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How to communicate with the newborn: personal experience of

All nine months that I waited for the daughter, I represented how we will chirp, laugh loudly and kiss for days on end. The world of absolute happiness without GAZ cars, gripes, night feedings, and first of all - without feeling of fear and absolute helplessness. Fear and helplessness because that at me on a breast 24 hours a day lie the small live lump for the first time looking at this world. And I do not understand at all what language with it to speak how to help it what to tell first of all about and what to leave on “then“. And then I understood: it is necessary to sing!

That newborn children are able: to eat, sleep and... again is. I noticed what my daughter was more cheerful to cope with it under music. No wonder, and in the adult world there is music for restaurants and music for a relaxation. And here before me there was a choice problem. What music to put to the baby: pop-music, classics? What? And whether costs in general from the first hours life of the child to include someone foreign in our communication even if it is not the person, and music?

I as it usually happens, absolutely incidentally I remembered that in the world of children there is a unique instrument of communication of mother with the kid - a lullaby!

Ya got the institute abstracts on folklore stories (I graduated from philological faculty), and began to penetrate into a subject anew.

the Lullaby is first of all the rhythm entering the person into harmony with nature rhythms. In the same rhythm in old times it was accepted to charge extra magic plots. Not casually in lullabies pagan images often meet: Sleepiness, Bouck, cat Bayun and gray wolf. The purpose of lullabies of songs actually not in lulling the baby, and in shipping small in the atmosphere of serenity, rest, to present it feeling of a unification with the world and feeling of safety. It is a bright example of so-called “household magic“ when over the child the ritual spell is said to attract to it health and good destiny. Lullabies even treated the sick and weak children, warmth of mother`s hands, a rhythm of her heart, the tender voice singing gentle words - all this together has surprising therapeutic effect.

But even it not the most important. The most important, a lullaby is a fine way to acquaint the kid with the world. To tell what in the world is day and night, the sun, the moon and stars, birds and animals, a grass, trees and people.

that in the world there is a love the child learns

without words: lullabies sing only that who is really loved.

Uff... It was the theory, and now practice: you should not have complex if you do not know by heart any lullaby. Unless in nine months of pregnancy at you words for the dearest person on light did not collect? Lullabies and were created: mother thought out a tune for the child, then sang it to grandsons, grandsons modified it for the children, already treasured words were handed down, from the senior generation to younger.

Today all mummies have a fine opportunity to expand and accelerate this process, exchanging ideas of lullabies through forums on the Internet. Of course, singing of a lullaby to the kid - business very personal, but in that, as for education of children, experience does not happen useless! Let`s share, girls! For example, on the website www. baushki. ru it is possible not only to listen to lullabies of other young mummies, but also to win an opportunity to write down the song in professional studio. And then in your family there will be a new good tradition, and your grandsons will be able to hear your loving voice in many years. By the way, I already wrote down the song!