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The simple foundation of physical culture

“Bases of a healthy lifestyle is laid since the birth, and it is even better till the birth“. Being guided by this principle, I tried to conduct the entire period of expectation of the child actively - a pregnant way of life.

For a start decided to go to work on foot - morning foty-minute walk perfectly invigorated a body and refreshed thoughts. Several times a week did gymnastics (of half an hour to an hour, depending on a state and mood). In order that it was not boring, periodically changed exercises. My complex combined elements of yoga (breathing exercises) and a stretching for pregnant women are special exercises which basis the slow static extension is. They carefully and effectively warmed and warmed up muscles, sheaves, joints. I noticed that I should not working couple of days as the body itself began to demand physical activity. The first trimester of pregnancy I was engaged with usual intensity, and from the middle of the second ceased to do exercises on a back, and did some elements sitting on a chair.

Comment Mother, and you forgot how we with you danced under songs of the Emir Kusturica? It was very cheerful, I so ridiculously jumped in your tummy! I, by the way, too did gymnastics, but, generally preferred to do it in the evening: fulfilled moves hands and legs, mastered boxing receptions. And, of course, I very much liked to swim in a tummy, only then became very much - very closely.

When turmoil of the first days of the house with the baby settled a little, we with Milena began to do baby gymnastics and to do massage. Morning - the daughter after a dream usually vigorous and cheerful became the most successful time for this purpose. I stroke, I knead gentle rotary motions and slightly - slightly I poshlepyvat it handles and legs small pillows of fingers, I roll them between the palms, I iron a tummy clockwise, I mass each finger on handles and legs, I draw the eights on stupnyakh and palms.

Doing gymnastics, we do “bicycle“, “we walk“, we bend legs together and in turn, we part in sides of a leg, we cross handles, we lift them in the parties, forward and up. Each exercise was done at first on 6 times, gradually finished to 14. Still we carry out elements of dynamic gymnastics: we do “pendulum“, the daughter hangs top legs, and still the husband rotates the baby, holding for the handle and a leg.

Comment Oh, this my most favourite - to hang for a while the top legs, to do some flying, turn round and round in father`s hands. So fine, even takes the breath away! And still at this time it is interesting to examine faces of grandmothers: they suddenly begin to sigh and gasp, ridiculously round eyes and swing the head.

Should tell

that I do not forget about gymnastics too. When Milena was absolutely small (months to three), I took her on hands, turned on the cheerful and vigorous music, did squats, running on the spot, moves by legs forward and in the parties, rose by a sock and fell by a heel, danced with the daughter on hands. The baby was my small gantelky which became gradually heavier and heavier, smoothly increasing mother`s loading. By the way, if Milena was capricious, then during mother`s gymnastics she always calmed down.

On walk when the daughter slept, I was engaged too - did extensions or went a fast pace with a carriage. Roads often left much to be desired therefore I had to raise, lower a carriage that too can be regarded as physical activity.


Still to me was very much helped by a fitball. Sitting on it is mute, I rocked to sleep the daughter, and at the same time and strengthened the hips. With Pretty we too approximately since a month began to be engaged on a fitball for strengthening of a vestibular mechanism and ability to own the body. We shake the daughter forward - back and to the right - to the left, we jump up on a ball.

Comment Frankly speaking, I from a fitball not always in big delight. In the right frame of mind I like to jump on it, but sometimes I more just like to take for a drive him on a floor.

Unfortunately, on medical indications to us it was impossible to go to the pool therefore we decided to do swimming of the house. The cap with foam inserts became the Milenkiny admission in a big bathtub. At first the daughter actively froliced in water: made a start legs from a bathtub side, splashed handles, with pleasure did “eights“. But when grew up a little, suddenly ceased to want to float and just preferred to luxuriate in water. I tried to reduce water temperature, but it did not affect Milena - the daughter continued to relax in a bathroom instead of active swimming. I decided not to insist. Perhaps, the baby needed to have a rest after busy day and to remove stress.

Even before childbirth I read

about the developing Glen Doman`s technique in which he paid special attention to crawling as stimulation not only physical, but also intellectual development. We with Milena began to master crawling art almost since the birth. I stacked the daughter on a tummy, held up the hand under patches, and the baby made a start from it. In 5 months Milena learned to creep on - plastoon.

Comment Still not to learn

! I as now, I remember that mother showed me something silvery, rustling, shining. Showed and postponed away. And what I needed to do?! Of course, I spread and grabbed the trophy!

After the first experiences of crawling we spread more cover on a floor and lowered on it the daughter. The big space very much was pleasant to Milenke, and soon she crept is already sure and quickly. I stimulated the daughter: constructed for it labyrinths and obstacles of their pillows and rollers from a mattress, displayed toys, itself became a barrier - laid down on a floor, and Milena tried to scramble on me. However, this smart young lady quickly thought that the obstacle can be bypassed.

B of 7,5 months the daughter mastered a new type of crawling - on all fours, then learned to get up at a support and to go along it.

Comment Yes, I like to creep! Already investigated almost all apartment: got into all cases, the washing machine. By the way, it is gymnastics too. It is necessary to crawl (quicker until mother turned away), to reach the handle, to rise, open a door and how to slap it! And then once again, and once again!

Now to Milena 9 months, and we brought which - what amendments in her physical training. It became more difficult to do massage and gymnastics. It is not interesting to daughter to lie long in one pose, all the time it is necessary to creep, somersault somewhere. It is necessary to distract the baby toys, to build her ridiculous mugs or to do massage in the most intricate poses! The daughter can already do some exercises. For example, “Birdie“. I speak to Milenke:“ Departed, departed“. It joyfully waves handles.

We began to pay special attention to maintenance of natural flexibility: carefully we stretch out (certainly, after warm-up), we tighten legs to a face. To our big pride the pediatrician always marks out Milenkina an extension.

On walks we spend time very actively now: we go for handles, we ride a swing, a small hill, we study world around. Still Milena has very much fun when I run with a carriage on paths of park. And mother in a tone, and the child is happy.

do not have

In our physical training any special secrets, techniques, we do not put any most important tasks. We try to interweave physical culture into development of the child smoothly. The main thing - to impart to the baby love to the movement, sport, active lifestyle.