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Watching a delicacy for Lizusha on “puzatik“, I with pleasant melancholy remember the happy 9 months

Watching a delicacy for Lizusha on “puzatik“, I with pleasant melancholy remember the happy 9 months of the pregnancy spent in harmony and expectation of a miracle. I treated birth of the baby very responsibly - all pregnancy studied literature, developed for myself a complex of daily exercises, till 40th week went to the pool on occupations for “beremeneshka“, ran on courses according to the theory of pregnancy and childbirth, cared and cherished myself and the puzik. The result of such saturated pregnancy did not keep itself waiting - in due time I gave birth to the charming daughter of 58 cm, 3840 g, natural childbirth - a uniform razryvchik. In 15 minutes after the delivery, lying from my Lizonkaya in an embrace, I is proud told the husband that I am ready to give birth to him to at least five kids.

Also responsibly I treated also breastfeeding. The benefit, in present time all sources of information on food of kids about one year speak about usefulness and need of breastfeeding, WHO propagandizes “there is nothing better than a mother`s milk“ therefore young mother has no question - to feed or not to feed. Here and I during pregnancy resolved that I will make everything depending on me that my child received a precious mother`s milk.

the Gloomy beginning

Why the mother - the nature did not think over feature of arrival of a milk? When at the lump which gave rise recently appetite wakens, he has nothing to be supported. The long-awaited milk arrived for the third day! By that moment my Lisa in two days practically “ate“ my nipples. We lay in paid chamber, in our city early applying of the child to a breast and joint stay of the kid with mummy practices (that too, undoubtedly, huge plus formation of a lactation). With arrival of a milk Lizaveta did not want to leave a favourite titechka in any way and greedy stuck into it, without allowing mother to eat and where - or to leave. The “eaten“ nipples terribly hurt, “bepanten“ did not even help, here then the artful shadow of doubt began to creep in: Whether “And it so is necessary for me, this breastfeeding?“ Council of the skilled girlfriend who recommended silicone overlays for nipples saved situation. We did not leave them neither in the afternoon, nor at night within more than three months.

Main - feeding process, than in maternity hospital became much more convenient and more pleasant not to be given

of the House. At first to the aid on care of the baby my mother, but as she at me lives in other city appeared in time, to the long rescue to count was not come. Therefore I decided “to adjust the mode“ and to be fed on time - at least every 1,5 hour that though somehow to manage to cope with the household chores as the husband late came from work, to the aid of it was not enough any more. But my Lisa persistently did not want “to live on the mode“: after each feeding she suited a hysterics. At first we were in confusion: did not know, than to explain it. Our grandmothers - grandfathers put forward the version that it lacks a milk, from - for it gloomy thoughts began to approach me - and suddenly it absolutely will be gone, this precious milk. Probably, each feeding mother who has the first child at one “fine“ moment faces risk of loss of milk (so-called laktatsionny crises) and understands what panic state at the same time comes. It happened also to me. If it was possible to return those days, I would cancel to the devil`s grandmother feeding on hours, and we would be fed exclusively on demand, but, as they say, “clever thinking comes after“. So after feeding by a breast began to be finished feeding by mix - the baby with her greed burst and had no objection also after to regale on a breast. Some acquaintances on maternity hospital at the first signs of reduction of milk stopped feeding. And I had such moments - too there was a wish to recede, but we persistently fought for each droplet of a milk, I tried to be decanted regularly between feedings, served kind service the milk pump and a sterilizer bought in advance. Laktagonny teas and “apilak“ were put to use, and continuous tea drinking with milk became a norm and till this day.

a tar Spoon added

to a barrel of our breastfeeding ill-fated laktostaz, happening about three times. It was especially terrible for the first time - sleepless night, the aching pain, full confusion, massage and decantations no effect was given, in imagination terrible pictures of hospital rooms where ruthlessly cut already exhausted breast were drawn. But there was a miracle - for the morning my baby (my rescuer, my angel!) rassosala to me all artful small knots. Then, when crept laktostaz again, I did not panic any more, and asked my daughter to give me ambulance, and she rescued me again!

Happy everyday life

Now my Lizonke 6 months, one and a half months ago again the miracle occurred, she refused dokorm mix, the milk ceased “to run away“. With a breast at it special, trembling mutual love and strong attachment. What pleasure to see how your child smacks the lips, eating a delicacy from a favourite mother`s breast, with each droplet of milk you give a droplet of the love and maternal care. Every day we fall asleep with a breast and we begin the new day with feeding with a breast, and a day dream of the baby with a mother`s titechka - favourite tradition for both of us. During feeding of the baby I feel like the happiest person on light! Filling up, I thank all Sacred Forces for the fact that I nurse my Lizonka, and I ask to give me the chance to feed at least till one and a half years! Dear mummies and future mummies, do not give up at any difficulties, nurse longer the kids, on the earth there is nothing more valuable, than a smile of the healthy, happy child!