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Milanka and mother: one day on two voices of

“Pi - pi - pi!“ The alarm clock - the mobile phone announces the beginning of new day. Milanka with pleasure snuffles, it would be possible to sleep and sleep still, but the parental duty calls. Five-year-old Kiryush should be sent to a garden.

I Dress

sleepy, he as always stipulates legitimate right “still to lie down“. Ten minutes later the son already costs in a corridor, ready to be shipped, and drinks tea. Obligatory “to sit on a path“, and a man`s half of a family goes to a garden and for work. I give some tea too: in the morning always getting terribly thirsty, probably, the organism fills the liquid spent for night milk.

“Ku - ku! And I, mummy, do not sleep. I lie to myself, I blink blue eyes. Since morning I kind and kind, agree to lie down alone, to look at the world. And now I want communication. At - and! And - la - la - la! Approach somebody the lonely girl!“

Pampers was removed, we lie - we sunbathe. A picture from the cycle “naked and ridiculous“. The younger generation jerks legs and crools, senior - reads aloud verses, irons a tummy and in passing drinks tea with something nice, laid up since evening. Even minutes forty prosperity, and the baby begins to yawn. We put on...

“Oh, what is it?! Why I am wrapped?! Svo - bo - du on - pu - hectare - holes! Svo - bo - du! Svo... àààààà, it is good - that as... Sweet dreams...“

About two months I honestly tried to convince to Milan that not swaddled child quickly gets used to the handles, and they do not disturb it at all. Perhaps they also did not disturb it, and here me - very much: moves hands, kryakhta and pykhta each ten minutes passion as bothered. Then I with surprise noted regularity: the child wrapped in a diaper falls asleep in one and a half minutes of active indignation of a parental arbitrariness, and sleeps tight, with pleasure and long. Now before each long dream we are swaddled. More precisely, “we polotenitsya“ because diapers of the big size were not in economy. And here a white towel of the size of half-sheets - most that, it is possible three to pack Milan into it. It lies poleshko round-headed and fluffy, blinks eyes and smiles...

“Pykh - py - py! Mothers, I woke up! Eh, all sleep, still to doze, perhaps... Morning exercises: eyes closed - eyes opened. No, it is not slept. Hnyk!“

we Wake up already finally. On hours eleven, quite it is possible to live. After cultivation of the son who forced all family to sleep exclusively on the first-come, first-served basis joint life with Milana seems to me the never-ending resort. I am just overflowed by gratitude to this little one for the fact that it such sweet, quiet, sociable. It was necessary to give birth to the second child to understand what high can be a motherhood.

we Put on - we wash, ride a ball, we do with mother stomach exercises with “weighting“. Weighting, by the way, nedurstvenny, in two months it weighs 6 kg. It is possible and be supported! The first feed children, the second - mothers.

“Eh, well! Aga... Gu - gu... Yg... I lie here, you understand, I examine a ceiling, I digest milk. Mother out of a visibility range something gryukat. Warmly. Chilly. Life smiles, and I together with it!“

during Milankiny full clemency I manage to cook to myself porridge (I very much love them), to eat, check mail and to sit on 7e. If clemency comes to an end earlier, than the interesting subject of conference, the baby moves for the computer.

is farther than

A - on weather. Either we put on and fall out on walking or we put on and... we stay at home. We open a window on all width, we load dithat into a carriage, we drive it to a window and, using all parental authority, we convince the baby that it on the street! We have the first floor, and lack of a balcony, of course, minus. But pulling of a carriage on walk does not turn for me into a daily feat. If on return from walking the mademoiselle continues to rest, the carriage goes there - under a window.

“Ua!! Ua!!! Aaaaaaaaa! Pull out me from here!! I want to eat! People! Somebody!“

Slept and got hungry. I during this time managed to eat, have a rest, make a dinner, to tidy up - to wash (in the presence of desire). In the absence of that - to sit behind a computer or the book. In the decree it is good...

we Are fed with

and again in a carriage. It is necessary to take away from a garden of the elder brother. Here you want - you do not want, pulled out “chariot“ and forward. We leave a carriage at a porch, mother flies up in group and gives to the son a task to put on. I run to and fro, at the same time it is necessary both to check clothing, and a carriage posterech - to katnut that the girl was not indignant.

In full strength we go to Palace of culture where Kirill is engaged in vocal studio. 45 - minute “practise“ during which I with a carriage cut circles on the area, hour on the road there and back - quite good walk before going to bed!

“At - àààààààà!! At - àààààààà! Everything is bad, bad, bad! Life is not lovely! Ah, why I was born!! At - an aaaa!!“

in the Evening of Milan usually not in the spirit of. Whether the impressions in a day demanding judgment and a vyplakivaniye collect, whether the stomach aches, whether still what children`s problems torment our girl. So before going to bed we spend two hours in sobbings. The breast is spat out, the pacifier is rejected, the rattle is perceived as the personal enemy. Therefore whenever possible I just sit, having laid the mademoiselle a stomach to myself on knees - only in such situation she agrees to establish silence indoors. But, despite a desperate protest of the little one, Kiryusha is fed, obikhozhen and iskupan. Sitting on the sofa in a pajamas, he absorbs oranges and looks “Good night, kids!“ . When I carry Lana to bathe, the son runs afterwards. Obligatory attribute of bathing - our singing on two voices of a song about dolphins, which kind and wet. Our not too kind dolphin looks from a tray clever eyes and philosophically allows to wash himself, to pull out and turn. We are dried, dressed, fed. We listen to the book which I read to Kiryushe, or we already snuffle. The light is turned off, the son is laid. I lay down near my beauty. I nestle on a warm little body. My God, as I love it!

“Pykh... py... py...“


There now, it doobnimatsya. Woke. Sleep, the Sun.