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English on finger-tips, or my infidelic of

the Review of resources on remote studying of languages

We studied Dao English at school, we taught it at university, we teach it more than ten years (and what years!), but whether, here, we know it? Question, seems, rhetorical.
At most of the Soviet and Post-Soviet students knowledge of English remains at the level of “Elementary“, i.e. at the How many time?-Six watch level - “To So much?“ - “Whom how... ’“
“Perhaps something in conservatory to correct?“ - told once Zhvanetsky. I do not know how into the account of conservatory, but obviously to one - everyone has to have an own way of development of infidelic languages, infidelic Dao.
How to choose this way? Very simply: it is necessary to go to the Network and quietly to understand everything. It is possible that the way remote and, the main thing, individual studying will be closest to you. On this way we will also go today.

At first should visit the most advanced and comprehensive portals devoted to studying of language.

One of the best (both according to contents, and on registration) - the www project. study. ru, its official name “English: Resources Internet. Training in foreign languages“. Here you will find information on where it is possible to learn qualitatively and cheap a foreign language what training materials for this purpose will be required what types of service appear to individuals and the organizations in the different cities of Russia and abroad (it for those who prefer a traditional way of studying of language). However one of the most interesting sections of the website - “On - line English lessons“, prepared by teachers of the educational center “Lingva. Ru“. Everyone with the level of knowledge of English not below Pre - Intermediate can be engaged on them free of charge. Approximately, it is the level of high school. Now in the section of 14 lessons, but their number constantly increases. For adults it is an excellent opportunity to refresh a school and institute course in memory, and for school students - the free exercise machine. The main advantage the Internet - the teacher - he is not tired, is not angry, is always ready to be engaged with you and instantly checks tasks. On the website there is a selection of dictionaries, a reading room, personals, the section of the English humour, a collection of useful links and it is a lot more - much another. In a word, very competent and qualitative resource. It is the best of all to begin remote studying of language with it.


Despite homeliness of a decor and pretentiousness of the name the Internet - the English portal is made carefully and with love and will be useful many mastering and already knowing Shakespeare`s language at any level - beginning or continuing, colloquial or written, with the dictionary or with a phrasebook. Reference books, dictionaries, grants, tests, crossword puzzles, the catalog the Internet - resources, information on bookstores, recommendations to parents and... all or almost everything that has though some relation to English.

the “If You Want to Know English“ project is Very good

(www. lang. ru). Here all main questions concerning school students, entrants, parents, translators and those who learn language independently are considered. Really it is a lot of information on the website, however navigation is not always transparent and quite florid. It is enough to tell that each word of the name (“If you want to know English“) is the navigation button and conducts in the corresponding subsection, but to foresee here what the section, quite difficult will be. However, on the website there is one more menu - the basic, very detailed. In it will easily get lost too if you definitely do not know that you look for. However all these formal shortcomings are compensated by richness of contents. Here you will find full information on resources, courses, grants and examinations, lessons of English and tests in the Internet. And also all about private teachers and children`s language camps, about a language course and training abroad (the organizations in Russia and Great Britain). Sections are submitted:“ English for business “and“ literary English“ where a competition of the translations, “Club of pen friends“ and “A chat in English“ is held. For experts on history and traditions - a daily competition with prizes. In the section “Test of Spelling“ you are offered to gain correctly the English values of the Russian words offered by system.


It is easy and the website English is cheerfully made. ru. Design - in style of graffiti. Contents corresponds. For example, probably, only here you “learn to use correctly the words `Fuck` and `Shit`“ (I am not expressed, it at them the name of article it, by the way, quite sensible article). Here you also learn “about all possible and impossible ways to hand over TOEFL“, will be able to take several free lessons on - line, will find the big explanatory dictionary of the American slang, crossword puzzles, games and many other things. However, on the website there is both quite serious and useful information - review articles about where and how to study, about programs, grants, the international examinations, and also a big and qualitative selection of the annotated references to thematic resources.

If you the nature which is looking for and inclined to experiments in the field of education, then for certain is pleasant to you the website of remote education - Anri Education System. Here more than forty various techniques of studying of language are collected. Beginning from the traditional sounded course (818 lessons) and finishing with such exotic methods as “Studying of English at the subconscious level“ “A course on the basis of the movie “MATRIX“ or “Language of the American Street“. It is possible to learn language through the British myths, legends and fairy tales; using the program for increase in a lexicon of EZ Memo Booster; easily reading the English literature; studying modal verbs, articles, topics. You will teach to write the composition on the set subject, to use the English times, it is correct to choose a verb, to use a slang and aphorisms in informal conversation. In a word, either you will go crazy, or learn language in perfection. The third is not given...

It is frequent at delivery final, introductory, qualification and so forth examinations preparation of the small oral or written composition on the set subject is required (so-called“ topic“). I know from the experience that the composition of these topics - occupation quite boring as subjects set all the teeth on edge for a long time (My Family; About Myself; My School; My Friend; My Working Day; My Hobby; My Future Profession; My Flat etc. indefinitely).

the Website “English for Everybody“ partly will help you to solve this problem. Here you will find more than one hundred topics (do not forget to change only biographical particulars in the story “about myself“). By the way, except topics you can find “exhaustive information on the English-speaking countries, their geographical position, economy, policy, culture, history“ here. It is not necessary to climb encyclopedias more. On the website is a little bit the English dialogues, ridiculous stories and software for studying of language. Creators promise that all this good “will become ten times more soon“.

the Huge collection of references to the resources connected with studying of English is here.

Studying of any subject comes to an end with examinations.

On the Exams pages. you will find ru the most detailed information on all international examinations in English as foreign, will be able to pass sample tests, to pick up manuals and a language course for preparation for examinations. Examinations in English are broken into several groups:
“General English“ - TOEFL, IELTS, CPE, CAE, FCE, PET, KET, ESOL;
“Business English“ - BEC1, BEC2, BEC3, CEIBT;
“English for teachers“ - CEELT1, CEELT2.
Information on the examinations which did not enter this classification - in the section “Other Examinations“. you Want to learn
where it is possible to be prepared? For this purpose there is a section “Where to Prepare“.
Useful links: official site of examinations of TOEFL, TSE and TWE, official site of examination of IELTS, information on all Cambridge examinations and others.

I in conclusion, as usual, homework. There are several references where you can check the gained knowledge:

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