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At you there lives a turtle of

When the season of sale of turtles begins, I see how they are carried from pet-shops, at me the mood for a long time spoils. The future honor at all these animals, to put it mildly, unenviable. Many buy turtles that the child had a toy. And a toy it is possible not to feed, it is possible to knock on it, than will take in head, it is possible to leave it on the street or at the dacha. However and those turtles at whom do not look how on a toy, as a rule, do not cause big love in their owners. And for what to love them? Eternally cold, with extinct eyes, clumsy, creep hardly - hardly, slightly that - hide in an armor. There passes a little time, and these owners of turtles begin to look for to whom to give them. There are, of course, also good owners who with sympathy treat the pets. But often and they do not suspect that in their house there were amazing animals.

Sluggish and slow?. Anything similar!

of the Turtle, as well as people, rely generally on the sight. The world surrounding them is full of paints. Searching for food, they pay attention first of all to its color and only then already to a smell and taste.


to the Mediterranean, Balkan and other turtles living on the land especially likes everything that has red color. During experiences the most attractive to them were red apples and bananas which they eat red onions and a celery which they never eat, and even red pieces of a tree, paper, plastic. Turtles treat favourably and green color, but prefer light-green tone darkly - green.

Sluggishness and slowness of turtles entered sayings which were thought up by the people who are badly knowing these animals.

the Central Asian (steppe) turtles who are especially often contained in house conditions rise to mountains by height to 2000 meters above sea level. They quietly go on steep stone terraces. Turtles with a large head are inhabitants of the streams and small rivers flowing among the virgin mountain forests of Youzhny of China, Burma and the Indochina peninsula, having gone to hunting, climb abrupt coast, inclined trunks of trees, branches. The box-shaped turtles living on Hugo - the East of Canada, in the east, and also in the central states of the USA and in Northern Mexico, having appeared in bondage, climb a wire grid of the shelter which height about 80 centimeters.

Ya knew the Central Asian turtle who got to the hostess into a bed and slept under a blanket near her legs. One of marsh turtles who ran away from a terrarium without effort scrambled on a lacy curtain to its top.

Especially bright. The Mediterranean turtles - males run, persistently pursuing females who look for rescue from them in bushes, in a dense grass. However males use the armors, knock them on armors of the darlings, bite them for legs and force to leave a shelter. If several males apply for attention of a female, they grab each other the head, legs and can put serious wounds.

the American marsh turtles - males try to obtain an arrangement of females in every way. Having appeared near the darlings, they swing the hung head here and there. But their most original number such: from a mouth and nostrils the stream of water which precisely gets into physiognomies of females takes off.

krasnoukhy turtles - males look after females Even more skillfully. These turtles - the most ordinary inhabitants of akvaterrarium. In the nature they live in small lakes and ponds with low boggy coast in the east of the USA, and also in North - east Mexico. The couple in love settles down in water very peculiar. The female slowly floats forward, and the male who is directly before her - back. At the same time his forepaws with long claws are extended forward, and he manages to hold them very close from the head of a female. In completion of all of a paw of a male shiver, and claws therefore tickle a chin and cheeks of a female.

Clever and provident

many people who are convinced that turtles not only sluggish, sluggish beings, but also stupid Will be. However it is also not true.


Professor Leonid Viktorovich Krushinsky made experiments, as far as I know, only in the world, proved that turtles have a reason that they are capable to think. Except turtles the most different birds and animals participated in experiments. To all of them set the same logical task. All of them had to think: where the food disappeared?

the First turtle, as well as the others then, was brought in the room and left near a feeding trough. The turtle approached her, began to eat. But there passed several minutes, and the feeding trough began to move slowly on a rail to the left. The turtle followed her. And there was unexpected - the delicacy dropped out of its sight: the feeding trough was behind a wooden screen. Now everything depended on mental capacities of a turtle. To continue a breakfast, she had to think in what direction the food moves ahead.

Pigeons and voles to whom this task was offered earlier than to a turtle, could not solve it. Rabbits, having lost food, jumped, without knowing where. Hens looked for grains which were just pecked where they disappeared. And ducks, having looked for food, tried to make the way to it through a wooden screen, without understanding that it is impossible to make it.

Unlike all of them the turtle went along a screen to the left and continued a breakfast.

participated In experiments both the turtles living on the land, and living in water - European marsh and Caspian. And all of them perfectly coped with a task.

About ingenuity of turtles are told also by other facts. The turtles living in the desert, in particular gophers (but not everything but only some of them), after small rare rains pools in which water can stay even six hours do.

of the places suitable for an otkladka of eggs less, Recently, and marsh turtles began to lay eggs in nests of alligators. In these nests of a laying of turtles perish from predators less often.

of the Turtle, having appeared in bondage, quickly enough accustom to new conditions. They cease to be afraid of the person, take food from his hands. If they are fed in the same hours and in the same place, they come there in due time. Some owners are convinced that their turtles know the name.

At liberty - long-livers, and in bondage?

of the Turtle treat animals - long-livers. Krasnoukhiye there live 30 years, gophers - more than 50, Mediterranean - 125, giant - to 200, and the large sea turtles living in the ocean - till 300 years. However hundreds of thousands, millions of turtles, having appeared under a roof of the person, at people of the different countries, as a rule, there do not live more than two years. The reason - the wrong contents.

Having bought

the Central Asian or any other turtle living on the land it is impossible to provide the room or the apartment in its order. It leads to the fact that animals are traumatized, catch a cold. The turtle can only have a house one - a terrarium, and rather spacious: the animal has to have an opportunity to go freely.

On a bottom of a terrarium place soil from three to ten centimeters thick. If there is no soil, at a turtle claws are erased, legs are deformed. On soil put a box or something another in what the turtle could hide. The shelter is done where it is always cool: on not warmed site.

heat Source in a terrarium - the glow lamp. The majority of overland turtles feels well at a temperature from +20 to +35 degrees.

needs to take out turtles on the sun in the Summer. The best for them at this time - the fenced site at the dacha. The protection has to be such, especially at the earth that turtles could not escape. In the shelter it is possible to seed seeds of a clover, a dandelion, peas, other plants. In it surely there have to be shelters and water.

in the Winter of turtles, especially young, and them is that always and sell, it is necessary to irradiate with quartz or eritemny lamps.

feed with

of Young turtles one - twice a day, adult, from 10 centimeters long, arrange once a week “hungry“ day.

All overland turtles eat

plants. Therefore their menu has to consist of vegetables, fruit, greens, stalks and leaves of peas, leaves of wild plants: dandelion, clover, plantain. That the turtle did not eat only any one type of a forage, firm vegetables and fruit are grated and mixed. Add leaves of a dandelion and other plants, and also small cut nettle to this mix, in the winter in the summer - a dried nettle, oats sprouts. Besides, turtles need to give boiled rice and potatoes. It is better to exclude often recommended bread with milk from their diet.

It is considered p that overland turtles do not eat anything, except plants. However supervision over turtles in the nature showed that plants - not their only food. They eat baby birds of the birds nesting on the earth, various invertebrates and even drop, excrements of the person and animals. Therefore in the menu of overland turtles, in fruit - voovoshchny mix it is necessary to include mincemeat or fresh meat pieces: to a turtle with a length of armor of 5 - 10 centimeters - 0,5 - 4 grams, with a length of armor of 20 - 30 centimeters - 10 - 20 grams. Forcemeat can be replaced with flour worms or snails.

to Turtles needs to give to

polyvitamins which are on sale now, and bone meal - a source of calcium both others macro - and minerals: to a turtle with an armor of 4 - 6 centimeters - 0,2 grams, a turtle with an armor of 6 - 7 centimeters - 0,4 grams and a turtle with an armor of 7 - 10 centimeters - 0,5 grams.

Once in two weeks of turtles bathe in warm, 35-degree, water. It promotes clarification of intestines and stimulates appetite. Water for bathing, as well as for drink, use otstoyanny: staid 1 - 2 days in bank with a wide throat. After bathing of turtles well wipe a towel that they did not catch a cold.

When in the fall the turtle begins to do to

attempts to bury in soil, it means that it is ready to wintering. The turtle is bathed, then week not fed then per day - two move in the cold room and, at last, stacked in a wooden box with a laying from a moss 20 - 30 centimeters thick and covered with dry leaves. Temperature during wintering - to +8 degrees.

Fresh-water turtles, including krasnoukhy, have to live in akvaterrariuma or in aquariums with a suspended island. It is better that such aquarium was from plexiglas. Two turtles with a length of armor of 20 - 30 centimeters require 150 - 200 liters of water.

the Island have

in the center of an aquarium, approximately on 1/3 area of the basis. Make it of two plexiglas plates, identical by the sizes, which fix at an acute angle to each other by means of a wire. On top, do to an inclined plane, a plate poles or notches that it was easier for turtle to get on it. And one edge of this plate is lowered in water. The lower plate immerse all in water. It has to settle down parallel to a bottom and at such depth that the turtle, being on it, could raise the head over water and breathe. When in an aquarium there is an island, a turtle, having appeared on the top plate, is on the land and if she gets on the lower plate, then will be on shoal. The heating device is installed over an island. Water temperature in an aquarium for krasnoukhy turtles has to be from +20 to +28 degrees, and air - from +20 to +30 degrees.

Young turtles grow at

quicker if they have water constantly pure. When replacing water use only the settled water.

of Fresh-water turtles feed with fish, frogs, newborn mice, fresh-water mollusks, shrimps, crickets, cockroaches, earthworms, a crank, water fleas, pieces of meat, a liver, fillet of a squid. Besides, they are given salad, cabbage, carrots, apples, dandelion leaves, a duckweed, various seaweed.

feed with

of Young turtles till two years every day, adults - two - three times a week. Fish young people are given small cut, with bones, the adult - big pieces or entirely. It is extremely undesirable to feed turtles with the capelin and other fat fish. The frozen fish is defrozen and given to warm. The menu of turtles should not be monotonous. If they are long fed only with fish, arise hypo - and avitaminosis. To fresh-water turtles, as well as overland, it is necessary to give vitamins, calcium, and they need to be irradiated with ultraviolet rays.