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Life gave weeds also happiness of

Never thought that I will meet morning with 4 kids. Now the eldest son finishes the 11th class, and younger - 7 - oh. They as a real man pokhrapyvat in the room, and not I awake them now, and two dolls who were born half a year ago, their twin sisters. Our most favourite girls. And there is so much tenderness in eyes, hands and speeches of a man`s half of our family that at mother with happiness tears of the pressing delight well up.

In a family I was the only child, but I was not indulged, brought up in severity. And in the far childhood I resolved what to live without sister or the brother - it is wrong. I will surely give birth to the boy and the girl. No, I will recover, very much wanted surely the daughter. But... There were boys what I am not sorry about at all. For fun said to all that I will wait then for the granddaughter. The thought of the third child did not arise rather experience of our friends who decided on the girl, gave to three couples boys again. Times were hard, and the dream remained dream. There were years, we raised the beloved sonnies, to me passed for 35. And here unexpectedly two of our colleagues (we work with the husband at one school) went to the decree. What it? But 39 years, and another - 40 were one. Now it is not a rarity, but for me became full opening. You will not believe, nearly an every night I in a dream began to see the daughter or children. I “got sick“.

One morning I told

to the husband that I want to test pleasure of motherhood again, and without postponing. The husband supported me at once. We so tried! But there passed month, another, the third, and long-awaited pregnancy did not come. To tell that I was in despair, it is not enough. What only thoughts did not climb in the head: both old, and sick moreover with a negative Rhesus factor of blood. But in February of last year the test showed treasured 2 stripes. I ran in a drugstore and bought five more. Checked 5 days in a row and saw already not faintly - pink hyphens, and accurate affirmative lines. It is so much emotions! Came true! Cruel toxicosis began in the first month. But I suffered, became thin. In 2 months unpleasant feelings ended. Remembered day of the first ultrasonography well. The doctor, having read my direction on ultrasonography of bodies of a small pelvis, started inspection and... changed countenance.

- you are pregnant, - he told.
- I know, - I answered.
- So abortion already to do late, term big.
- And what, there are indications to interruption? - I grew cold. there is no
- but you have twins.
- That? Is that so!


U me began to whirl the head. In a sort at us never it was, heredity was excluded. The mixed feelings, confused thoughts. On wadded legs I rose from a couch. Shock. Home flew with joyful news to the husband, holding the conclusion in hand. The following the husband felt shock. Began to joke, and suddenly there 2 more boys? Correctly speak, pregnancy is not an illness, but a state of mind. I flew on wings and watched dreams about two girls now. When my babies grew up, the next research defined their sex - girls - twins! The dream came true. There was a spring, clean air, young greens, the sun, birdies and my uncontrollable tears of happiness. I stood at a birch, ironed it and whispered: “Thanks, My God!“

our long-awaited girls were born at birthday of the eldest son. Now we will have a threefold holiday. Careful and attentive men worship cheerful, amusing and such beautiful little sisters. The father on each free change runs home to kiss mother and daughters, walks with a carriage and reads fairy tales. I have many assistants and nobody is irritated by children`s crying or a sleep debt. Now I know: in 38 years life gave a new round, flight and happiness!