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To make everything, or my experience GV

Long thought what to begin the story with... My experience is not ideal, it is not an example for imitation and does not approach as the head in the book of care of the kid...

during pregnancy I also did not think that there are problems with GV. Or rather, I heard about it, but turned a deaf ear because I was sure, my breasts will not bring me! I even thought to buy system of storage of milk (well that did not buy).

I here 40th week.... Patrimonial... Fights... Pain... Pain... Pain... Attempts... Daughter... Hurrah! I am a mother! Give me it! Let will receive those invaluable drops of colostrum about which tells the whole world! But the daughter did not take a breast. Just lay at me on a tummy, coiled and looked at me. It was taken away on traditional procedures. And after 12 - hour pain I as that also did not think that it is bad. Frankly speaking, I could not think at all.

I here we in chamber of joint stay. I sit and look at the daughter as charmed. And she sleeps... Hour, two, three... The nurse came and speaks: “The breast was eaten?“ I: “No, she sleeps!“ “Well and that? They can sleep days, and will look at it? Give, feed!“ Well, try to give a breast to the kid who sleeps very tight. And even then it was difficult to force to be eaten. And if she also did me a favor, sucked reluctantly and fingered me more, than ate. It led to cracks on nipples and terrible pain during feeding.

I here we houses. Began to get used to a role of mother. Everything was as in books: we sleep 3 hours, we eat, or rather we pretend that we eat, again we sleep. But in three weeks all sharply exchanged! The baby ceased to sleep! Will have a sleep 20 minutes, cries, turns. Began to write off all for infantile gripes, but maternal heart prompted: business here in something another.

the First visit of policlinic was as a doomsday: we gained only 10 grams! In three weeks...

Tried to fight for milk. Both “Mlekoin“ drank, and tea with milk, and ate well, and put often... Effect “zero“. The daughter began to cry at a breast and to coil. And I cried together with it. Unless for this purpose I gave birth to the baby? Unless my child deserves such got down? She wants to eat! And what I for mother if I cannot even feed her? Came to the decision: it is necessary to finish feeding mix. At first breast, then mix. Painfully, offensively, cried when fed from a small bottle. I wanted to be the real mother! Then the daughter began to see off less time at a breast...

A since September 3 it ceased a breast is in general. I had to be decanted each three hours and to feed the baby from a small bottle. As it is good that mother presented me on the daughter`s birth a milk pump with small bottles!

But, probably, the nature sometimes helps mothers. And, as they say, there`s no evil without good! On October 25 my baby choked with the newspaper and so that nearly died. All right, I though did not become puzzled. And after that I began its thicket to put to sleep with myself. And in the first morning she began to eat tityu! I did not think that in 6,5 months it is possible to return GV. We began to eat tityu 2 times - in the morning and sometimes in the evening. Of course, it was so easier for me though it is possible to be decanted less often.

I feeding up time came here. Titya did not become necessary again. Sometimes sleepy, sometimes through fight, sometimes (very seldom) daughter sucked a breast. But it it is impossible to call GV. It is self-deception and self-complacency. To it - that it is not necessary! I should have nursed it not to feel guilty.

of Times in three days... Here the feeding mode was such the last 2 months...

I do not nurse

A since December 25. Also I am not decanted. Everything, end of my experience of GV. Sadly very much, I try not to think of it. In total - till 8 months finished feeding. But all the same somewhere in soul the thought “Or perhaps full-fledged happiness not only in GV is cut?“


to my baby executed on April 22 year. And I very much hope that I made everything in order that it was happy and healthy!