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How bones and teeth grow?

the Skeleton of all animals on Earth constantly need calcium and phosphorus, and therefore these substances are included in a diet of one and all species of vertebrata. The problem of the person among them - that he lives in the artificial environment where there is not a lot of calcium, and what is is quite badly acquired for many reasons. First of all - from - for a lack of vitamins and other useful substances which help assimilation of minerals and minerals. Vitamin complexes on the basis of calcium - the only means to give to the child since early years the correct development which is foreordained by the nature.

the Basis of a human body - his bone skeleton. Bones are the very dense specialized fabrics consisting of the various organic fibers, channels, cavities filled with living cells. The architecture of a bone tissue reminds the arch bridge - in it everything is constructed under mathematical engineering laws - with the stiffening ribs supporting by beams and fittings. At the same time the bone tissue is the live structure for 50% consisting of water.

our organism is constantly updated by

. Each seven years all living cells in it change on new. In the childhood process of updating is repeatedly accelerated, and it is followed by the active growth of all fabrics. And as calcium is the most “powerful“ mineral in our body (at the adult the content of pure calcium makes 1 kilogram), during growth of his bone tissue it is required especially much. The need for calcium at children is very big: 800 mg a day for children of 1 - 3 years, 900 - 1000 mg for children of 4 - 6 years, 1100 mg - 7 - 10 years and 1200 mg - 11 years are also more senior.

Selecting the kid a set of vitamins for the normal growth and development, it is important to know that for the correct growth of bones and healthy teeth the vitamin complex surely has to contain calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, C, B 6 , D 3 . It is very important that the ratio of these substances in a diet was picked up correctly - surplus or a lack of one element conducts to the wrong exchange of all others. Carefully balanced Kaltsinova vitamins - a reliable source of vitamins and minerals for children with 3 - x summer age give the optimum balance supporting all difficult complex of a metabolism of the child in an ideal form.

the Bone tissue of teeth differs in

from other skeletal fabrics a little. It cannot constantly self-repair. From above tooth is covered with solid enamel, under it there is a dentine layer - a special bone tissue which is several times stronger than a bone. The dentine is very dense, the content of inorganic compounds in it - 75%. whether

Should saying

that strong healthy teeth are extremely important? All know that the slightest discomfort in teeth ruins appetite, and for the small child it also the difficult mental experiences connected with pain. At teenage age of a problem with teeth can cause heavy complexes. For this reason and gums it is necessary to watch a dental health since the early childhood and it is correct to feed them with minerals and vitamins.