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The other day read the book of the transbaikal writer Elena Stefanovich under the defiant name “Madhouse“. In many respects autobiographical, this story tells about life with the diagnosis “schizophrenia“. It was especially remembered that doctors made this diagnosis to the main character including because she wrote verses - a pier, verses are written by only mentally unhealthy people, and those moments when she was visited by inspiration, were considered as an exacerbation of a sincere illness. Attempts of the heroine to explain that Pushkin wrote verses too, but nobody from - for it abnormal considered him, were called “megalomania“.

Ya not the physician, I am a teacher. And this story forced me to remember one my pupil to whom physicians made such diagnosis.

A few years ago I came to work to one school. Experience was available for me therefore it was involved in work quickly. As usual, gave me the cool management. And at once in 10 - m a class. This class almost entirely consisted of “newcomers“, only three children passed into it from 9 - go this school. Somewhere during 3 - x weeks nearly every day it was replenished with new pupils. Among “newcomers“ there was also Boris (the name of the pupil is changed for ethical reasons). It brought documents together with the father who told that 9 years Boris studied in one of elite gymnasiums of our city, but in 10 - y the class it was not taken. Reported to him about it when he was disaccustomed week. Of course, this exception of a class was illegal, but, probably, parents decided that it is better to leave with the world.

In Boris`s certificate for 9 - y a class of an assessment were various: from “3“ to “5“, it was physically developed on “5+“ - high, powerful, with very heavy look and rather slow speech. At a board he refused to answer hands, never raised even if he knew the answer, wrote very slowly, literally pressed the handle into a writing-book leaf. But on permission of teachers answered from the place, did not shirk labor affairs of a class, possessed good memory. Public disciplines were given it easier exact sciences, but at the end of the half-year never in one subject the assessment “2“ left.

Communication with schoolmates at it did not develop, and it was visible that it did not weigh it. Often he muttered something to himself under a nose as though he talked to himself. Since it was distinguished with both appearance, and behavior from others, some of his schoolmates, as a rule, beginners who wanted to deserve authority on a class, made more than once attempts to offend him (both the word, and business). Was to me few times on this subject enough to talk to offenders, to explain that “so it is impossible to do“, few times Bor to answer them by means of force as up to release in the 11th class more nobody touched it.

draft campaign began

in the Spring, lists of those who were necessary to be on the draft commission came from military registration and enlistment offices. I as to the class teacher should have filled in the sent questionnaires on pupils, to write characteristics. By this time I knew children rather well including Boris. More than once talked to it on different subjects during its watch on a class if just at school was late, and I felt that he wants to communicate. Learned that in computers is interested, plays military equipment (his father is a serviceman), sports at home, to school from other district of the city on foot goes as warm-up.

I once (I then had “window“, and I in the office checked notebooks) in school was the woman, was called the doctor of the draft commission. Like, it arrived for Boris, make him the diagnosis “schizophrenia“ therefore it is necessary to bring him to inspection in a psychoneurological clinic where already wait for it. I understood at once what put wrong here, and will not end with simple inspection. To call Boris from a lesson meant to send him to “mental hospital“. At first I just decided to talk to the doctor about why she for Borya arrived to school, could also to him home. She answered that she was at home, but the father did not give Boris, and mother herself is sick, seemingly, too “shiza“ (mother never came to school, and personally I did not know it). It is clear, why parents did not give the son on “inspection“, on the street it was illegal to catch, and at school the interests of the pupil are represented by the teacher therefore with his permission of the child it was possible to take away.

the Doctor began to show persistence, even got me the written Boris`s characteristic where it appeared that in a class it keeps separately and, except the neighbor behind a school desk, more with anybody of schoolmates does not communicate to prove his abnormality. For help I addressed the director of studies and the social teacher, and those, already appealing a law letter, explained that pupil on any inspection we will not give especially as we have no consent to it from his parents. Nothing remained to the doctor how to be removed.


danger that the doctor (with assistants, it is natural) will catch for Borya at doors of school, and it was necessary to warn him about it. I caused it from a lesson that none of pupils could overhear us, and told about what occurred, having warned that it was careful on the street and went home other road. Naturally, and to Boris`s father I also told of the incident.

Have more than attempts to withdraw Borya in a mental hospital in school nobody made.

Ya not the doctor to make diagnoses, I do not know whether Boris took some medicine “from schizophrenia“. Yes, it was distinguished from schoolmates, was closed, made impression “slow-witted“, but at the same time he studied as he everything, behaved adequately, was polite and accurate. And no estimated diagnosis prevented it to pass final examinations and to receive the certificate about senior secondary education.

After final I lost Borya from a look. It had no home and mobile phone, and to go to it home without invitation with inquiries of type “how are you?“ I am not allowed by education. I do not know whether he entered to some university (the benefit for it that USE estimates only knowledge, but not the personality), whether reached all - it doctors of a piskhdispanser. But I made everything that at school treated tolerantly its singularity and considered it equal to.

In my opinion, concepts of “normality“ - “abnormality“ are very disputable. Equally well, as physicians from the story “Madhouse“ considered abnormal that the person writes verses, abnormal it is possible to call also many other acts and hobbies of people. Unless in senses the person, having disaccustomed 3 - 4 years in school, and then 5 more years in higher education institution, will go to work to school or kindergarten for that money what is paid there now? To study 9 years as the tutor that then for kopeks (officially among experts employees of kindergartens receive the smallest salary) “to put children on pots“! Whether all intelligently as it should be at the woman who decided to give rise in 40 years? Same it is deadly to it and to the child! And whether the man who to the car (“Swallow“, “Girl“, “Darling“ etc.) is on friendly terms with the head finds more time and allocates more funds, than to the wife and children? And what is created in the heads of sosed - summer residents who for years are at enmity from - for 20 centimeters of the earth or a shadow from a fence? And as to you it: the person with problems with health sees not doctors, and sorcerers, astrologers, healers instead of seeing a doctor? And people of creative professions? This or that “diagnosis“ can be made to each of them!


By the way, an act of sincerely sick person his contemporaries on which the best half of the fortune departured from hands of heir-at-laws in the form of annual awards to scientists for achievements in science counted Alfred Nobel`s will. Nobel`s successors tried to challenge the will, wanted to prove that it was made far “not in senses“, but then decided to execute the last will of deceased.

I nobody will cease to read the book to F. M. Dostoyevsky and to admire their genius only because modern doctors prove presence of a sincere illness at the great writer!

I Remember

, somehow read a conference 7i subject about the one who as treats unusual people. Specifically there was a speech about the child in kindergarten which was mentally retarded (6 - 7 summer child were in group among 3 - 4 letok that does not contradict acts of the Russian Federation). It was terrible to me to read reasonings of parents that this boy not the place among normal children that it needs to go to a specialized kindergarten that disabled people in general have to be separately from healthy, and in general, strange needs to isolate all. And adults so argue, those who raise children, those who the behavior set them an example.


Once, being still trained at institute, among girlfriends, future teachers, during “window“ dispute on how to be with children - disabled people came, as if each of us arrived if he gave birth to the child, for example, with a Down syndrome? The most part inclined that parents should not throw the sick children, it is necessary to fight for their health, to try to use the best efforts that he became the full member of society. But two girlfriends (after this conversation gradually they moved away from us) considered that such children need to be destroyed in maternity hospital, and become disabled people as a result of an illness or accident it is necessary to isolate from society at least. They explained the opinion first of all with the humane attitude towards disabled people: a pier why it all life to suffer and the family to torment? And if they, disabled people, suddenly decide to establish a family, then will produce only similar?! Why it is necessary? And, if at them, girlfriends, the sick child was born, they, without deliberating, gave the consent to its lulling to slip. As we tried, could not overpersuade them, even examples from life of the acquaintances and the family brought. So, one told that her uncle was born with a cleft lip, in the childhood performed on him several operations, and now he carries moustaches so nobody guesses that at it for a problem was. Another spoke about Beethoven who became deaf, but continued to write music and if he was killed as the disabled person, then we would not hear his many works.... Nobody overpersuaded anybody, everyone agreed to differ.

In several days after our dispute at lecture on philosophy the teacher touched upon a mercy subject. She started talking both about disabled people, and about unusual people. Why to such people to live on the earth? But because they teach us to good, tolerance, humanity, mercy. Helping these people, ourselves become better, we understand that we different, and each of us irrespective of existence or lack of disability has the right for luck. But it is necessary to begin with the childhood: it is not necessary to protect the children from communication with disabled people, and then, having matured, they will not consider disabled people as people of the lowest grade or “nedochelovekama“, will not offend them or to avoid.

Me this position is close to

, and I try to impart this attitude towards “other“, “unusual“ people to the little son and pupils. There is a strong wish to believe that Borya is surrounded now by the understanding people. Good luck to you, Boris!