass of wine, I with a water bottle. And so there was a wish to see the kid quickly!

17 week. I get up at 5 in the morning to drink water - we go for ultrasonography. Today, today we will see it.

- Perhaps and we know a sex, - the husband told. there is no
- yet early, - I objected.

- the Boy - the nurse on ultrasonography said.

Means, all - the truth the boy! Well, main thing that healthy.

Having left and an office of ultrasonography, the husband strong embraced me, and on his eyes tears seemed - he so wanted the son!

Second trimester. We began to prepare for appearance of the son. Threw out old stuff from the house, were tidied up in the yard, signed up for courses of preparation for childbirth, began repair of the nursery.

Design of the room was chosen not for long: the husband is an inveterate fisherman therefore for the little son all in sea style - a snow-white ceiling decided to make, walls, blue from above (sky), it is dark - blue from below (sea), a light laminate (sand) and bright stickers on walls - dolphins, fishes and turtles.

Time went, flew more precisely. On the 5th month I suddenly did not get into the favourite jeans - it was necessary to buy quickly beremchaty - the stomach appeared literally for one night.

Somehow in the evening, having returned from the next occupation for young parents, I already lay in a bed, and the husband pottered in a bathroom. Suddenly... Oh, yes! Now already you will not mix with anything it!

- Darling more likely here!

the Husband flew to the room as scalded, thought, something happened to me.

Ya quickly took him by hand and put it to a stomach. Tuk - tuk, tuk, tuk, tuk - it were the first stirs of the kid. He was put to bed too.

Then stirs became a thicket, stronger, turned into kicks and pushes. I remember, on occupations taught us to breathe and relax correctly during fights. It was necessary to lie on pillows and the husband, to consider “fights“ blindly. I considered “fights“, and the husband - how many times my stomach to and fro was unsteady.

On the last occupation us was reduced to look at delivery room. Chambers and in general all office was new, very clean. Everything very much resembled on 5 - stars hotel, each detail is thought over to trifles, nurses already knew all of us on names - generally, the impression remained the most pleasant!

the Second trimester came to me not so easily as the first - the back, basin bones constantly hurt, it became heavy to go, but I sent nearly an every day myself for hour walks or arranged 30 - minute occupations with yoga. By the evening such fatigue leaned that often I fell asleep directly on a sofa in the hall, without having reached a bedroom.

With a name was solved long. I wanted not banal and such that both in Russian, and in English sounded easily. If there was a girl, then would call in honor of my grandmother - Lidiya. And with the boy suffered long - stopped on Alexey (in honor of my great-grandfather).

were Ceased by holidays - Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year. The third trimester pulled hard weight of the grown plump stomach, the cramped legs, bleeding from a nose and terrible heartburn. It was necessary to have supper hours at 5 in the evening that it was possible to fall asleep quietly. I was burned with impatience to see the little son, but not all was ready - cleaning, shopping, a strika... It was necessary to be in time so much till St. Valentine`s Day.

Being abroad, far from the family and friends, I did not hope for their help in preparation for the birth of the kid because they here simply were not. We planned arrival of my mother for the end of March, and I not really counted on family of the husband because a little they knew. And here I was sincerely pleased by the American tradition - baby shower. A holiday for future newborn and young mother. Americans always organize a party - a surprise with gifts and tea drinking shortly before the child`s birth. My holiday was appointed to February 2. The house of the father of the husband where there took place the celebration, was decorated with spheres and ribbons, and all neighbors, acquaintances, friends, relatives - only women and girls gathered inside. It is our day! Candies, cakes, smiles, congratulations, and, above all - the sea of gifts! All gave - clothes, a carriage, sanitary products, toys and just money in cards. Even people unfamiliar to me sent as a gift some darling, but very necessary bagatelle. My husband somewhere disappeared at this time that annoyed me a little - all gifts and cards were addressed to both of us! As it became clear later while I drank tea and developed gifts, my darling with the father collected a crib at our place. As a result gifts took away home by three cars - now our little son had everything! That evening I still till midnight cut off labels on new things, and then still a couple of hours on the quiet from the husband cried with happiness - was not even believed that so many people thought of our little son.

the next morning the husband honestly admitted that he very much wanted to be there, with me, to develop gifts and to be surprised together. Therefore we decided to go to fill lost on shops. I knew that the presented things will last at least for the first half a year of life of the kid, but could not refuse to darling, and from shop the husband with pride rolled out two huge carts to top filled with things for the son.

Before childbirth remained slightly less than 2 weeks.


that it will be heavy to me to be operated after the delivery by one with the child and the house, the husband took 2 weeks of compensatory holidays at work. On February 12 there was its last working day before holiday, and on 13 our last reception at the doctor is appointed. Estimated date of childbirth - 14 - go. Leaving for work that morning, the husband promised to return a bit earlier. And I, having seen off him, decided to drink tea. Indifferently, I turned on the TV and went to kitchen as suddenly... heard a smell of burned conducting and understood that the TV was unexpectedly switched off. In fractions of a second knock at a door was heard, and the alarmed neighbor asked, whether all with me as it should be. Having opened a door, I saw what on a roof of ours lies huge 30 at home - the meter fir-tree which fell from the yard of neighbors...

In panic having called the husband and firefighters, I jump out on the street in what was at home (a t-shirt and shorts). Wind. Shakes me more for fear, than from cold. Directly over the nursery which we prepared so many months with such love and caress directly over a bed of my little son who has to be born the day after tomorrow, the vast object - the fir-tree which touched when falling a wire lies... What will be now with the house? Fire? The damaged roof? It was only possible to guess the extent of the caused damage and the reasons of the incident.

the Husband came tearing along in half an hour. I was sent to the house to his father, and it remained to liquidate emergency consequences in our house - it was necessary to call somebody who will clean a tree from a roof, and also will repair the burned-down system of heating. It was necessary to inform insurance company and to call electricians concerning conducting.

in the evening, lying in a bed having embraced, we were surprised how at me fights after all this only did not begin, and I laughed that I want to give a gift for a St. Valentine`s Day to the husband on February 14 and one day earlier. As it became clear, roots of a tree sprouted in water system and neighbors, fixing this problem, undermined slightly more than put. The strong flaw completed business, and the fir-tree appeared on our roof. The roof remained is whole, only electric devices as a result of short circuit burned down - heating, the computer, the fax... But the main thing that all remained are whole and safe!

the next morning we came to our last reception to the gynecologist. Survey showed disclosure of 1 cm and any other signs of childbirth. Well, perhaps, it is necessary to do stimulation next week - and we were channelized on ultrasonography on 16 - oye number. We went home. From a stress and everything endured me overcame in a dream at 3 o`clock in the afternoon.

At 2 o`clock in the morning I woke up. I knew - fights began. Woke the husband, and we began to consider - noted time between and duration of fights. In 3 called hospital, explained to us when it is necessary to come, and we slowly began to gather. In 10 I already was in hospital, and to me put a dropper with an antibiotic.

From the nachla I decided that I will give birth itself, without epiduralny anesthesia. At least, decided to try - a threshold of painful sensitivity at all different, and, perhaps, I will cope. Now, when I remember, I think that the dropper with an antibiotic was more sick, than fights. So I gave birth. Pain was, and rather strong, but the husband and careful personnel of hospital very much helped. Breathed, relaxed, went, sat on a rocking-chair, but further 5 centimeters disclosure did not go. Punctured a bubble. 7 centimeters. At last, the doctor decided to make stimulation because the heart at small began to be slowed down. With stimulation of fight went stronger. And I with fear asked to add to a dropper a little bit anesthetic.

of 20 More minutes, and...

- the Girl! - the doctor joyfully said.

Girl? Girl... Girl!!

When my baby was put to me on a breast, I could not believe! The beautiful, strange, lovely blondisty girl with nebesno - blue eyes! My daughter, my girl!

So far the husband cut with

an umbilical cord, and the doctor imposed to me seams, I tried to realize that all - happened to me. How the woman when the most intimate dreams and desires suddenly become reality feels?

Even in the middle of pregnancy we with the husband argued what we would begin to tell and do if it turned out that we have not a boy...

- Are mistaken usually on the contrary, - he said, - and precisely showed us that it is the boy!

As it was p, the fact that on ultrasonography took for “boy“ there was an umbilical cord which was twisted around a leg of my daughter.

In few weeks I sat in a rocking-chair and cried with happiness because that small lump that nestled on me now, was my tiny daughter, my zainky, the best surprise to me and the husband for the St. Valentine`s Day!

Lidochka was born

3 kg 10 g, 48 ½ cm, 9 on a scale Apgar! To our crumb 3 months, more than 5 kg weigh, and there is nothing more perfectly in this world, than to see how she smiles!