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Useful values of

Time flies quickly. And the first days after the birth of the kid rush also that quicker. From feeding before feeding, from walk before walk, from bathing before bathing... Here it was also executed the whole 4 months!

At each age the values

Four months - significant date. At this age the leading pediatricians recommend to enter a feeding up if the child is on the artificial or mixed feeding 1 . However, how to arrive in your case, your doctor will prompt. If he gave a green light, we will be glad to help you.

At each age the tasty and useful values. Their set depends on a stage of development of the kid. We make food for children aged from 3 months 2 to 3 years.

Nutrition`s Feedings up = science + traditions

Several words about us. We are the Nutrition company which is a part of “Danon“. History of “Nutrition“ contains more than 100 years of development of recipes and production of baby food. The first mixes “Nutrition“ made at the end of the 19th century saved lives to thousands of newborn children who did not have an opportunity to receive breast milk necessary for them. It is no wonder that in translation from Latin the name of the company is meant by “wet nurse“.


B started 2006 feeding up products under Nutrition trademark ® which main value was an association of science and traditions. The cookbook of Nutrition - consists of such acquaintances, such traditional house recipes. And here dishes with use of the latest technologies allowing to count precisely optimum balance of vitamins and minerals, to keep each vitaminchik with which ingredients are rich prepare.

the Value of ingredients = ecological purity + wealth vitamins

By the way, about from what we prepare. These are only perfect ingredients. All their way from a farm on which they grew, to a jar in which they came to be in the form of juice or mashed potatoes is under close attention of our experts. Ingredients are checked and tested for ecological purity, for availability of all necessary vitamins, and then again are checked. Annually the number of the tests which are carried out in 24 laboratories worldwide makes tens of thousands.

taste Value = an empty plateau + a happy smile

the Best ingredients - guarantee of excellent taste.“ Nutrition“ is loved by millions of kids around the world. We hope that it will be estimated also by your kid. And its happy smacking, an empty plateau and your happy smile will even more increase the value of our dishes.

Several valuable advice

Scientists counted

: to acquaint the kid with a new dish, 8 - 10 attempts can be required by mother. And on fixing of new taste and a consistence about 15 meetings with a new dish leave. You should not lower hands after the first refusal of the kid - fear of novelty is peculiar to the person. Persistently and tenderly repeat the offer, however you do not feed violently. The dish rejected for the first time can go with a bang after a while. The food for the company can facilitate introduction of a feeding up. The kid who sees how mother or other family members eat and admire a dish, most likely, will agree to the offered food. Sometimes you should show cunning and to disguise a new dish under already familiar.

during food try to create to the kid the comfortable atmosphere. While he does not sit independently, establish a stool back under an inclination. Use beautiful ware, and a spoon it is better to choose plastic - incidentally not to wound a gentle oral cavity. You sit down always opposite, you hold a spoon with food approximately in 30 cm on behalf of the kid. Wait until he shows interest and will open a mouth. Never you hurry - food business serious. Do not put in a plateau more, than the tiny little man will be able to master at one time. You should not become angry about the kid for an inevitable disorder. But once again surely praise for purity and good manners!

Juicy values

can Begin with

introduction of a feeding up with apple juice. After one of morning feedings give to the kid a half of a tea spoon of the natural Nutrition apple juice. If allergic reaction is not, next day it is possible to give already a juice teaspoon. Gradually increase a portion. When through one - two weeks the amount of juice reaches 30 ml, can expand the menu of drinks. At the same time it is necessary to remember that each new juice (taste) needs to be entered into the child`s diet gradually. At “Nutrition“ you will find tasty and useful juice with addition of carrots, pumpkin, an apricot, pear. And fruit drinks “Apple, Fennel, Camomile“ and “Apple, Melissa, Camomile“ perfectly satisfy thirst, especially in summer days, and have soothing effect.

Fruit values

Approximately in a week after the first test of juice should acquaint the kid and with the Nutrition fruit purees. All of them have a uniform and gentle consistence. Begin also with one teaspoon, having gradually brought a portion to 50 g a day.

to Begin with

acquaintance to our fruit values we advise with mashed potatoes “Yabloko“.


In this dish ideally calculated balance of vitamins and minerals. It is one of the most hypoallergenic products and contains the vitamins necessary for development of the kid, the organic acids stimulating digestion is rich with iron. The newest technologies of preparation allow us to keep useful properties of ingredients more carefully. In apple - it is the vitamin C strengthening immunity, the folic acid and iron necessary for formation of hemoglobin, natural sugar and pectins, and also the organic acids stimulating digestion.

As soon as the kid will well acquire mashed potatoes from one component, you will be able to acquaint him with more “intricate“ dishes: apple purees with addition of an apricot, peach, pear, bilberry.

Approximately from 6 months can include in a diet of the kid the Nutrition fruit purees with cottage cheese addition. To give them, as well as juice, it is possible between feedings. It is better to give a feeding up in the first half of day, before one of the main feedings, at the same time the quantity of the main product (breast milk / mix) is reduced according to amount of the eaten mashed potatoes.

Vegetable values

One more important page in the menu - vegetable purees. It is possible to open it closer by 5 months. The vegetable marrow, a cauliflower, broccoli, carrots are the easiest acquired. Therefore it is necessary to begin acquaintance with them.

After you acquainted the kid with unicomponent vegetable purees, it is possible to offer it multicomponent mashed potatoes, for example, “A vegetable marrow, a cauliflower“. It contains only gentle cellulose and is quickly acquired, stimulating an intestines vermicular movement.

the Newest technologies of preparation allow to keep useful properties of ingredients more carefully. In a cauliflower - it is proteins and amino acids, and also potassium, phosphorus and vitamins B, With, E, necessary for exchange processes of the growing organism. In a vegetable marrow - copper, iron and salts of potassium.

Approximately in few weeks after introduction of this type of a feeding up vegetables can replace with

one of feedings. In a plateau of the kid there has to be already 130 - 150

Cereal values

there Passed a few weeks more after acquaintance to vegetables? Means, the porridge turn came. We begin with the porridges which are not containing gluten, i.e. made on the basis of rice, corn and buckwheat. Kashi from the grain containing gluten - wheat, oat or barley, it is necessary to give to the kid only after 5 - 6 months.

the Vegetable - meat values

to the Kid of half-year. To this age already is, than to be proud. Perhaps, the kid learned to sit, and in a mouth the first tooth makes the way. Slowly also the flavoring addictions developed. And to this age in an organism of the kid the iron reserve which is saved up by it till the birth begins to be exhausted. That is why to this age it is necessary to enter the dishes rich with iron: porridges from buckwheat and wheat, mashed potatoes from apricots and pears.

And after 6 months can acquaint the kid and with dishes in which meat is added. For example, with “Ragout from Vegetables with a Chicken“ mashed potatoes. It contains the proteins necessary for development of a brain, calcium for creation of bones, and also the gentle cellulose stimulating digestion. The newest technologies of preparation allow to keep useful properties of ingredients more carefully. In a chicken it is the amino acids and vitamins of group B necessary for exchange processes in a children`s organism. In potatoes - the vitamin C, cellulose and pectinaceous substances normalizing work of intestines. In carrots - the vitamin A necessary for health of skin and sight.

Various values

From 8 months your kid will be able to try dishes with small pieces of vegetables and meat which will develop at it chewing skills. Now there comes the time of a variety of tastes - the kid can already try the dishes consisting of several components. From 8 - 10 months it is possible to master different types of meat - veal, beef, a turkey with vegetable garnishes. In a word, now every day you will be able to offer the precious little man tasty and useful values from “Nutrition“.

we advise

For acquaintance to various values to choose “Rice, Carrots, Veal, Broccoli“ mashed potatoes.


In these mashed potatoes ideally calculated balance of vitamins and minerals. Rice is the most important source of vitamins of group B which promote strengthening of nervous system and help an organism to transform nutrients to energy. Also eight major amino acids necessary for creation of new cages are a part of rice. Broccoli surpasses other vegetables in amount of vitamin A and together with carrots is responsible for development of good sight in the kid. Veal contains the animal protein and amino acids necessary for healthy growth, magnesium and phosphorus for development of nervous system. Thanks to modern production technologies all useful elements carefully remain, doing each spoon of this dish by the real value.

the First year will pass

quickly. How much important, interesting, new you mastered and your kid during this time. And here it, the very first anniversary - an excellent occasion to open for the birthday man of a dish, the containing large pieces that the kid learned to chew.

This year we carried out

together. We very much appreciate our acquaintance and we believe in its continuation. “Nutrition“ wishes bon appetit and a good health!

of 1 According to the document “The National Program of Optimization of Feeding of Children of the First Year of Life in the Russian Federation“ of July 18, 2008.
2 is more preferable To food of children of early age breastfeeding.