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As it is easy to be mother!

would be desirable to Begin the story to me with itself. Call me Alain, I am 20 years old. My daughter - one and a half years. Now it seems to me that my baby all life was near... But there was everything not so. For the first time I became pregnant when to me there were 17. Of course, I wanted to make abortion, but it did not happen, however soon I all the same lost the child: on term 5 - ti months there was an abortion. I lived, naturally, with parents, more precisely, with mother. I graduated from school, but to arrive to study did not hurry further - of course, with me there lived my boyfriend who provided me, and I cooked to him soups...

the Second my pregnancy happened a year later after an abortion... I did not feel either nausea, or other symptoms of pregnancy and was slightly shocked with the situation... I cannot tell that I wanted the child, but about abortion there was no thought even, I just tried to reconcile to what to appear the child... Pregnancy proceeded quite well, even dug beds at the dacha, but to lie down on preservation everything is it was necessary - there was a disclosure of a neck of a uterus, but doctors did not begin to react in any way. So generally in hospital I have just a rest. But the end of pregnancy was at the same time both heavy, and pleasant. Long I could not go, very much pulled a stomach, but lay much, and to me even brought in bed to eat.

When time to give birth came, I did not give birth and from a sofa practically did not get down. The stomach was just enormous, and it seemed to me that I will be pregnant eternally. And here on 41 - oh to week everything is I went to maternity hospital. It was frightening, but everything passed well, and I gave birth to the daughter weighing 4310 gr, 56 cm in height

At first to me it was terrible

, nipples hurt, the child lost weight, and, having arrived home, I decided to refuse practically breastfeeding, but, fortunately, the pediatrician came and perfectly me explained everything that to what (for what to it special gratitude). Thanks to it I feed the daughter to this day.

Remembering the state after the delivery now, I am surprised and is almost sure that the maternal instinct is started during feeding. There were difficult moments and bitter, for example, when my mother died, but happy is much bigger! I am grateful to God that he gave me this pleasure, and I do not present myself to lives without this baby any more. Also I do not understand how it is possible not to want the child though itself “mother“ was once not ready to carry a proud rank. I am sure that together we will be able more, we have very strong emotional connection. And I am very happy. Also it would be desirable will address future mummies who are overcome by sensation of fear. If you are not afraid, then give birth, you nurse children! And then you will become the happiest. At least, I very much hope for it... Also I consider, it is possible, it already happened to me. And mother, by the way, to be very easy when you love and you feel love of the kid.