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Lunch on


we Bake on coals meat, vegetables and fruit

Why all of us so like to get out to shish kebabs? Because the shish kebab or a barbecue is not just food, it is process in which there are no strangers. There are no strict rules. And dishes can be prepared for every taste.

Mutton with a mint pesto and vegetables

Quantity: 10 - 12 portions

  1. In a blender bowl in the pulse mode mix mint leaves, garlic, water, oil, on 1 h l. salt and pepper, crush to a uniform state.
  2. Mutton clear
  3. , remove films and cover with the turned-out mint sauce (1/3 sauce) from all directions. Cover with food wrap and put for 1 hour (or for the night) in the refrigerator.
  4. with sauce add almonds To the blender and once again crush that pesto sauce turned out.
  5. Mutton get
  6. from the refrigerator in 15 minutes prior to frying. When coals are ready, lay out meat on a lattice and fry, watching that the flame did not flash. In process of readiness cut off meat from a bone (in narrow part of a leg it will be ready most quicker), spread on a plate and cover with a foil that it did not cool down.
  7. by
  8. as a garnish make vegetable brochettes with onions, sweet pepper and pieces of fennel.
  9. Give to
  10. mutton hot with vegetables - a grill and mint pesto.

Chicken with peaches and green onions

Quantity: 8 portions

  1. Mix the Teriyaki sauce, sesame oil, ginger and pepper in a big bowl. Lay out pieces of chicken in marinade and properly mix, leave for 15 - 20 min.
  2. Green onions sprinkle olive oil, salt also black pepper.
  3. Lay out chicken on the warmed grill and prepare about 20 minutes, greasing with the remained marinade.
  4. Lay out onions on a grill and prepare 3 - 5 minutes, halves of peaches - 6 - 8 minutes. Serve chicken - a grill with a garnish, having strewed with sesame.

Pork with a lemon and garlic

Quantity: 8 portions

  1. Rub with
  2. 1 tablespoon of a dried peel of a lemon and squeeze out 2 tablespoons of juice.
  3. In a small bowl mix lemon juice and a dried peel, garlic, a thyme, on 1/2 h a spoon of salt and pepper.
  4. by
  5. On a surface of meat make cuts a cross - crosswise, grease with the turned-out mix and lay out on the warmed grill. Prepare about 10 minutes, before emergence of a ruddy crust. Cover with a foil and shift to that part of a grill where there is no strong heat.
  6. Grapes redden
  7. on a grill of 4 - 5 minutes. Cut fennel on 4 - 8 parts and put for 5 min. in a microwave on strong heating, then grease olivk. oil also redden on a grill. Give with pork.

of Flat cake on a grill

the fastest snack of a barbecue! Grease flat cakes with favourite sauce (mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard - at choice), put leaves of cheese for sandwiches, the ham, greens cut by circles marinated cucumbers, put together and clamp in a lattice for a grill. Take flat cakes over coals 2 - 3 minutes. When cheese melts, the snack is ready!

shrimps Salad and peaches

Quantity: 6 portions

  1. Prepare for
  2. gas station: from a lime rub 1 h a dried peel spoon, squeeze out 1/4 glass of juice and place in a blender bowl. Add basil leaflets, olive oil, 1/2 h a spoon of salt and 1/4 h a spoon of black pepper, mix to a uniform state.
  3. Shift 2 tablespoons of gas station in a bowl, lay out shrimps there and mix that all of them became covered by sauce.
  4. the Peach cut
  5. on halves, remove a stone, cut circles and spread out on a grill lattice together with shrimps. Prepare in the portions for 5 - 7 minutes. Slightly cool peaches and cut in cubes.
  6. slightly dry
  7. of Flat cake on a dry frying pan and spread out on plateaus. In a big bowl mix lettuce leaves, shrimps and pieces of a peach, pour salad dressing and mix.
  8. Serve to
  9. salad warm, having laid out it on portion plateaus over the dried flat cakes tortilyas.

the Economical option

Of course, is the simplest on fire good cutting prepares. But there is a mass of ways to make an excellent lunch on fire, without having spent for it too much.
  1. Meat allsorts. Buy
    for a barbecue on a piece of pork, mutton, beef, pork sausages, ribs, chicken fillet, sausages and fry on fire in the mixed portions. Guests will be able to try everything, and nobody will remain hungry.
  2. Chicken shish kebab.
    If is previously good to pickle a chicken, the shish kebab will turn out exclusive! And that it did not seem to your guests too ordinary, make several sauces.
    • Cheese. Mix in the blender a piece of blue cheese with cream.
    • Smetanny. Mix dense fresh sour cream with a spoon of spicy horse-radish, salt to taste.
    • Salsa. Small cut or mix in the blender onions, tomatoes peeled of a peel, sharp and paprika, fill sauce with lemon juice, salt to taste.
  3. Mixed vegetables.
    Bake pieces of zucchini, an eggplant, tomatoes, pepper, onions circles on a grill. Dip them after frying in the made olive oil, balsam vinegar and mustard sauce, lay out on a plate and strew with greens.
  4. Kebab.
    Meat or chicken forcemeat with a large number of greens, onions, spices in the form of kebabs on skewers - excellent option for a barbecue. Kebab can be turned in an unleavened wheat cake.
is hotter than

with cold

the Dessert can be prepared on fire too - fruit are baked quickly, about 10 minutes. As an additive to them buy ice cream, a cottage cheese dessert, a pudding, prepare a custard or by means of the blender make fresh berries puree with icing sugar.

Council. Choose dense fruit for such dessert - they should not collapse over fire. Before roasting grease a grill lattice with flavourless vegetable oil that fruit did not stick to it.

Is baked in a foil

This way is considered dietary - in a foil products do not burn and besides do not collapse.

  1. Fish with seasonings. Strew fish with seasonings, put inside pieces of a lemon or a tomato and bake.
  2. the Stuffed vegetables, fruit. In a sack from a foil it is easily possible to make paprika or tomatoes with any stuffing, to bake apples with nuts and honey.