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Blinds and rolled curtains of PRiS - save money, protect health of

Residents of Russia know about blinds, including them an interior subject mainly for offices a little. Meanwhile, this convenient and beautiful element of a decor not only helps to preserve health and to prolong life, but also to save the essential sums of money.

the Human body needs a sunlight, but only in the afternoon. At night light is harmful as it interferes with production of melatonin - the hormone significantly influencing health and immunity. The lack of melatonin does not allow an organism to be restored completely at night that leads to decrease in immunity, to feeling sick and, eventually, reduces human life.

Therefore in the summer when the sun ascends early, for the person it is especially important to p to sleep in the darkened room - only this way the dream will become rather refreshing and curative. It is possible to curtain a bedroom dense curtains, but there are cheaper, easy, graceful and convenient decisions - blinds or rolled curtains of PRiS.

of Blinds and rolled curtains of PRiS - special, they are hung up closely to glass, on each shutter of a window, but not on all window opening. In - the first, from - for dense a prileganiye to glass and the special privacy technology blinds and rolled curtains of PRiS pass much less light. In - the second, thanks to a way of installation they reflect sunshine still before they managed to heat the room. It means that you can or refuse the conditioner at all, or turn on it more rare. It will preserve not only your money (the electric power is more and more expensive), but also health - conditioners dry air, cause cold, are brought pathogenic bacteria, causing so-called “illness of legionaries“ to them. Thus, it is possible to use PRiS blinds in any room, and not just in a bedroom.

the Ideal decision for a bedroom will become rolled curtains of PRiS - Roll with special blackout fabric (blackout) which detains 90% of sunshine, will provide the twilight in your room even in the bright solar morning. With such curtains you will better get enough sleep and to be ill less. Especially it is important for children, and not only from the point of view of weak children`s health. It is not so simple to lay the small child in the afternoon if the sun hits into a window. Of course, for protection against light it is possible to hang up on a window and usual curtains from thick fabric, but they collect dust, interfere with current of air and cost much.


Other ordinary myth - blinds are hung up instead of curtains. It too not so - blinds and curtains perfectly coexist at one window, carrying out different functions. In the West blinds serve for protection against the sun and for health, a curtain - for appearance. Besides, blinds help to save. In the USA and Europe blinds hang for 80% of windows in houses, the Western world estimated this convenient window accessory long ago.

As blinds can be helped to be saved? In - the first, in certain cases they can replace perfectly with themselves curtains, for example, in kitchen, at the dacha, in the nursery. Not on all windows it is necessary to hang up portieres - for example, in kitchen they will only become impregnated with fat air and to lose a look. In the nursery rolled curtains with children`s drawing can create a special cosiness. At the same time blinds, even wooden, or beautiful rolled curtains with drawing cost several times cheaper than usual curtains.

But also in a drawing room, and a bedroom of blinds will be helped you to be saved. If you hang up on windows of blinds or rolled curtains of PRiS family which very reliably protect the room from sunshine, you can not order curtains on all window. The cost of curtains depends on their area. It is enough to you to order decorative curtains on each side windows which will create a cosiness, but will not close all window opening, and from the sun and light you will be protected by blinds or rolled curtains. Considering that blinds and rolled curtains are significantly cheaper, you can save several thousands of rubles on each window. But even if you hang up wide curtains on all window, all the same it makes sense to order blinds - they will prevent burning out of curtain fabric on the sun.

of Blinds and rolled curtains of PRiS is a novelty of the European technical thought. They were developed in the Czech Republic, but very quickly extended across all Europe, gradually forcing out usual vertical and horizontal blinds. They are a little more expensive, than usual, but at the same time blinds all the same remain the cheapest element of an interior which is able to afford everyone. Blinds of PRiS are also extremely convenient: they cope one chain, any confused ropes, at the same time the window sill always remains free, and access to the window handle is not blocked. Blinds and rolled curtains of PRiS are on sale several years across all Russia.