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Case in maternity hospital of

In chamber us was five. The first there arrived Lenka here. She shouted at all prenatal office when I only arrived on “Ambulance“. The doctor, having examined me, assumed that it is available harbingers and that I will give rise weeks through two. To me ordered to sleep.


Under Lenkiny shouts, chilling to make it it was problematic. I was angry: I have unpleasant feelings from these harbingers too, but I suffer! Cut it, perhaps?!

during pregnancy I interrogated acquaintances, painfully to give birth or not. And all unanimously said to me that pleasant it is not enough, but is tolerant. Here our grandmothers, for example, did it directly in the field, and then went further to work. The main thing not to be dismissed. And that copies which at each fight writhe in hysterics meet.

the Shouting Lenka, probably, absolutely got out of hand. It so worked on my mentality that fights sharply amplified. And here Lenka became silent. Afterwards children`s crying was distributed. I heard as the midwife told: “Good boy!“

Then in office there came the ominous silence. I went from a wall to a wall that became though slightly - it is slightly easier. One in chamber, night, getting wildly thirsty. I left in a corridor. Anybody! Opened some door. Saw white cold of medical tools, understood that it is the operating room. At the very end of a corridor on a trestle bed the nurse slept. She with irritation threw to me: “Stop wandering, you will wake the doctor, and since morning to do abortions to her!“

Inside everything strained. Directly on a floor a hard clot water plopped down. The sleepy vrachikha woken by the nurse did not choose expressions... I gave birth to the daughter.

I only in chamber saw Lenka. She sat next on a bed. On it there was a cheerful house dressing gown, and black hair were pulled together in a smart magnificent tail by a wide red elastic band. It all as if shone - fresh as soon as the blossomed flower. I always envied such natural beauty.

was brought Then to Marin. We thought what to it years forty, and appeared - nineteen. Having received transfer, Marin took out a note from a package and began to read it aloud. As a rule, the declaration of love contained there. Marinin the husband possessed a romantic warehouse. He regretted that has no opportunity these days of involuntary separation to kiss the wife from head to foot as Napoleon - Josephine.

aloud envied Lenka Marin`s

. Her husband of notes did not write. It at all never appeared in maternity hospital. Lenke`s transfers were brought by the mother-in-law.

I did not understand

A how someone can want to be kissed here. Women moved as a shadow - pale, with the stomachs which drooped after the delivery, with the nipples smeared from cracks.

Here, however, it had no value. Because the dignity of “mummies“ was only measured in maternity hospital by that how healthy children they brought into world.

At our fourth neigbour the child was a giant - nearly five kilograms. Mummy did not pump up too. She was called Masha. Also it weighed kilograms hundred. She told that during pregnancy it was urged to go on a diet, stacked in pathology, but Masha is simply not able to lead a hungry life.

It was noticeable

. She called to the husband, the mother all the time and asked to bring cakes. When the order arrived, she by phone discontentedly uttered: cakes not those, she asked - with cream! Brought it huge packages of a food. There was everything - beginning from long loafs of sausage and finishing with loaves of bread. Masha was dobra and all the time urged us to have a bite, drink to tea, to try that or se.

We had fun, laughing one above another until to us put in chamber Olya. It was after Cesarean section. Having recovered after an anesthesia, Olya almost did not answer our questions. Having buried in a pillow, she as if let know: leave alone, nothing I want to know nobody and. We whispered among themselves: the patient some, is not glad, probably, to the child. Perhaps in general an otkaznitsa - and from the similar assumption we mentally poured over her contempt.

In chamber with usual round the pediatrician appeared. Having fast reported that with each of our kids everything is all right, it approached Olya.“ Your child will hardly survive,“ - the doctor told. And all of us just were dumbfounded.

by Ole`s

it was executed thirty five, and it was her first long-awaited pregnancy. The child was born premature, weighed one and a half kilograms. “Everything is formed,“ - I somehow told, having a shower bath pity, and stroked Olya on a shoulder. It pulled this shoulder as if dumping my consolation. “You that? - Lenka whispered. - It cannot tell anything now. Only worse you do. If the child dies what here can be formed?“

Olya cried all the time. Marin did not read aloud notes from the husband any more. And only in a whisper asked us: “Interestingly, and it has a husband? Perhaps it and has no husband? And if there is no husband, then how it is going to raise one child? And the child`s father knows something?“

Masha periodically approached

the Oliny bedside table and spread on it something from the numerous edibles. Olya ate nothing.

the heaviest for it. When carried our kids, Olya was covered with the head a blanket. Then it was translated somewhere.

We were written out by

. Exchanged calls. From Lenky steel the closest friends. Her husband who never visited the wife in maternity hospital turned into the timid father. At Marina, on the contrary, crisis in the family relations began: the husband was jealous her of the child. Masha at last went on a diet. Children grew up, and we shared secrets of leaving and education.

With the six-month-old daughter I sat in children`s policlinic and waited in line for an inoculation.

“Hi! - some well-groomed, beautiful woman told me. - You what, did not recognize me?“

Well, I think, the person mistook. For the first time I see it! “We in maternity hospital together lay! I am Olya!“ No, well I - that did not recognize her because it lay all the time, having buried in a pillow. But how she recognized me?!

Olya held the boy - pretty, smiling, with dimples on cheeks. However, visually it was all - less than my daughter.

“Oh!“ - I told and became silent. Really it is that polutorakilogrammovy kid whose life hung by a thread? What handsome! “Yes, here we are what! - it is proud Olya raised the son. - Grew! Though, of course, two months did not get out of hospitals, to remember terribly“.

our children in honor of acquaintance touched each other handles and amicably laughed. And we laughed too.