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I with parents should not miss

Ya was born only 2 months ago, and I still very small and almost am able nothing, well unless to complain. At me it leaves best of all! Therefore the mummy will tell about how there passes my day for me.

Well, we will begin, perhaps, with the fact that each my day begins with mother, she looks at me and smiles. And still she tells some strange words - Rita, Ritulya, Margaritulka... I for the present do not understand what she means, but as soon as I learn to speak, I will surely ask. Then I am bothered by this baby talk: eventually, it is time to eat! Thank God, mother understands me and gives me my favourite, tenderly calling it is “sisy“. Sisyu I very much love: from it a lot of milk smells of mother and in it. Mother likes to give me too her because she says that it is pleasant to watch at me when I am full.

Still I very much like to walk. Mother tells that on the street very beautifully and there is a lot of all interesting, but I yet never saw anything - I for some reason there constantly sleep. Even I snuffle in a dream. We walk two times in a day. Before a lunch and in the evening - to meet our father. I see the father too already at home when I wake up after the street therefore the father calls me one more unclear word “sleepyhead“!

I always pay

After the street because brutal appetite wakes up, and mother does not manage to feed me quickly. Well nothing, it is necessary to bring up it and to adjust. When I am full, I sometimes too complain. I do not know how many years to parents and when they were born, but they too sometimes do not understand that I want... And it is cheerful to me to watch how they run, fuss around me. The father says to mother that she again not that ate something, mother puts to me “sisyu“, and I am enough it and right there I spit out, here laughter - that... Eh, not at once they understand that I want to play! Generally, I with parents should not miss how many them should be taught still...

would tell

Ya still as we play, but it is already time for me to sleep. Mother only bathed me in some as she speaks, the calming herbs. Well, it it in vain, any they not calming... Now I just am going to proorat hour two before going to bed that these parents did not relax. I hope, my story was pleasant to you, to a meeting.