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As we to Olenyok gave birth

I Will begin with the fact that pregnancy came unexpectedly for all of us - the husband, me and the little little son.

Noted the fifth anniversary of joint life at the end of October, and in November the husband says that supposedly it at you for a pigmentary spot on a leg, as at the pregnant woman, and I to it in reply: “Darling, you that, went crazy, we were protected! And then Vanyushe only 1,5 years...“

But the husband was relentless and insisted on purchase of the test, specially took some road. Made in the evening. And at once nearly fainted: two strips. Called mother “pleased“, and she speaks supposedly nothing, will cope - I have two in 2 years too.

Here our pregnant life so began


Almost at once was registered in ZhK, but it was observed at other doctor. Pregnancy took place remarkably, on 21 weeks we were told that there will be a girl. The father was very glad, the son already is.

For all term put on weight 5 kg, and the first time - 17 kg.

became closer than

to term on June 29 - 30 to look for maternity hospital. Fryazino disappeared for many reasons. Went on the websites - looked, wanted in Moscow since the husband the Muscovite, but he told then: “You never know can happen, suddenly traffic jams on Shchelkovskoye Highway, and all...“


as a result chose Balashikha what we do not regret for at all. Concluded the contract on the term of 38 weeks and came once a week to survey. Chose the doctor instinctively - Shustova Olga Leonidovna. It it were pleasant to me from - for a name. We decided to name the daughter Olga at once. We arrived the 29th, just in time, the doctor looked and told:“ 1 - 2 more day - also you will give rise“. We agreed that if I do not give rise for days off, then I lay down 2 numbers on planned childbirth. Yes, the most interesting - in the center did ultrasonography, told, the baby average - 3600 - 3800 gr. Well, we also waited for “girl“, but not Vanyushka - an elephant.

On Sunday June 1 were at mother at the dacha, by a lunch the stopper departed, but I am that the person knowing childbirth the second, was not frightened, but providently left the son at the grandmother. Took a walk with girlfriends in the evening - “kolyasochnitsa“ in park of hours to 9, came home, ate, began to iron and note clothes time between the begun fights - in about 30 minutes went. Decided to check, got into a bathtub, got warm, everything became remarkable at once. Looked at Siesay, and in 23. 30 somehow very painfully in a side pricked (well, it povorochatsya a little), and then understood - came. To the husband I shout: “Mischa, waters...“ Called the doctor, gathered and went for the daughter. Profits along with the doctor in 00. 30. While the accident ward, procedures, in rodzat rose in 1. 30.

the Daddy went with us what does not regret now for. I was strongly surprised - everything beautifully, a soft bed - a transformer, a jacuzzi, all equipment is cleaned that us, women in labor not to frighten.

the Doctor looked at

and told that to 5 - 6 cm disclosure, well hour 3 - and we will give rise. There passed hour, she looked and told that we put oxytocin since disclosure goes, and the neck does not work, and in addition put an epiduralka. Did not pass also hour, and disclosure already full, epidurat did not take plainly, but everything was tolerant. I wanted to get up, such feeling that all body became numb. Rose and at once felt - grieves, and the baby strongly moves ahead down. Laid down, looked and told that we try to be extinguished. With the first everything turned out somehow is crumpled, and here I listened to the doctor and midwife Anechka and carried out everything that they told. The father was afraid and told: “I will go, I will smoke when ends, you will call“. And only it for a door, I, having made the second attempt to be extinguished, gave rise to Olenyok, and minutes through 3 and an afterbirth. Our father did not smoke, itself came running and burst into tears. To Olk put on a stomach for about 5 minutes at once, and then took away on survey and weighing. As a result - instead of 3600 gr we were born 4044 gr and 54 cm in height in 3. 30 minutes.

of All childbirth lasted about 5 hours. The father came to us every day, there came my mother. Chamber just wonderful - two rooms, all conditions, and the price just ridiculous in comparison with Moscow. So we were satisfied with everything, in particular with process of childbirth.

Now all as in the fairy tale. All are madly happy. Thank you huge, Olga Leonidovna, on ours to Olenyok. If I gather for the third, then precisely only to you.