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One more fine day of

U us three children - Shreds (10 years), Shurik (6 years) and Anyuta (2 months). Today day off, but children as always rose at half past seven: everything is amicable, as if on command. The father, however, on a habit got up even earlier and already all on the Internet - reads news. While children exchange impressions of the seen dreams, stretch and wash, I to make by run on kitchen a breakfast. Today porridge, and since yesterday remained strawberry, we decorate porridge. And “hurrah!“ - children eat with pleasure. I noticed long ago if to decorate a dish or as - nibud it is interesting to call, it is better eaten. For example, we call a boiled yolk “sun“ and we throw into any soup, “solar“ soup turns out. It very much is pleasant to children.

we Go for walk. The eldest son - to play the yard in soccer, and we - in park. In park a pond, today frogs sing marriage songs and lay caviar. Fine we got! To consider all this so interestingly and informatively! And still saw how birch sap from a cut on a birch runs. It is good that Anyuta on breastfeeding. It is possible and be late outdoors. I make a lunch since evening while the husband potters with the adored daughter, differently it is necessary to cancel morning walk.

Have dinner, and all man`s half of a family (or rather its most part) leaves on soccer. At stadium play “Saturn“ and “Rubin“. The eldest son plays 4 years football, and the husband the professional fan. And Sasha does not lag behind. While the daughter after walk sleeps, I wipe floors and I go online. However, visits thought that I am an idler, but before himself it is the simplest to justify itself - I need news and communication. In half an hour Anyuta, time to eat wakes up. And in minutes 15 it is possible to do massage and gymnastics. Then it is simple to lie down nearby and to admire the beauty... And to be accepted to a dinner. While the child silently lies - it is necessary to prepare the most difficult: to peel carrots, potatoes, onions, to cut vegetables and meat, and it is possible to stir slowly also with one hand - keeping the baby in another.

of the Man come hungry and happy. After a dinner boys play in the designer or watch animated films, the husband is engaged in the daughter (plays, bathes), and I - a tomorrow`s lunch. Then we include the audiofairy tale, and all three children fall asleep.