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The children`s League of

Children`s fitness - this service appeared in lists of offers fitness not so long ago - the centers and already managed to get rather great popularity.

of Modern parents health of their children disturbs more and more. The bad ecological situation, insufficient physical activity, problems in communication with peers, excessive enthusiasm for computer games - all this is negatively reflected in a condition of the child. How to force the child to run after school not home to the TV or the computer, and, for example, in sports section? And how to help to adapt with society?

Everything is very simple

. It is necessary to take only beloved by hand and to bring into the children`s club “Children`s League“ created on base fitness - the New League center. The staff of “New League“ knows everything about children`s fitness and successfully puts the knowledge into practice. The experts working on the program of club thought over everything to the slightest details: work with children both educational psychologists, and coaches on different types of sport. It turns out that you “kill two hares“: coming to club, children develop physically, play sports, play active games and, besides, learn to communicate with each other, gain communicative skills which very much will be useful to them in further life, and develop creative abilities. The huge choice of programs (creative, developing, fitness) helps to interest the child. The system of occupations is selected according to hobbies and interests of children.

A as safety? Quite logical question, your child for certain does not sit in place and is in the continuous movement. In children`s club all system of actions is directed to maintenance and strengthening of health. All is subordinated to the principle of safety: carefully thought over program of occupations, selection of exercises, the convenient and safe sports equipment, the conditions of occupations conforming to the most strict requirements of hygiene, highly skilled instructors.

One of the important directions - fight against the problem which is found today at many kids against poorly developed coordination of movements. There is an opinion that the earlier fitness will be included into the child`s life, the bigger he will be able to achieve further in the most different spheres, it will be collected, sports. Besides, children`s fitness well influences a bearing, the correct statement of foot, concentration of attention, helps with prevention of scoliosis.

At your child birthday? You want to hear his joyful laughter, to see his smile, to please it with an incendiary cheerful holiday? No problem! In Children`s League club professional animators and actors who will turn birthday of your child into the present evening of fun and pleasure with a prestavleniye work, will think up the interesting unique scenario of a party or will offer a set of ready scenarios at choice.

your kid is going to become a school student? He will be the best pupil thanks to group and individual classes in preparation for school! Fundamentals of mathematics, the letter, reading and everything that is necessary that in the new environment children did not become puzzled of unexpectedly increased volumes of new information.

By the way, there is a wish to remind that the summer comes nearer! What to do if the grandmother lives in the city, and she has no lodge in the village where usually careful parents send children for the summer? And work as summer will not be lowered at all... But you should not worry and rush about in search of the decision how to make summer of the child interesting, fascinating and safe.“ The children`s League“ and here comes to the rescue!

you have to think hundred times before shipping children in dangerous travel outward or in children`s camp where tutors and teachers can not always be conscientious, and you will not have an opportunity to daily see the child and to help it. The unique offer of children`s club “Children`s League“ - a children`s city recreation camp! You are easily convinced that the summer in the city for your children - it is not terrible at all, and it is very interesting and fascinating! During the day every minute is painted: outdoor games alternate with reading books and drawing on asphalt, competitions and lessons of sports orientation are conducted, acquaint children with interesting people - athletes. By means of teachers children put performances, organize thematic parties and discos. All this helps to develop comprehensively the child when parents quietly are engaged in the work.

“Children`s League“ is not just children`s club, it is the real developing center which works for the sake of health and success of our children!