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About portfelchik and solar morning of

Bright memoirs were left at me by that day when I went the first time to the first class. That solar morning new knowledge and future opening somehow stood aside. I trembled with a happy opportunity to brag of the school uniform with white cuffs, varnish shoes and a portfolio with a heap of other pervoklassnensky pribambasik.

It was a miracle that I in a flash had so many new things at once! Now I understand that it were things which parents should buy . But for me gifts were it, and I sacredly believed that to me they were not just bought, and presented.

What does simple purchase by a gift? There is a portfolio. What it has to be? First of all, if it is a gift, then it has to bring pleasure, give the child joy, be pleasant to it. Not to get into an awkward situation and not to disappoint the child, learn his favourite color. What pattern or drawing he would like to see on the portfolio? Form of a portfolio, lyamochka, rivet and pockets. In general all - all depends on whether simple purchase will be apprehended by the child as a gift. Investigation should be carried out very carefully that till the last moment the child did not guess anything.

the favourite hero, a ridiculous attractive face or an animal decorating his portfolio can please

of the Child. Teletubbies, dalmatians or Pokemons?. It should be found out too very accurately.

some more nuances about which the child will hardly tell you Are. I speak about usefulness of a gift, to be exact about its harmlessness. For the first grader it is necessary to buy a satchel. (Portfolios and bags on one strap will be suitable for children of more senior classes.) Rules of the choice of a satchel are rather simple, but it is necessary to approach them responsibly.

  1. the Satchel has to be easy . Its weight should not exceed 10% of the child`s weight. In Russia there are sanitary standards defining what weight it is authorized to child of this or that age to lift. If from the house to school it is no more than three kilometers, then contents of a satchel of the first grader should not exceed 2 kilograms. 2,5 kilograms - norm of “a weight raising“ for pupils 5 - 7 - x classes. In 7 - 9 - x classes 3,5 kilograms are admissible. In high school to children about 4,5 kilograms are allowed to carry.
  2. the satchel surely has to have a firm back . Only its existence can provide a correct posture of the kid. At the same time do not forget that satchel width should not exceed width of shoulders of the child. the soft straps which are evenly distributing the freight of knowledge which laid down on the school student`s shoulders have to be li>
  3. Surely. Length of straps has to be regulated that it was possible to dress a satchel and on an easy dress, and on a down jacket.
  4. Material has to be strong , water-proof and frost-resistant . It will provide long service life of a satchel. It is good if the bottom from the outer side is protected by the metal rounded-off corners, then the satchel can quietly be put on any surface, including asphalt.
  5. Pay attention to existence of reflecting badges . It is additional protection on roads.
  6. All seams, internal and external, have to be carefully processed, otherwise not avoid cuts on hands.


Besides, sending the child to the first class, it is necessary to consider that even the child who is very well prepared for school gets, in effect, in the stranger and the world not familiar to it. Portfelchik is his property, the thing brought from the HOUSE therefore it is necessary to try that, besides especially school, functional objects, in a satchel of the first grader something house lay, native: a favourite toy, something like a mascot.

All secrets are known to

- it is possible to go to shop safely. Behind a gift which will leave bright reminiscence of solar morning of the first school day at your child...