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Pregnancy and work of

In the modern world to force the pregnant woman it is almost impossible to stay at home. As the bird from a cage she seeks not to breathe in park clean air, not after the next portion of fruit, and for work! Also there is it for many reasons.

Why pregnant women are torn by

to work?

are Had an effect by feminist moods, gender equality, and, as a result, financial independence of spouses from each other. Even in situation the woman tries to prove that pregnancy does not reduce its working capacity at all, and, even resting a paunch against the computer monitor, she is the full-fledged worker.

the Pregnant woman does not mean the patient, and devotion to business requires continuous return. It is possible to suspend career development only for a while. It is not really convenient to give birth on a workplace. And there mothers and nurses“ will undertake the child “.

Very often future mothers do not want to leave work because they consider that nine months to be engaged in nothing - it is boring. Besides, when you remain in private with the pregnancy, will not will you begin to read special literature to learn something about the situation. Mothers with experience begin to express the opinions which contradict one another. Add experiences councils of doctors. They unless do not forbid to breathe. In the head the alarm and doubts, concern for life of the kid begin to climb. At work from all this it is possible to distract. However and at work to future mother it can be unsweetened.

Stresses at work

Most often are the reason of a stress

people. If the pregnant woman can choose houses with whom to communicate and with whom is not present, then at work of such luxury nobody will allow. The colleague not so looked, the client insulted, the chief shouted, the business partner brought... Similar troubles happen to all, only to different frequency. And as the woman expecting the child becomes more whimsical and irritable, perceives each offense more sharply. As a result there are headaches, waist pains, a depression, irritation of intestines etc. How in such situation it is possible to hope for the birth of the healthy child?

needs to learn to react to stressful situations correctly:

  • at all not to raise the voice in communication with “offender“
  • it is impossible to podslashchat stressful situations confectionery, coffee, it is better to drink hot sweet tea or to take chewing gum in a mouth;
  • the breathing exercise will help to master itself: you should make a deep breath and to exhale air three short exhalations;
  • if an opportunity is, it is necessary to go out of doors and observe the nature, for example, to walk on park;
  • a certain relation to stressful situations would be good to develop
  • , for example, to think that “on mistakes study“, “you should not spend energy for scandals“, “it is not a doomsday“, “I have more important little man for the sake of whom I will not break and be nervous“.

Planning of the working day


the Schedule of work is necessary for women with the increased diligence who can spend the night at work or spend the night at home, but with documents in hands. It is necessary to work only at work also the amount of time which is strictly determined by the law. The plan of work has to be made on next few days. At the same time note when you during the day observe the increased working capacity. If in the morning, then leave more hard work for this time of day. Easy tasks you will click as nutlets, after a lunch. Distribute work so that you surely had breaks for rest. Enjoying rest, it is necessary to distract from work and to calm down if there was a stress. For example, embroidery or knitting very much helps. In the presence of rest of the working day has to be enough in order that the plan which you to yourself drew up was executed. If someone from colleagues asks to make something for it or to help with something, then it is better to refuse and devote this time to the future child.

should Plan

not only work, but also rest. Usually it is evenings and days off. Life according to the schedule only at the beginning seems difficult, however, when you get used, be surprised how much now you manage to make moreover and time for a family remains!