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Happy days of mother and sonny of

At 8 o`clock we get up, we do massage and charging, we have breakfast, we play together: we collect pyramids, mosaics, we build towers of cubes. During games the happy laughter and squeal is heard. We do a break and we suck a breast. Still we are on breastfeeding in spite of the fact that 1 year 3 months. So far the son still needs a mother`s milk. And at night including. When time comes, he will refuse. I plan to feed till 2 years if there are no objections from its party.

we Lay down on 1 day dream. Will have a sleep 2 hours. And I admire as my sweet angel sleeps. We wake up, we eat and we go for walk. Let`s look in the yard or in park of kitties, pigeons, doggies. Let`s look at cars. Everything that surrounds it is interesting to it. And if there was a rain only recently, so 30 min. we examine a pool. And in the course of knowledge he loudly comments on something. He tells what in this pool is: stones, branches. Everything that will see, everything shows me.

we Come home, we eat. We sit down to read fairy tales, we thumb through colourful interesting books. The most favourite about pancake, a sparrow and a mouse. Very much pancake is pleasant to it. On each page pancake shows and attentively listens to the fairy tale. We draw finger-type paints on paper, then we pass into a bathroom and we continue games there. Since we draw not only on paper, but also on tights, and on a shirt. He very much likes to these to be engaged. After bathing we are smeared with children`s oil that skin of the kid after soap was not overdried that the kid liked to bathe and did not become in the future the dirty creature who does not like to wash. Toys are always present when bathing. Something is pleasant to be poured and poured to it very much somewhere. For it the bathroom is associated with very interesting game.

we Cook food. Until mother is busy with cooking, the son plays pans, spoons, onions throws. Something puts in something. We meet the father from work. We feed him. And together we begin to play with the son any games.

Suited time to the kid to depart to a dream. We put on a pizhamka, we turn on the music for kids. The son sucks mummy. The kid falls asleep, and mother goes to drink tea, to wash tights... And then to sleep. No, there is nothing more perfectly, than to be always near the kid.