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How to live up to 150 years?

Different researches assure: actions simple, available to all promise 3, 5 excess years of life... If to put bonuses, it turns out that it is possible to live more than 100 years. To trust or not?

Minute you laugh - for 5 minutes you live longer

Actually. Naturally, nobody marked with a stop watch who how many he laughs and as long lives. Similar research cannot be conducted - life expectancy is influenced by the mass of factors and to allocate from them only one laughter is unreal.

However good mood and a positive spirit - an essential factor of longevity. Only the laughter does not prolong our life, and just does not shorten it, as opposed to a stress and nervous intensity which definitely are risk factors of development of a set of diseases.

you eat

40% less - you live by 1,5 times longer

Actually. The fact that reduction of caloric content of a diet extends life was proved by scientists of university of Virginia (USA) still in 30 - x years of the XX century. But - on mice, fishes, frogs... When put into a low-calorie diet primacies, results turned out not so impressive.

of 5 rules of low-calorie longevity

the American gerontologist and the immunologist doctor Ray Walford output such rules.
  • First of all it is necessary to grow - restrictive diets are categorically contraindicated to children.
  • it is necessary to Change players and caloric content of a diet gradually. Rigid diets and long starvation shorten life rather.
  • should not fall lower than 2000 kcal a day for men and 1800 kcal a day for women (exceptions happen, but they are individual).
  • by
  • Choose the products containing a maximum of nutrients at a minimum of calories; surely eat fruit and vegetables.
  • Refuse empty calories, first of all the refined sugar.
the Group of the American and Italian experts counted

that for achievement how many - nibud notable effect it is necessary to be content 1000 - 1100 kcal a day. But on a low-calorie diet the risk of other problems with health which will nullify the “rejuvenating“ effect is big.

“Should interpret carefully the results received on animals. It is not obvious at all that the same laws will work at the person: he comes under much bigger influence of external environment. It is worth working in this direction still“, - Thomas Kirkvud, the director of Institute of aging (Newcastle, Great Britain) warns.

Go on foot for 30 minutes of 5 times a week - and you will prolong life for 2 years

Actually. The given formula - result of experiment of scientists from Harvard university. They all - navsy decided to define an obligatory minimum of physical activity which is required to avoid a hypodynamia and diseases connected with it. As experimental chose 72 thousand nurses. It became clear that at those who daily went more than half an hour on a third the risk of development of a stroke decreases. As a result physicians formulated the federal recommendation: for maintenance of health it is necessary to go on foot not less than half an hour in day. One of fashionable trends - nordic walking.

the Harvard walking program

How exactly needs to go that the advantage was maximum? The American physicians concretize.
  • you Hold fast, uniform rate of walking. If you begin to choke, be slowed down - nobody demands records from you.
  • Straighten a back, slightly pull in a stomach, raise the head, straighten shoulders, do not strain a hand.
  • Smoothly roll foot from a heel on a sock.
  • step Length - is slightly less than average. If you want to accelerate - do not extend steps, and increase their frequency.
  • Increase loading gradually, especially if were not engaged in fitness earlier.

Work with
creatively - and you will live for 6,5 years longer

Actually. This conclusion was drawn on the basis of research of scientists from university of the State of Texas who declared:“ Working in pleasure, the person avoids the main negative factor - a chronic stress“. Besides “creators“, as a rule, better sleep and more correctly eat.

On what health and life expectancy depend?
(According to WHO data)
But should be

honest: research it not medical and sociological, in the form of a telephone survey. Scientists were interested where volunteers how many receive whether they are happy with work work and as feel. At those who by the nature of a profession solved complex intellectual challenges indicators of health appeared at the level of more young people occupied with physical or simple brainwork. The difference on average values (but not excess years of life) made 6,7 years.

Result: to set aside arithmetics!

Life - not the mathematical example, in it is not present the place to simple addition and subtraction of years. Otherwise the longevity problem simply would not exist.

So far all scientists meet in one: the most reliable way of extension of life - prevention of diseases. Illnesses strongly worsen quality of life. Improve - high education level, social and physical activity, healthy habits, good mood and especially good dream!

If you want to live longer - you do not pursue fashionable recipes, and just do not reduce the term which is released by the nature. The balanced food and physical activity together with regular routine inspections at the doctor - the most reliable formula of longevity. It - the simplest.