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Restoration after the delivery: when and how?

Future mother with nervousness watching the first changes of a figure think of how it will look after the delivery. Its feelings are clear - during the finest period of life each woman wants to be beautiful.


the increase in the weight which long remains after the delivery Most often upsets. The weight which was gained by the woman within long 9 months cannot disappear suddenly - it not only the weight of the kid and a placenta, but also a water delay in an organism, and a certain “fatty stock“ which ensures safety of the child in mother`s womb. Therefore the nature provided that the way to an initial condition of a figure will be long and thorny.

For achievement of desirable result it is in the future better for p to be engaged in support of the appearance and a figure already during pregnancy. To estimate possible risks of emergence of these or those changes, you need to ask the mother how her pregnancy proceeded whether there was acne rash during this period, whether there were extensions on skin, whether expanded veins appeared varikozno? And if the answer is “yes“, then you treat risk group and have to pay yourself more attention. It is necessary to begin with consultations of the cosmetologist, gynecologist - the endocrinologist, the phlebologist, and if necessary and other experts who will competently offer methods of leaving and necessary procedures.

during pregnancy not only external changes of a figure happen. Also skin changes. With extensions on a body fight is represented difficult and ineffective. For achievement of result it is necessary to be adjusted on observance of necessary rules at once. This contrast rubdown, continuous carrying specialized linen (corsets, bandages), compression stockings, incessant cosmetic care of skin for maintenance of its elasticity.

At different stages of pregnancy various processes of an organism become more active. There can be an activization of sensitivity to viruses, and then emergence on skin of papillomas and condylomas is probable. Also sensitivity of melanotsit to an ultraviolet increases that leads to emergence of pigmentary specks and birthmarks. During pregnancy it is possible to be engaged only in their prevention, and it is necessary to delete only after the delivery.

can Begin with

recovery actions after the delivery in two months (at good sokratitelny ability of a uterus and absence of contraindications from the gynecologist). If mother nurses the kid, the arsenal of means on restoration of a figure will be less until feeding does not end.

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On a number of hardware methods of care of a body of restrictions. It is a lymphatic drainage, a pressoterapiya, a bezinjektsionny cryomesotherapy. After the end of feeding it is possible to add more intensive influence in the form of a mesotherapy, an ozonoterapiya, a miostimulyation, radio-frequency lifting.

What procedures for restoration of a figure after the delivery we recommend

in our medical center?

the Lymphatic drainage - a kind of massage. It is carried out for the purpose of elimination of stagnation of liquid in fabrics, improvements of a limfoottok, acceleration of an exchange and food of fabrics, and also active removal of toxins. Its main sense - normalization of dynamics of a lymph flow thanks to what puffiness of fabrics decreases, there are slags. Before passing of procedure consultations of experts are necessary. The lymphatic drainage is contraindicated at tumors, acute inflammations, heart diseases, pustulous damages of skin. In the presence of a varicose illness with suspicion on thrombophlebitis passing of procedure is possible only after carrying out ultrasonic doppler sonography (UZDG) vessels of the lower extremities. Kind of a lymphatic drainage - a pressoterapiya .

Vacuum massage - a method in which there is a change of phases of retraction of a site of skin and its subsequent relaxation therefore inflow of blood to fabrics and outflow of interfabric liquid improves. Thanks to it supply of fabrics with oxygen increases, intensity of a metabolism increases, blood supply improves, elasticity of fabrics is restored, the limfoottok is stimulated, skin becomes stronger and updated. This type of massage renders not only cosmetic, but also medical influence. Modern devices allow to regulate individually the power of retraction of a site of skin and depth of impact on fabrics that allows to restore physiological processes quicker (to improve liquid outflow, to reduce excessive fatty deposits). This method by right is recognized universal lechebno - cosmetic procedure. It practically has no contraindications, it cannot be applied only at sharp diseases of internals and serious defects of skin in the field of influence.

Vacuum massage and a lymphatic drainage - methods with which it is possible to begin restoration after the delivery.

of Kriomezaterapiya - a new method which only we use so far. This introduction of medicines under the influence of current and low temperatures. The loaded special drugs actively move to fabrics by means of a yonoforez. The effect of influence amplifies at the expense of a combination of influence of a negative charge and low temperature.

the Wrapping - procedure of thalassotherapy. Structures which apply at wrappings are most often prepared on the basis of seafood and sea dirt. Chocolate, lipolitichesky gels etc. are applied medical. As a result displays of cellulitis decrease, the skin tone raises. The method considerably improves a qualitative condition of the arisen striya (but does not eliminate them).

of Miostimulyation - rather popular method which is applied to correction of a figure and improvement of face contours due to training of muscles. But it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to use it only after consultation with the gynecologist. The method well helps with a case of weak muscles of a forward belly wall. The remarkable effect is gained at combination of a miostimulyation with other methods.

and a mesotherapy are used by

of Ozonoterapiya only after the end of breastfeeding.

of Ozonoterapiya - the medical method finding in recent years more and more broad application in clinical practice as has various medical effects. It renders antibacterial, anti-virus, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory action, strengthens microhaemo dynamics, promotes correction of violations of perekisny oxidation of lipids and increases activity of system of antioxidant protection. The method is used also at treatment of a number of diseases, and in cosmetology. Treats acne rash, cellulitis, striya, teleangiektaziya (vascular asterisks), allows to reduce local deposits of subcutaneous fat.

the Mesotherapy - a method of intracutaneous and hypodermic introduction of medicines of the directed action - the lipolitichesky, reducing volumes fatty deposits, vascular. By means of a method vitamin therapy is carried out.

So, I acquainted you with the main procedures which can be recommended to young mother and are carried out in our center. Good luck are also fine!