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As we fed Varyushka of

Varenka was born in September, 2002. In maternity hospital the doctor heard at her unclear noise in heart and told that it is defect, but supposedly nothing terrible, all gives in to surgical intervention now, there are good communications with the Petersburg center, and all at you will be good. We were transferred to children`s hospital at once. I very much worried. It is necessary to tell that with the father at me stayed at home small synulya at the age of 1 year and 5 months. I ran around like a mad, I wanted quicker home. With all experiences I, of course, had less milk. In hospital we weighed every day kids golenky, and I with fear every time went to scales: we, of course, added nothing but only diminished. Doctors abused, and I was nervous only even more. Eventually I began to lie to doctors that at us everything is adjusted, and we slowly add, the benefit they did not check the weight of kids.

us was already surveyed By then, nothing terrible was found and shortly wrote out. Houses, as they say, and walls treat, and we began to add weight very well. When time has come, began to enter feedings up: squashes, pyureshka... But we had such misfortune bad: if we were ill (or after inoculations), then we have temperature under 40 stuck to days 5, both any “ambulances“ and doctors could do nothing with it. It at us and remained still. And so, every time after such temperatures we, naturally, were rolled away back in the abilities. And feedings up anew began to eat every time. And at one “fine“ moment, approximately in 10 months, after the next temperature she refused all squashes, pyureshka etc. Varyunya did not suck a pacifier, from small bottles did not eat. We were on breastfeeding.

So on breastfeeding we also lived up to one and a half years, without eating anything any more. It is necessary to tell, she was not the thin girl, I also did not assume that my milk could be enough. We ate, one may say, round the clock: woke up - ate, were fidgety - ate, on walk a wish arose - ate, to sleep - ate, at night - ate. Reached that we went to bed in different beds, and woke up in one. And I remembered nothing when I rose to feed her, and she cried or not. Here we also lived in such speed until both were tired of night and constant round-the-clock volitions of a tita. I do not remember any more from what, maybe, from a synula, she was afraid “bady“. And once I told it that everything, there is no tita, tityu badyay took away, and now it it titya. Varyunechka treated it with firmness, she nestled a cheek, ironed, with regret looked at a breast, but after that did not ask tityu any more. Though before we unsuccessfully smeared a breast with tincture of a wormwood and tried any different ways of an excommunication from a breast. The first several nights we got up at night, cooked squashes, ate sometimes even two times. After all these hard tests Varyunya sank down on squashes, and when we went to a garden, she at breakfast could eat squashes on two or three plates.

Now Varyushe 6 years. It will go to school. But the love to squashes remained with it, and every morning a squash surely on our table.