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Fruit casino

I Want to offer parents idea which can be used as part of the scenario of birthday of the child. We had 8 people (children of 7 - 8 years). It is so possible to entertain children at a table with entertainments, at the same time considering that not to surprise modern children with any design delicacy in respect of laying of food and it is impossible to detain for a long time them at a table.

Edible casino. “Do your rates, the Lord!“



to us will need the field for a roulette: the usual leaf of a big format needs to be lined on cages, to paint with different felt-tip pens. On each cage we put 1 type of food (as advertizing). How many types of dishes you assume - so much and color squares in the field.


of the Menu it was made so that any dish could be eaten with hands, at most - to take a spoon (small pies with different stuffings, salad in a small basket from the test, muffins / cakes, sandwiches on crackers, fruit - “shish kebabs“ on skewers, salad in orange and so forth) . Several sectors represented candies - small candies / nutlets were in advance a la carte spread out on plastic glasses, it is possible to use candy / cookies in packing.

All food is served by

on a separate little table and is given only by the leader.

we took

From some board game a krutilka - a roulette, made a color slip in the form of 10 sectors how many and squares in the field plus additional sectors that except food children also communicated. In a krutilka - a roulette sectors of “task“ and “competitions“ are added. These are card batches, settling down at the edges of the game field.

All players take seats at a table, at the same time each player has the tag - a turret with a name (as a playing counter). We had it the cardboard heart with a name attached by the stapler to a small fence from some set of toys.

the Leader - the croupier, suggests players to stake on offered in the field I go. The roulette is twisted by players in turn, for example, the arrow at a stop specifies sector “sandwich“, those players who staked on “sandwich“ receive the order. The others work up appetite or change a rate.


of the Task on cards offered the following:

Competitions all were offered

table, the purpose too - game around, sitting at a table.

  1. “A snowman - the sweet tooth“
    Attributes: a scarf, big mittens, a cap, a safe knife, a fork, a big chocolate, cubes - bones.
    Game: the First player quickly puts on caps / scarfs / mittens and tries to cut off a piece of a chocolate and to eat, to take the cut-off chocolate only a clumsy mitten. The second player at the same time at the same time constantly throws 2 cubes as soon as identical numbers drop out, the first player removes ammunition and transfers its to the second, at the same time the third begins to throw cubes at once. And so on around. there is no
    of the Winner per se in this game, just fervent ridiculous game with eating of a chocolate on speed. Children encouraged each other, were soiled, but were happy.

  2. “Yaposhka“
    of Attributes: sticks for sushi, a plate with a large number of small toys (for example, from kinders).
    Game: needs holding to touch sticks of one to itself the maximum quantity of toys, at the same time as well as in the first competition the second player throws cubes, and at loss of identical numbers - the course passes to the following player.
    is Won by the one who will get more toys.

  3. “Bukvarik“
    of Attributes: the most “running“ letters on cards in several copies, bank with high opaque boards.
    Game: needs to pull out at random letters on one of banks and to try to put from them words, and similar to time of a dostavaniye of letters it is limited to throwing of cubes of the following player. Played around several times, the fact that collected more words wins.

  4. Game with a pipette
    of Attributes: a pipette, a pile to each player, 1 bank with sparkling water, straws
    of Game: to bring to itself the greatest number of water a pipette and to drink a full glass through a tubule, time again is limited by the following player throwing cubes.

  5. “Cubes“
    of Attributes: small small squares from a cardboard multi-colored, on 10 - 12 pieces of 6 - 8 flowers, bank with high opaque boards.
    Game: the first player pulls out from banks on one small square and builds them on a table in a row as soon as small squares with two identical flowers come across nearby - the player takes away them to himself. Time again is limited by the following player throwing cubes. The player who gathered the greatest number of small squares wins.

  6. Game in puzzles
    of Attributes: 8 cut pictures are connected in “bundle“, elements are wound by a thread rather long.
    Game: its purpose - to get and collect the puzzle, time is limited throwing of cubes of the following player.

  7. Domino
    of Attributes: usual dominoes
    of Game: needs to build the greatest chain of dominoshka for the allowed time. To the best player - a prize.

* * *

When had sector a competition, the game field was displaced aside (we pasted it in advance on a cardboard that it was possible to move quickly).

the scenario was corrected by

On the course if, for example, you noticed that one of children will not wait the chosen food in any way, then we sell it to “loser“ for a riddle / forfeit. When noticed that children were supported enough, and already nobody stakes on food, we passed sectors with food, and the purpose was to finish in tasks and competitions on how many there were enough still cards.

began to be Played in “An edible casino“ at once from the first two come guests, i.e. the waiting time late too was extinguished imperceptibly. For a change each lady can add on a hat, and gentlemen on a butterfly for equipment.